College football's regular season had its share of absurdities and tragedies, but for the next month or so, it's all about the bowls. LSU and Alabama are -- surprise, surprise -- going to match up again in the BCS Championship Game. Alabama already lost to LSU despite having home-field advantage, so a matchup at a "neutral" location that just happens to be in LSU's home state doesn't bode well for the Crimson Tide.

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Are the best teams playing?

LSU and Alabama mostly dominated opponents over the course of a season, but their own matchup was a bit of a dud, unless you really, really like defense and field goals.


Is the BCS legit?

The BCS constantly struggles for legitimacy in the eyes of college football fans. Did this year's results help its cause?


Does college football need a playoff?

People love filling out brackets, but so far, they can really only do so at the end of college basketball season. Could a tournament be in college football's future?


What's the best matchup?

The rest of the BCS bowls contain some prime matchups -- Oklahoma State-Stanford, Oregon-Wisconsin and so on. Which will prove to be the most exciting contest?


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