The Jeremy Lin phenomenon captivated Knicks fans this season, but his agent is telling fans that it's no guarantee that Lin will be back in New York. Lin is a restricted free agent this summer, and while New York gave him the shot that made him a household name, he could potentially use his star status to land in a more appealing situation. Knicks coach Mike Woodson said that Lin would "definitely" be back with the Knicks, but is the coach's confidence in Lin's return misplaced?

Lin's future?

Lin could see where his marketability would take him. Teams are always looking for talented point guards to run their offenses.


Where will Jeremy Lin be playing next season?


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Where would Lin thrive?

That being said, Lin could have something special with the Knicks -- if he ends up meshing well with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, the Knicks could be championship contenders.


What would be the best move for Jeremy Lin?


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Would Lin have made a difference?

This year, the Knicks were definitely not championship contenders. They managed to win onyl one game against an (apparently) beatable Heat team despite several close misses. Tellingly, Lin was out with an injury the entire time.


Would the Knicks have advanced out of the first round if Jeremy Lin had played?


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