The Bill O'Brien era at Penn State began with a loss, as the Nittany Lions coughed up an 11-point lead to Ohio U. of the Mid-American Conference and lost 24-14 at Beaver Stadium. Is this a shocking upset that foreshadows a long, frustrating season for Penn State? Or is it understandable that the program stumbled out of the gate after months of dealing with the fallout from the child sex abuse scandal and several player defections?

  • MarkoB: "As a Bobcat it is a nice win. But I feel sorry for Penn State's players. They are not going to win a lot this year. McGloin is still McGloin and their defense clearly lacks depth, particularly in the secondary."
  • BearNit2: "The other shoe has dropped on Penn St."
  • PSU fan club: "Hats off to O'Brien for continuing to forge ahead and continuing to say the right things. However, today showed that PSU is going to be pummeled for the next four years as punishment for the scandal. I feel bad for O'Brien and the current players, but not one bit for all the fans that stood by Joe when it was obvious and now documented he was a direct participant in the cover up. Enjoy your punishment. You earned it."
  • ALWAYS A LION: "I think as a team we'll be fine. We have the right coach. Right character. Right fans. Its gonna take the time, but 1 result doesn't foretell gloom and doom down the road."

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