Finally! After months of boards both big and small, tens of millions of projections, and lots of speculation from everyone over who the Colts would take with the No. 1 pick, the NFL draft is here. The biggest storyline in the whole thing, frankly, is the debate over which of the top two quarterbacks will end up with the better NFL career. There are some key differences in their games, but they're both smart, athletic players whose success at the collegiate level was undeniable.

Better first year?

It's never easy to adjust to the differences between the NFL and college -- most every player you're facing in the NFL was one of the best players on his college football team.


Better career?

After that initial adjustment period, NFL quarterbacks have only a few years to really establish themselves in the league.


Higher ceiling?

We don't know yet how Griffin and Luck will do in the NFL, but from where they are right now, who do you think has the biggest star potential?


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