The Big East clearly wants Boise State, but should Boise State want the Big East? On one hand, the conference appears to be the worst house on the BCS block -- and falling into greater disrepair by the day. On the other hand, it's on the block. So as the league also reportedly courts Air Force, Central Florida, Houston, Navy and SMU, what should the bluest domino do?

What should Boise State do?

The Big 12 or Pac-12 might be a better geographic fit, but they don't seem to be knocking on any doors in Boise.


The best of the rest?

Houston is in better shape in the BCS standings than any current Big East team, but the Cougars have had their share of lean years. Are they the prized addition?


Would it still merit a BCS bid?

The Big East would have 12 teams and the ability to play a conference championship game under the reported alignment, but is that enough?


Net gain or net loss?

Orlando (UCF's stadium above), Houston and Dallas are three decent markets, not to mention friendlier climates than Morgantown, Syracuse and Pittsburgh.