Chad Ochocinco needs a roommate. He's already managed to get himself lost in Boston's winding streets, and he wants to avoid as much of that as possible. To that end, he's planning on living with a Patriots fan for the first two or three weeks of the season -- you know, like you do -- just until he gets his bearings. Will he follow through, or is this just more talk from the mouthiest man in Foxborough?

Would you room with Ochocinco?

Ochocinco needs a roommate to show him around Boston for a few weeks, until he gets acclimated. Would you offer your services?


Do you qualify?

Ochocinco's list of roommate requirements: Internet connection (1). Xbox 360 (1). That's pretty much it.


Who would you live with?

We feel like Ochocinco would be pretty fun to live with. Brady would probably hog the shower. Belichick might scowl at you if you didn't take the trash out.


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