Adrian Peterson's dad, Nelson, thinks the answer to the question above is easy to decipher. And while Peterson put his name to a contract extension worth $100 million before the season, it does appear he's in trouble if it has any bonus clauses for second-half yardage. The star running back has just 66 rushing yards after halftime this season. Did we mention the Vikings blew halftime leads in each of their first three games?

Can you sort out cause from effect?

Are the Vikings losing leads because they aren't using Peterson, or are they not using Peterson because they're scrambling to thwart comebacks?


Peterson or Chris Johnson?

Second-half woes or not, Peterson is faring far better than top fantasy picks. Will it stay that way, or will someone like Chris Johnson prove more valuable?


Peterson or Darren McFadden?

Speaking of fantasy, Peterson was the first pick in an average live draft, but would you rather have Darren McFadden, the current No. 1 RB?