It was supposed to be the Bulls' year -- or at least the best chance the Bulls have had of winning a championship since the Jordan years. Derrick Rose's torn ACL has likely put an end to Chicago's title hopes, unless the team discovers a sudden reserve of strength available only when their superstar is off the court. Some fans are questioning the decision to keep Rose on the court with the game very nearly won in the fourth quarter, but coach Tom Thibodeau isn't apologizing for playing his star.

Avoidable injury?

Rose injured himself with 1:22 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Bulls up by 12 points.


Bulls' chances?

The Bulls are still quite a good team, and oddly enough had a winning record without Rose, although it's never a good thing to lose your star in the first game of the playoffs.


Rose or Howard?

Neither the Magic nor Bulls will have their star players available for the playoffs, a situation that puts both of their title hopes in jeopardy.


Olympic future?

Derrick Rose was to be a key factor in Team USA's Olympic plans, but he'll likely miss the London Games this summer.


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