Sean Payton has been watching his team struggle on the sideline this season, but there was always an understanding that he'd be around to right the ship in 2013. The news that the NFL has voided Payton's extension has cast doubt on that certainty, however, as he'll be a free-agent coach at the end of this season. Payton likely will be the most sought-after head coach on the market this offseason, and there's been heavy speculation that the Dallas Cowboys, who aren't living up to Jerry Jones' expectations, will make a run at him. Will Payton stay in New Orleans, or will another team snatch him up?

Pick the Cowboys' second half: Would Payton inherit a potential contender in Dallas?

A fair penalty?

The Saints experienced harsh penalties this season for their role in the bounty scandal, but if Payton ends up leaving, it could be the biggest punishment of all.


Do you agree with the NFL's decision to void Sean Payton's contract extension?


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