College football season is barely three weeks away and we celebrated by kicking off our college gridiron chat schedule. We'll be adding more chats as the preseason progresses, but it's always fun to see what our experts have to say about the state of the game. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Josh (Charlotte, NC)

Is this Dooley's last season regardless of how Tennessee finishes?

Dan Graziano, NFL blogger
Chris Low

No, if the Vols win eight games, he's fine and should be. I think they will be improved and have a chance to go 8-4 in the regular season. Dooley has recruited well, and they're not nearly as young any more. The NC State and Florida games those first couple of weeks are huge. I think the 2013 season could end up being the one that's a down season, especially if some of the Vols' more talented juniors leave. Full transcript

Riv. M (KS)

A big IF, but if Golson exceeds expectations this year how do you feel about Notre Dame's overall perfomance agaist the top schools on their schedule?

Ivan Maisel, senior college football writer
Ivan Maisel

I think there are a few teams that I perrenially get excited about and perrenially they disappoint me. Notre Dame, Florida State and others are some that I have to temper my enthusiasm. Notre Dame was better last year, but they still talk more about 2013 than this year. But in your scenario, sure. If they get consistent QB play. The offense has to show more than a jump ball to Michael Floyd who's not there any more. They have maybe the best TE in the country. The defense is solid. You can find reasons to be optimistic. You can, but I'm going to hold off. Full transcript

Mario (Phoenix, AZ)

How long do you think it will take Silas Redd to learn the offense and make an impact?

Ted Miller, Pac-12 blogger
Ted Miller

He will be an impact player from week 1. I think the situation is perfect for both him and McNeal. The NFL will look at their individual runs, not whether they carried it 25 times. They'll take less hits and look better doing so. Full transcript