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The game-ending called third strike that should have been ball four inspired discussion on the quality of umpiring in the majors.

JWalterWeatherman09: "The bigger problem is that there's no accountability for the umpires when they make a call like they did last night. I get that bad calls do happen due to human error, but the call last night was beyond ridiculous. Remind me again why we can't just switch to robots to call balls/strikes. It's not like we don't have the technology already in place for it to work."

Paul Wartenberg: "The ump at the plate is watching at a terrible angle and poor view of what would constitute a strike zone. The "Eye Test" just doesn't cut it anymore. We get better results from letting the camera crew and the strike-zone tabulators highlight it and letting the ump know two seconds later what the cameras saw. It's not like it's going to slow the game any further."

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman raised eyebrows with his assertion that half of NFL players are using Adderall. So did his later claim that his comments were taken out of context.

blquiggle: "Athletes should start recording themselves while doing interviews with the media; Spare us the "taken out of context" or "misquoted" B.S. and just play the tape and let the public decide. Tired of EVERY comment being "taken out of context."

Either Packers linebacker A.J Hawk wants Aaron Rodgers to shatter Joe Flacco's highest-paid quarterback record or he's a big fan of the Austin Powers movies.

reggieinatl: " 'One beeeeeeelllion dollars.' (petting a cat)."

Or maybe Hawk was exaggerating just a little.

CrimsonWally: "Do people actually think he sincerely meant $1 billion, or are y'all just doing some kind of group art installation here?"

Did the NFL have the responsibility to protect players from themselves? That's one of the questions users were debating as the concussion lawsuit brought by retirees against the league continued to make its way through the courts.

MoneyGrip79: "The fact that players with concussions wanted to get back in the game is irrelevant. Employees of all kinds -- from dock workers to coal miners -- will take life-threatening risks in order to keep their jobs or further their advancement. It's up to employers to take responsibility for the well-being of their employees. That is, unless you still think it's the 19th century and this is a textile-manufacturing plant in England."

chrisbturner: "At some point as an adult, you have to be responsible for your own decisions. ... The fact is that football is a violent sport, injuries and concussions happen, and if the owners "knew" it, wouldn't the players "know" it as well? Show me where the owners concealed this for their own gain. Simple logic says football is violent and injuries can happen. The players assumed the risk."

Many career experts agree: It's important to have goals, but they should be realistic. So even Bills fans who admire Kevin Kolb's competitive drive have to wonder if his Super Bowl goal isn't a little bit overoptimistic.

Joe McGrath GM: "Did Kolb keep a straight face when he said this? If so, he has a future in poker."

But sometimes, dreams come true. Maybe your dream is catching a foul ball in your beer, chugging the remains and seeing your achievement become a viral Internet video.

Tyler Thorp "I know microbrews are expensive, but that's just ridiculous."

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