Normally, this time of the year, the puck has already dropped on the NHL season and we're watching some of the best athletes in the world. Instead we're all battling feelings of frustration and anger over a potentially lost season. The news of a canceled Winter Classic only fuels the upset fans. Our hockey writers jumped into the chat room to let everyone vent. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Paul (Chicago)

Who do you think will crack first? Players or owners? Why dont they do a 53-47 split with owners getting 53, but 3% has to go to improving facilities every year?

Pierre LeBrun, NHL writer
Pierre LeBrun

My solution from the beginning: 53 percent to players in Year 1, 52 in year 2, and then get to 50-50 in year 3 or 4. I know for a fact both sides ultimately could live with that. Full transcript

Bob Ottaviano (Providence, RI)

Scott, what kind of loose talk do you hear from insiders as to the likelihood of a partial NHL season? Is their optimism; resignation; mixed feelings; or nothing close to a consensus?

Scott Burnside, NHL reporter
Scott Burnside

Bob: the common theme I get from talking to people throughout the industry, folks on both sides of the fence, is dismay. No one can believe we are at this stage, more than a quarter of the season off the books, Winter Classic [gone], record revenues not enough for the two sides to find common ground. As for the potential to save even a portion of the season I still think there is at least guarded optimism that it can and will happen. The two sides are too close and there's simply too much to lose for both sides for it not to happen. Of course I said the same thing in August when I thought the season would start on time and look where we are now. Full transcript

Rush (NYC)

If a player was making $1.5 million prior to the '04-'05 lockout, and now makes over $4 million, how can they cry over giving up too many concessions in the last CBA? I'm to the point where I don't care if there's a season.

Craig Custance, NHL Insider
Craig Custance

Rush - That's the scary thing. The longer this drags on, the more fans are going to wash their hands of hockey this season. Maybe forever. That's the frustrating thing, I can't believe it's come to this again. I agree that players have to stop pointing to the concessions of the last lockout and move forward. But their concern is that if they continue to give concessions during every CBA negotiation, it's a process that won't ever end. Full transcript

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