This past week capped an amazing first round of the MLB playoffs. Extra innings. Game 5s. Walk-offs. So, as all of the drama played out, we had some former baseball greats stop by to share their thoughts on this year's postseason, as well as share some insight from their own playing days. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

David (NYC)

What was it about the postseason that you were able to be so successful in the playoffs?

Dave Stewart, former MLB pitcher
Dave Stewart

You have to take certain games during the course of the year and you make those games big games. I liked to get up for Jack Morris, Frank Viola. Those were going to be tough games. Roger Clemens. Bruce Hurst. Chuck Finley. Tough games. When you pitch against those guys pretty much every time you face those teams, you kind of in your mind make it a playoff atmosphere. I wanted to focus and get myself ready to pitch against those guys. When you get into the actual playoff atmosphere, it's not that big of a deal. It's almost like you've done it before. Full transcript

Chris (Sarasota)

What is your take on Infield Flygate?

Dale Murphy, all-time Atlanta Braves great
Dale Murphy

Being a Braves fan, I wish the call would have gone the other way. But having a couple of days and understanding how the call was made, I think one of the suggestions to make was that it's a harder call for an outfield ump to make. I think one of the things you could look at is taking it out of their hands and giving it to the infield umps. I could almost say with certainty that call was made every time without controversy this year. It's not a controversial call. But I think the Braves would tell you that they didn't hit the ball very well and didn't field the ball very well and that's the ultimate reason why they didn't win. We had our chances. It's one of the things that happen in baseball. Umpires get so many other calls right. Full transcript

Art (Sacramento)

Thoughts on the Giants comeback?

David Eckstein, 2006 World Series MVP
David Eckstein

I thought it was flat out amazing. That's why the playoffs are so great. You can never predict anything until the final out. It came down to the final at bat, the Reds still had a chance and that's what makes baseball so great. Full transcript

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