Terry Francona's resume -- aside from the Red Sox's epic collapse this season, which seemed as much a fluke as anything else -- is the envy of most managers in the major leagues. Two World Series titles and a pretty impressive winning record will do that for you. He's expressed interest in managing next season, which undoubtedly makes fans of struggling teams happy. Who better to add some credibility to your clubhouse than the man who broke the so-called Curse? It remains to be seen which team would be a good fit for Francona, however, or which teams would even have openings. So far, the White Sox are the only squad lacking a skipper.

Vote: Who would be better: Francona with the White Sox or Guillen with the Marlins?

A year off?

Francona seemed absolutely exhausted from his time as Red Sox manager, capped off by one of the worst collapses in baseball history. Do you think he can recover in time for next season?