Here is a short list of Angels players who have a higher OPS than Albert Pujols: Maicer Izturis, Chris Iannetta, Mark Trumbo, Vernon Wells, Howie Kendrick. Take heart, Angels fans; he's beating Erick Aybar by a single point. Obviously, this isn't going to last all season, but Pujols has gone almost all of April without hitting a home run, which has to be somewhat perplexing for the team that paid him (we're estimating here) eleven hundred trillion dollars to be their franchise player for the next decade. Should the team be in panic mode about Pujols' slow start?

Fans worried?

The Angels' offense is markedly unimpressive past Pujols, but when he's not hitting, it's just plain bad.


Home run total?

Pujols' lowest single-season home run total for his entire career is 32, all the way back in 2007.


Decline phase?

It's a rare player who gets better the further he advances into his 30s. Pujols is 32 years old, and the Angels likely will have him for the remainder of his career.


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