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December 23, 8:19 AM ET
ESPN Recruiting Insider Chat

  (4:02 PM)

Welcome everyone hope you had a great Christmas & Holiday. We are close to being 1 month away from NSD. Things are a little quite now with the Holiday break. Soon though it will start heating up again for the home stretch.


Where do you think Texas RB Emanuel Moody committs?I heard it is between the "U" and ESPN's favorite usc.Isn't Moody supposed to announce on ESPN soon?

  (4:04 PM)

Look for Moody to announce his decision during the Army All-American game. It is really to close to call between Miami and USC. Might have to say USC - but would only be a guess. Have to wait one more week to find out.

Lonnie, Sioux City, Ia

Do you think Nebraska's big exciting win over Michigan last nite will help them in recruiting by showing they are on the way back up?

  (4:07 PM)

The win last night was a big one for coach Callahan and his program. The team was able to finish with three wins and they got great exposure last night. It helps for the home stretch to have those wins to help show recruits that they are headed in the right direction.

Paul, Florida

Which school has the best group of linebackers in this recruiting class?

  (4:11 PM)

Right now would have to go with Texas. They landed three good ones in Kindle, Dustin Earnest, and Jared Norton. Also like two guys that Michigan landed in Brandon Graham and Cobrani Mixon.

Mike (PA)

Craig, Will Hazelton be a Nittany Lion come tomorrow at 4:00? Or do you think he is leaning more towards USC or the U? Thanks!

  (4:15 PM)

Tough call. PSU seems to be every where right now and on the minds of some good players. They did a nice job of getting themselves in the picture with Hazelton and it is close to home (NY). USC is a possibility after losing out on harvin- plus Hazelton really fits the mold of some of the recent top receivers that USC has had. Plus can't forget about Miami - but I would say look for PSU or USC tomorrow.

tom, VA

How good are the three quarterbacks committed to UNC for 2006.

  (4:19 PM)

They are solid players. We see Parker-Boyd as a WR in college. Yates is a good sized pocket passer ith a strong arm but raw. Phillips is also a good talent but tough to project as a college QB because of the system he comes from. Bottom line - good athletes with potential.

Ed - Omaha

Hi Craig - What are the Husker's chances with JB Walton?

  (4:21 PM)

Walton is still thinking and has a visit to FSU still on 1/13. Right now I would have to put the Huskers slighly behind PSU and FSU. But still time - I would not look for him to announce till close to signing day.

Dewayne (Little Rock, AR)

Whats up with Damien Williams, Ben Cleveland, and Mitch Mustain?

  (4:26 PM)

Williams and Cleveland are still headed to the Gators. Clevelnad played a lot of defense this year but is still heading to Florida as a TE and should be a nice fit for that offense. Mustain seems to be considering 4 schools - ND, Tenn, Alabama, and Ark.

Xavier ( Charlotte North Carolina)

Texas had a big start on the 2006 class, why have things slowed down, and are they possible looking at another major sign?

  (4:28 PM)

Things slowed down beacuse they got off to such a hot start. They got most of the top players in the state to commit early. Was able to land Snead. When you meet most of your recruiting goals early on the next step is to maintain what you have. Even though those players commited you still have to recruit them.

Duncan Sioux Falls South Dakota

How does the Texas class rank with the rest of the big 12? Are there any late suprises for the horns?

  (4:31 PM)

Staying with Texas for a moment - they are the class of the Big 12 right now with their '06 class. But Oklahoma quitely has been doing a very good job so far.

M.M: San Diego

What have your heard about San Diego State's football recruiting? Have they landed any players that can have an early impact? Is there a chance they land a couple 7.0 & 8.0 prospects this year?

  (4:35 PM)

With the coaching change naturally things are a bit quiet. Look for Coach Long to assemble his staff and hit the road hard. Not an aesy job to recruit to SDSU - but It Can be done. Lots of good players in the SD area. They will get a visit from Cali RB Andre Harris in early january. Would not expect many if any 7.0 plus guys this year from the Aztecs

Eric (NJ)

What do you hear coming from Rutgers?

  (4:40 PM)

Big contract extension for Schiano - helps in recruiting plus great effort in the bowl game. Things are looking up for Rutgers. landed some solid players so far and have players interested that they would not have had before like Jersey native Adjepong. They hit Florida hard - if they can get some players out of their own state - could be consistent bowl appearances for the Scarlet Knights

Randy (Tampa, FL)

We have some really amazing high school football teams and players here in Tampa. Any big recruits coming out of the Central Florida area this year?

  (4:43 PM)

Tampa is a great pace for talent - and it is no secret. Barrie, Daron Rose, Kylan Robinson, Stirrups and Fayson from Hillsbourgh. LB AJ Jones to name a few.

Hank (Woodland Hills, CA)

What's the latest on UCLA's recruiting class??

  (4:46 PM)

UCLA got out their and landed many prospects early. Need to maintain right now what they have. Should learn their fate next week with LB Bradford at the Army game - that would be a big get for the Briuns. Still in on many good in state talents

Rachel (MI)

Can we get a womens question on here!!!! With only 14 commitments so far for michigan do you see anyother big time players coming to the big house

  (4:50 PM)

Don't see any locks with Michigan right now from top players - but they are still in the running with some names like Schilling and T. Gibson

AJ (Gordon, PA)

Momentum really seems to be building for PSU. Of all the names they're attached to now, who do you think they have the best shot at?

  (4:54 PM)

I would not at all be surprised if Maurice Evans announced PSU at the Army Bowl

Mike (Baltimore)

What is the latest on MD Terps Class?

  (5:01 PM)

Maryland is a team quietly doing a nice job. Recently picking up Wujciak is a nice get - talented LB'er. Landed 2 good QB's - still in on Logan-El. It would be big to keep Logan-El and land in state DT Taylor. Terps could really make some big strides in the last month.

  (5:05 PM)

That is all the time I have today - Have a great and safe New Years. Enjoy the games. We will be down in San Antonio next week for the Army Bowl game covering it for ESPN and preparing for our day long NSD show. Take care.