As the holiday season is upon us, we had a few chat gifts this week, including longtime Hollywood star and comedian Billy Crystal, who also co-anchored SportsCenter during his time at ESPN. A future football hall of famer and The Mullet himself wrapped up our week. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Will (Florida)

Bigger accomplishment - winning American Comedy award for When Harry Met Sally or fouling off a major league pitch at 60 years old?

Billy Crystal, Actor/comedian
Billy Crystal

First of all, it as 59. Fouling off the pitch. It was way too cool. Full transcript

Dave (Chicago)

If you never play another down in the NFL, are you OK with the entirety of your career?

Terrell Owens, second all-time in NFL receiving yards
Terrell Owens

Oh yeah, absolutely. Of course, I feel like I could definitely add to what I have already, but at the same time overall, considering not knowing or expecting to play beyond high school or the collegiate level, to be where I am, it speaks volumes for hard work. If you feel like your abilities aren't where they need to be, just keep working hard. Full transcript

Edward (Lockout hell)

Barry, considering that 50% of most NHL careers last only 100 games or less, do you think the players are risking more then the owners in this lockout?

Barry Melrose, NHL analyst
Barry Melrose

I think for some reason the players forget stats like that. That's one of the funniest things of fighting for length of contracts since the vast matjority of the players won't ever reach a five year day. 90% of the players are fighting for the top 10 percent. They're helping the rich. Full transcript

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