It's been next-to-impossible for Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow to get lost in the spotlight (even Linsanity has included ancillary references to Tebow-mania), but he has suddenly become superfluous with the impending signing of Peyton Manning. Tebow and Manning couldn't be more different, and it's clear that Broncos executive VP John Elway decided that his team is better off with a traditional quarterback than with whatever variation of the position you care to apply to Tim Tebow. Tebow made an impact in Denver, but if he is traded, would he have the same effect elsewhere?

Trade value?

Both the Jaguars and Dolphins have been floated as likely destinations for Tebow, but he could draw interest from a number of other teams looking for a jolt at quarterback.


What kind of interest would Tim Tebow generate on the NFL trade market?


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Lightning in a bottle?

Tebow's run to the playoffs was one of the most talked-about topics in sports last year. Since much of it was due to his defense, was this just a one-time thing for the young signal-caller?


Will Tim Tebow ever lead another team to the playoffs?


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A position switch?

Tebow's running game was as widely praised as his passing game was roundly derided. If he wants to stick in the NFL, will he eventually move to a different or hybrid position?


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