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The sports world was stunned by the massive tornado that devastated Moore, Okla., a suburb of Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant responded by giving $1 million to relief efforts and visited demolished neighborhoods.

ran122005: "What a man......and did it without a press conference."

mattbauer06: "Some guys say the right things and some guys do the right things. Big respect to KD. Class act. Reminds me a little of Charles Woodson a few years ago donating 2 Million to Motts Children Hospital."

D1EHARD5OON3R: "You can play basketball for 15 years have all the trophies on the shelf. Real Heroes are ones that give a helping hand when everyone around them is unable. KD's Oklahoma's MVP."

Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro led the team to a franchise-best 56 wins. But Los Angeles went out in the first round of the NBA playoffs, and Del Negro was let go.

Max Rymerr: "The NBA is so volatile for head coaches. Del Negro helped take this team from joke city to lob city."

windycloud2:: "VDN mayn't be the best coach, but it wasn't his fault that they lost to Memphis! If you think about it, they replaced all of their tough-defenders, like Martin, Evan with veteran scorers or something!! Memphis killed on the boards. that didn't work. They should fire the GM!"

BigBoiJake823: "Mediocre coach. He had two seasons of Chris Paul/Blake Griffin to prove his worth, and the findings prove that he needs to be a feistier coach; inject some grit into his players. The Clippers have never been a tough team - but they certainly had the pieces this season, and maybe even last season too. Overall, they need a more accountable coach."

The Sergio Garcia-Tiger Woods feud spun out of control, as Garcia got himself in deep trouble by making a joke connecting Tiger Woods and fried chicken. Garcia apologized twice, but ESPN.com's Farrell Evans said that Garcia should have known better.

rstanbau: "Whatever he says today, is clear that Sergio was trying to elevate himself by personally demeaning Tiger on the basis of a stereotype. Nothing to do with golf. Nothing to do with competition. Just absolute classlessness. Regardless of what Tiger has or has not done, Sergio made himself less than he was by being the kind of person that makes remarks like that."

Marie83018: "Will the authentic Sergio please stand up! He just did, and it is not pretty. Sergio will pay for his comment in many ways and monetarily will be the least of them. If he thought that he was heckled at Bethpage Black, he ain't seen nothing yet. And that empty apology would have been better left unsaid."

Chuck Norris says the Jaguars should sign Tim Tebow. SportsNation knew what to do about this. As several users said, "I skipped straight to the comments."

chinsac: "If you shaved Chuck Norris's beard, you would not find his chin, you would find a mini Tim Tebow doing push ups wearing a Chuck Norris t-shirt, in which Chuck Norris is wearing a Tim Tebow Jacksonville Jaguars jersey."

I spend too much time on here: "Chuck Norris taught Tebow how to Tebow."

Sholla09: "I would rather have Norris at QB than Tebow."

normbasebowl31: "I'm not even sure if this is a real article. I am on ESPN and not The Onion, right?"

Dear normbasebowl31: After Dennis Rodman visited North Korea, we weren't so sure ourselves.

Spittsburghjoe2: "Chuck Norris' tears can make Tim Tebow an elite QB. Too bad Chuck Norris never cries."

JohnOBX: "Well we've finally found one thing Chuck Norris does not excel in...football scouting."

That comment received 87 likes. The following reply to it got 349:

bad03xtreme: Chuck Norris now knows your name, may he have mercy on your soul..."

JacobJuettner: "Chuck Norris just banned the ESPN Mods."

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