Maybe it's just us, but impending peace looks a lot like the protracted strife of the past few months. NFL owners, minus Al Davis' abstaining Raiders, voted to approve a new collective bargaining agreement, open facilities on Saturday and start business as usual next Wednesday. Good news? You'd think so, except some players seem to think it's part of a last-ditch power play. Will things fall apart, and if so, who do we blame?

Near, far or spinning in circles?

We have half a labor deal, which is twice is much as we had in place before. But the players seem twice as ticked off about being half as informed of the details as they expected. Head hurt yet?


Where will you point the finger?

There won't be a Hall of Fame game between the Bears and Rams, but there may be a blame game shaping up. Where do you point the finger? (We won't ask which finger.)


Not as meaningless as some think?

If history is any indication, recognizable players for the Bears and Rams would have been on the bench by the second series, but just how big a deal is losing the preseason opener?


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