The Gold Glove awards are out, which means it's time for everyone to complain about how their favorite fielder didn't win this time around. The big to-do from this batch of awards is the snubbing of Mike Trout, he of the (according to several metrics) top-30 season all-time at the tender age of 21. Trout's defensive numbers are off the charts, and he seemed to make weekly Top 10 appearances with home run-saving catches, but the voters decided Baltimore's Adam Jones (a fine player in his own right) was the better choice. Did they get it right? Do they ever get it right?

A worthwhile award?

There always seems to be at least one odd selection in the Gold Glove Awards, but at least Jones over Trout is better than Palmeiro over literally anyone else.


Do the Gold Glove awards regularly identify the best defensive players at each position?


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