Prince Fielder won his second Home Run Derby on Monday, but honestly, unless you hit several thousand home runs like Josh Hamilton, the winner of the Home Run Derby is rarely the biggest story at the Home Run Derby. In this case, Royals fans enjoyed a little bit of schadenfreude at the expense of Robinson Cano, who (A) didn't select hometown hero Billy Butler for his American League team and (B) hit exactly zero home runs to massive boos and Bronx cheers from the Kansas City faithful.

More embarrassing?

Failing to put one out in the Derby is pretty galling, but is it worse than repeatedly screwing up a dunk in the NBA Dunk Contest?


Which is more embarrassing?


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OK with booing?

It's not the first time that a player has been blanked at the Derby, but it's the first time we can remember that the crowd was so happy about it.


What do you make of Kansas City fans booing Robinson Cano at the Home Run Derby for passing over Billy Butler?


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Proper selections?

There were some good sluggers in this year's Derby, but we can't help but think that the event could benefit from guys like Adam Dunn. We're still weirded out that Wily Mo Pena never got an invite.


Who should generally get priority for spots in the Home Run Derby?


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