No one was really happy at the end of the Giants' 29-24 win over the Cowboys on Sunday. Jason Garrett wasn't happy because his team lost. Tony Romo wasn't happy because he threw four interceptions. Dez Bryant wasn't happy because his game-winning touchdown was negated because his pinkie finger was out of bounds. Tom Coughlin wasn't happy because Tom Coughlin is rarely happy, but mainly because his team blew a 23-point lead. All in all, it seemed like this game was one of those matchups that could tell you an awful lot about both teams -- it's just that, as a fan of either, you might not want to hear it.

Should the Giants be worried?

The Giants looked like an all-world team in the first half, but if Dez Bryant's finger was an inch farther in, we'd be writing much different headlines today.


How concerned should the Giants be about blowing a 23-point lead before coming back to win in Dallas?


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