Colorado seemingly had upset No. 3 Arizona on a last-second 3-pointer, but a video review led referees to reverse their original call. Arizona ended up winning the game, which has Colorado coach Tad Boyle more than a little miffed. Boyle wants an end to instant replay, saying that if officials can't even get the right call on replay, then they had might as well keep human error as a part of the game. He might have a point about replay, but do you agree with his contention that the shot was good?

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The right call?

It's difficult to imagine a closer call than this one -- if Sabatino Chen's fingers were touching the ball, it's with only the barest hint of time left.


Did officials make the right call in waving off Colorado's potential game-winning 3-point shot against No. 3 Arizona?


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An end to replay?

Tad Boyle's solution may be a bit extreme, but it's understandable in the wake of such an emotional yo-yo of a game, especially against a top team.


Should college basketball keep having instant replay?


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