The Spurs and Thunder have been waiting all week to square off in possibly the most anticipated series of the NBA playoffs so far. The week-long break between rounds gave us a chance to check out the two teams from every angle. We even went to Hollywood for some hoops thoughts. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Brad (Gadsden, AL)

Vince, who do you think is going to win the NBA Finals?

Vince Vaughn, actor "The Watch"
Vince Vaughn

I think it's a fun year for the NBA, because I don't think there's a clearcut favorite. Any of the teams left have a shot. It will be competitive down to the finish. Full transcript

Vinnie (ATL)

Are the Spurs and Thunder watching the Eastern Conference playoffs with interest as the teams beat each other up?

John Hollinger, NBA Insider
John Hollinger

I'd think the only thing those teams are watching is whether the Heat will advance or not. They'll crush Indy/Boston/Philly but the Heat can give them a real series. Full transcript

GSG (Dallas)

Does the Spurs offensive machine have another gear, or will it sputter against more elite teams?

David Thorpe, NBA Insider
David Thorpe

Best halfcourt offense I may have ever seen. So they will be fine. Full transcript

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