Eli Manning beat Tom Brady in their one matchup in the playoffs, but very few people would take that to mean they're equally talented. Apparently, Manning is one of those people; he told Michael Kay on Tuesday that he is in a class with his counterpart on the Patriots. It remains to be seen how they compare this season, but Brady's stats over the past few years have dwarfed Manning's. Are the Giants even in competition in their own division with Manning behind center? Rank 'Em: Where do Brady and Manning stack up?

What was Manning thinking?

It's tough to answer questions comparing yourself to other players. Be humble, and you appear weak. Brag, and you provide the other team with bulletin board material.


Is Manning among the elite?

Eli Manning has put up some very good numbers in his career, but he threw far too many interceptions last season.


What is Manning's future?

Manning said that he'd like his next seven years to be better than his first seven. Do you see him getting better as he ages?


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