Kansas freshman Andrew Wiggins told ESPN The Magazine he likes "being able to enjoy my last year of school," which pretty much quashes what little mystery remained about his future plans. And that leads us to the next question: No offense to the good folks in Lawrence, but if it weren't for the NBA's one-and-done rule, Wiggins would likely be converting alley-oops from would-have-been Cavaliers teammate Kyrie Irving.

The one-and-done rule has brought talented players to campuses and exposed them to a year of college. And it's prevented more cautionary tales about high schoolers who weren't ready to turn pro. But it also exposes those players to injury risk -- just ask Nerlens Noel, seen as a potential No. 1 overall pick before his knee injury at Kentucky -- while denying them a year of NBA earnings. And it's raised the stakes of recruiting to even dizzier heights.

Can't-miss prospect

Catch Andrew Wiggins with Kansas while you can, as he's likely bound for the NBA.


Will Andrew Wiggins be the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft?


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Mixed results

Nerlens Noel was still a first-round draft pick despite a season-ending knee injury at Kentucky.


Has the one-and-done rule been good for college basketball?


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