The Nets may be in the middle of building a squad to rival the NBA's best. After acquiring Joe Johnson from the Hawks (a move that makes Deron Williams more likely to come back), the team is discussing a trade that would bring Dwight Howard on board. The move would immediately make the Nets a team to be reckoned with, although the asking price for Howard is incredibly steep. Still, it'd be worth it for a team in its first year in a new location to have multiple superstars already in place to greet fans.

Championship contenders?

Howard is one of the most dominant defensive players in the league, and alongside Williams and Johnson could really step up his offensive game.


Would the Nets be a championship favorite with Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, and Joe Johnson?


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A steep price?

The Nets could be mortgaging their future with this trade -- Brook Lopez has proven himself a skilled scorer, and losing three first-round picks could severely limit the team's flexibility.


Which team would get the better end of this theoretical trade?


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Better trio?

The Heat's Big Three have already proven their championship chops, but would they be overtaken by the theoretical Nets trio?


Which Big Three would be better?


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