The injury to Miami's Chris Bosh really seemed to hurt the Heat during the early parts of their series against the Indiana Pacers. Does that make Miami vulnerable for an upset? That question was prevalent in our NBA chats this week and we asked our experts to weigh in. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Alex (Anaheim)

Can Indiana pull this off, or was that just a miserable night for Miami?

Chad Ford, NBA Insider
Chad Ford

Indiana is much better than people are giving them credit for. They have a more complete team. But when the top 3 players all play for the Heat ... I understand why folks struggled to see how they would compete. With Bosh not on the floor, the Pacers have a great shot of taking them out and representing the East in the Finals.. Full transcript

Markus (Indianapolis, IN)

What do the Pacers need to do to pull off the upset?

Michael Wallace, ESPN NBA blogger
Michael Wallace

I think the Pacers need to attack from the perimeter. Danny Granger made a great point after Game 1 when he said Indiana needed to tweak it's offense in order to make Wade and LeBron work as hard defensively as they have to on offense, now that Bosh is likely out. That means Granger and Paul George have to be more difficult to defend than they were in Game 1. Full transcript

D. Brown (ATL)

Does the Bosh injury guarantee that he will be traded if the Heat don't beat the Pacers?

John Hollinger, NBA Insider
John Hollinger

Half the people in my questions want to trade Bosh for some reason. Um, wouldn't a Heat loss guarantee the opposite: that it proves how valuable Bosh is to this team? Full transcript

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