The Phillies seemed to be letting their age finally catch up with them, but a 7-3 record in their last 10 games might be giving fans pause. Cliff Lee capped off their excellent run Wednesday with a three-hit shutout, and though it was agains the hapless Marlins, SweetSpot's David Schoenfield is seeing reasons for Philadelphia to be buyers at the trade deadline. They're just below .500, but even a single cold streak from one of the teams ahead of them could make them contenders for a wild-card spot -- or, wonder of wonders, the top spot in the fragile National League East.

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Playoff contenders?

Despite a weak offense and a near-unfathomable 1-7 start from Cole Hamels, the Phillies have managed to keep treading water. If their bats wake up, they could be quite dangerous.


Will the Phillies (23-24) make the playoffs?


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