There's been a lot of talk about Tim Tebow's ability to inspire and unite a team. In the Jets' case, he's united them, all right; they reportedly think he's terrible and don't want any part of him. You have to be pretty bad in practice to make Mark Sanchez -- who is completing a little more than half of his passes and generally has been ineffective -- look like the better option. This clearly isn't what the Jets had in mind when they introduced him at that fancy news conference all those months ago, but they're going to have to deal with the Tebow situation one way or the other.

Tebow's starting potential?

We all know Tim Tebow had some success with the Broncos -- aided just a bit by his defense, of course -- but would any team take a chance on him after his time in New York?


Will Tim Tebow ever be a team's primary starting quarterback again?


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