NBA players are trying to find ways to keep busy during the lockout, but one potential option may have been shut off to a fair number of them. Teams in the Chinese Basketball Association will be restricted from signing players who are currently under contract to an NBA team. Free agents can still sign, but for players like Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony, seen above talking to campers in Hong Kong, China is no longer an option. Is China hurting itself by closing its doors to some of the NBA's best players, even if they may leave early to go back to America?

Should players go ovserseas?

Kobe Bryant was raised in Italy, so he's no stranger to life outside the U.S. He won't be able to go to China now, but leagues in Europe or Eurasia are still a possibility.


Big-name free agents?

There aren't a whole lot of superstar free agents available this offseason, but if a player like (and we're just speculating here) Caron Butler wanted to sign with a Chinese team, he could. Now that they're the best players on the market, it could be time for free agents to take advantage.


The next Europe?

Allen Iverson played for Turkish team Besiktas, while Josh Childress spent some time playing professionally in Greece. Depending on how this year goes, China could become an option as well.


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