While the NBA playoffs jumps into the second round, the NHL's second season quietly continues to provide a lot of excitement on the ice. Only one series ended in a sweep and four will go at least six games. The last four champions -- Kings, Bruins, Blackhawks, Penguins -- have all either advanced or are in control of their series. It was a thrilling week of hockey and we were sure to have our experts in the chat rooms to discuss every check, goal and penalty kill. For everything else from this week, check out our chat archive.

Mike H (Maryland)

Will Toews and Kane ever be able to accomplish for Chicago what Jordan and Pippen did? I wouldn't be surprised if between the four of them the United Center ends up home to 10 championships.

Craig Custance, NHL Insider
Craig Custance

Mike, the problem is the NHL has way more parity now than the NBA did during the Jordan era. It's almost impossible to repeat in the NHL as we've seen with just how hard it's been for Chicago to advance to the second round since they won it all. But that team is definitely set up for long-term success and a huge credit goes to GM Stan Bowman for that. Full transcript

Chris (Atlanta)

It seems to me that Vancouver's championship window is closed after two straight 1st-round sweeps. Are they now in the position the Flames were in a few years ago, where they should start considering trading away players like the Sedins, Kesler, etc. for younger assets?

Bary Melrose, NHL analyst
Barry Melrose

Don't forget most of those players have no-trades. Just saying you want to move them and begin able to are two different things. They're still a very good regular season club. They have to get their goaltender situation taken care of. They have to figure out Luongo. I don't think they need to blow things up. It's not ready for the scrap heap. They're still a top four team every year in the West. But the first thing that has to happen is Luongo has to be moved. Full transcript

Chris (DC)

Is Tortorella the worst coach you've ever had to cover? His glib press conferences seem extremely disrespectful to the media.

Katie Strang, NHL writer
Katie Strang

Like anything, there are positives and negatives. He can be extremely difficult to deal with yes, but he can also be among the most candid and insightful as well. It's a trade-off, really. Full transcript

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