The Penguins were just starting to enjoy having Sidney Crosby back in the lineup after an extended absence because of a concussion, but it looks like he's not fully over his previous injury. Crosby is out indefinitely with concussion-like symptoms -- a big loss for the Penguins, but even more significantly, a sign of extreme concern for Crosby's health and career. Should he and the Penguins have waited a little bit longer?

Will Crosby play again?

The nightmare scenario for Crosby and Penguins fans would be his injuries forcing him to cut his promising career short.


Will the Penguins succeed?

Pittsburgh is currently in the playoff hunt, but it's not so dominant that a stretch of losses couldn't finish it off.


Is the NHL doing enough?

Player safety has become paramount in the more physical leagues, like the NHL and NFL. Have their various changes and tweaks been sufficient?


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