Nearly six months and 82 games later, the NBA regular season has ended and we are headed into the playoffs. Over the next two months, 16 of the NBA's best teams will battle it out to see who is the best in 2012-13. Before the series open, our chat rooms have been hot with hoops chatter, as our experts all answered your questions on what's to come. For everything else from this week, check out our chat archive.

Jeremy (Waltham)

Who are you picking, Knicks or Celtics?

Michael Wallace, NBA writer
Michael Collins

Head tells me Knicks. Heart tells me Celtics. Tough to split the difference and stick my neck out for either one of these teams, though. I could truly see this series going either way. Full transcript

Brian (FTL)

Who in the West matches up best with OKC? I feel like the winner of Memphis/LAC will give OKC more issues than anyone on the other side of the bracket would have. That might be the recency effect bias against SAS though.

Kevin Pelton, NBA Insider
Kevin Pelton

I wouldn't say the Clippers would be a tough matchup for the Thunder. In fact, I think Oklahoma City matches up best against the Clippers of any of the West's top five teams, and will secretly be pulling for them over Memphis to avoid that more physical matchup. In terms of my projections, Denver looks like the toughest matchup for the Thunder because of a 3-1 head-to-head win this season, with San Antonio slightly more difficult than Memphis simply because of overall performance. Full transcript

Matt (Chicago)

Hi Mike, do you think a healthy Bulls team (not including D-Rose) could give the Heat all they could eat in a 7-game series?

Michael Wilbon, co-host Pardon the Interruption
Michael Wilbon

It would be competitive to a degree. The Bulls could get a game, maybe two, but I wouldn't see more than that. Remember, the Bulls only got one game off of Miami WITH D-Rose in the lineup two years ago in the conference finals, and Miami's a lot better now, the Bulls, not so much. The Bulls are so offensively-challenged they just would run out of ways to score against Miami. Having said all that, to me there are only two teams right now that could even get two games off of Miami in an eastern conference playoff series: the Knicks and Bulls. That's it. Boston? Too old, too beat up ... Okay, maybe the Celtics could get two games. Maybe. Full transcript