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March 21, 2:01 PM ET
Chat with Skip Bayless

  (3:58 PM)

Hellooooooooo! Skip Bayless will be here shortly. FYI .. Skip's partner in crime, Woody Paige, will be here next Wednesday. Mark your calendars. Keep sending your questions.

Skip Bayless
  (4:02 PM)

Hello, boys and girls, your new NFL commissioner, Skip Bayless, at your service. Fire away, because I'm about to.

CJ (Orlando, FL)

Skip, What have you heard on Vince Young's performance at the Longhorn Pro Day?

Barry (The Bay)

Skip, why do you hate me and TO so much? Jealousy?

Skip Bayless
  (4:11 PM)

I don't hate either one of you. I'm just disappointed in you, Barry, for juicing like a fiend and lying about it for years. And I agree with the greatest clutch receiver I ever saw, Drew Pearson, about T.O. He wouldn't have belonged on the great Cowboy teams because, as out of the control as many of those guys off the field, they were all good teammates who cared about winning, not self-promoting. Pearson and Michael Irvin weren't angels off the field, but they were the leaders of teams that won multiple Super Bowls.

Greg Louisville,ky

Skip a roo, besidees being from Vandy...why do you like Cutler so much? Mel Kiper said the guy looked average down in Alabama and said there was no "wow' factor? Loved your work in Dallas and Chicago, although the old southwest conference people are glad your out of TX.

Skip Bayless
  (4:16 PM)

As I've written, I don't root for Vandy sports. But I did start watching Cutler a year ago and couldn't stop watching him. So big, so elusive, such a quick gun, so cocky -- here's Brett Favre Junior. With a bad team, he won at Arkansas and Tennessee and took Florida to double OT in Gainesville. I think Mel needs to study some tape, because this kid is going to be good. Real good.

Michael (Belleville, Ontario)

Hey Skip, this is what my buddy emailed to me the day your Adam Morrison article hit: "Mike, did you read Bayless' article on Morrison? He's obvioulsy right, and I can totally see why he's your second favorite writer next to Simmons, but why does he always have to be so negative? Dude, it gets tiring. He's gotta stop hating..." Hey, I'm not complaining, I love your style, but care to offer a response for my friends sake? Thanks.

Skip Bayless
  (4:21 PM)

Good question, Michael. I don't consider myself negative, just honest. I just try to tell the truth, as I see it. In that way, I'm something of a crusader, trying to give you your money's worth without buddying up to athletes or coaches or owners and selling out. I don't write "negative" for negative's sake. But when I write -- or speak -- positively nobody seems to remember.

Joe Dallas,Tx

Skip, remember a guy named Duane Thomas who helped Tom Landry get over the hump for the first time in Dallas? Could be the same deal with TO they put up with it for another trip to the Super Bowl.

Skip Bayless
  (4:24 PM)

Very different situation. Duane Thomas was a gifted running back who grew up in Dallas and who was nothing but a hard worker and good teammate after they drafted him. He went south after they got on a Super Bowl roll. Owens went south in San Francisco, then Philadelphia. Buyer beware. He will go south again in Dallas, sometime later this coming season.

BT (Los Angeles)

Skip, are you as skilled in the kitchen as your brother?? What's your favorite dish of his?

Skip Bayless
  (4:26 PM)

I'm the black sheep of a family tree of great cooks -- especially my brother. All I can do is microwave -- and the other day I blew something up in that.

david (lubbock, tx)

this morning you call viniteria the No. 1 free agent this off season. Did you say kickers (especially Jay Feeley) were useless?

Skip Bayless
  (4:31 PM)

I can't get this concept through Woody's sometimes thick head. I don't hate kickers, I hate kicking. The rules of football make them far too valuable in determining the outcomes of games. But the rules haven't changed, so if I'm the Patriots, I pay Vinatieri "star" money. I applaud the Colts' Bill Polian for breaking the unwritten rule among owners that kickers shouldn't be paid much. This is the greatest clutch kicker ever, and as much as I hate kicking, I'd want him on my team, because he will be allowed to win two or three games a year. Maybe more, in this guy's case. Great move for Indy. Whoops, there I go being positive.

walt (michigan)

whats up with woody's chalkboard formula for picking the miami heat to go to the finals, or win it.. i know a good doctor who can help him out

Skip Bayless
  (4:32 PM)

Why do you think I named him Professor Screwloose?

James (Boston MA)

Buddying up to athletes or coaches? You realize that you're a sports reporter right? It's not like you're on Meet the Press or something. Athletes don't have agendas that are worthy of "taking to task" over. They're really only responsible for the well being of their families and the happiness of the fans that root for them. Not exactly life-altering material. Lighten up.

Skip Bayless
  (4:34 PM)

So, James, you want me to lay off Barry Bonds, cut him a break, look the other way? Lighten up on him?

Chris (Saginaw, MI)

Speaking of the Soriano saga...would you take Woody's spot on Around the Horn if ESPN told you to?

Skip Bayless
  (4:35 PM)

No, but I'm not a liability on Cold Pizza's First and Ten.

john (memphis)

what's your real name?

Skip Bayless
  (4:38 PM)

I was the first born, and my father called my mother "Skipper" when they were dating. As in, I think, "You're the Skipper of the ship." You know how silly kids can be when they're in love. So when I was born, they officially named me after my father, John Edward II, but he immediately started calling me Skip, which stuck. Not once did my parents ever call me John. But when I got to high school and every teacher called me John, refusing to use my "nickname," I had it legally changed.

josh (tamaqua, PA)

id say yes lay off, unless your trying to say you've never broken the say speeding or anything like that....barry never once said "Ok kids you have to do what i do to make it in life".....the only reason any of this is being talked about is because Jose decided he needed more money cuz he was washed up as a ball player and in debt up to his eyes...

Skip Bayless
  (4:40 PM)

Canseco wrote his book mostly to get revenge on the game that basically blackballed him. And now you want the media to look the other way and keep customers in the dark about what really has gone in baseball? Last time I checked, steroids were illegal.

tommy (boston)

" two or three games a year. Maybe more." Are you insane? I love Adam V, but he's had 19 "game winning" kicks in his career (10 Years). Most of these kicks (Raiders game excepted) were somewhat routine. Are you suggesting Kicker A would miss all of them? And, this is plating for a "close-to-the-vest team like the Patriots. Plus, he's missed 3 of his last 5 "clutch" attempts (playoffs). Maybe less time talking and more time researching would be a good recipe for you.

Skip Bayless
  (4:45 PM)

Maybe less time chatting and more time researching would be a good recipe for you. You're referring to late kicks. I'm talking about the ones that changed games in the second and third quarters, too. You Patriots fans are spoiled rotten because he was so automatic no matter how hard it was snowing or how hard the wind was blowing. Get back to me next January after you've suffered through a year of Edinger. Welcome to the real world. Yes, he made three game-winners in Minnesota last year, but he lost it in Chicago, as every kicker has except the slump-proof Vinatieri.

danny (detroit michigan)

the only reason people are making a big deal about the barry bonds things is because he's black plan and simple. all the so called greats in baseball took something at one time. babe ruth took illegal drugs but no one wants to tarnish his name why because he's a WHITE icon. barry bonds is the greatest baseball player ever whether you like him or not. i'm not a big barry fan but come on the man is amazing.

Skip Bayless
  (4:46 PM)

I have constantly creamed Mark McGwire, who with Canseco was one of the game's original steroid users.

Rich (Parsippany, NJ)

No way Pearson is more clutch than Jerry Rice! And Rice's 3 super bowl performances and his performances in the playoffs attest to this. I know you hate the Niners because you're such a ridiculous Cowboy Shill, but one lucky catch against the Vikings and disappearing in losses to the Steelers does not make one the greatest clutch receiver.

Skip Bayless
  (4:51 PM)

I'm such a "Cowboy Shill" that Cowboy fans say I got "run out of Dallas" for writing three scathing books on the Cowboys. I didn't get "run out" -- I left to become the lead columnist at the Chicago Tribune. But Drew Pearson made more big game-changing catches than anyone I ever saw -- including the great Lynn Swann. Start with the Hail Mary and the Clint Longley Miracle on Thanksgiving Day. Rice made many, many key catches. But if you know the Cwoboys from '74 to '84, you know Pearson made save-your-bacon catches.

lloyd (montreal)

why don't you guys go after the 'roid users from the nfl? look at gastineau and them he got a record and loads of $$ because of 'roids

Skip Bayless
  (4:53 PM)

That, Lloyd, is a great (or not so great) untold story. Several big NFL records were somewhat fueled by steroids. But of course, home-run records are the most sacred in sports.

Joe (Atlanta)

do you think Candace Parker actually dunked? It looks to me like she threw the ball in the basket and just grabbed the rim in the process...

Skip Bayless
  (4:55 PM)

She definitely dunked in that McDonald's contest against the guys, even covering her eyes as she slammed. Great dunk, and she beat J.R. Smith fair and square. But she's had knee problems and doesn't quite get up the way she did in high school.

Cayne (Federal Way, WA)

Skip, why is everyone so hard on you? My lord, it's like SportsNation has a grudge against you. Anyway... I enjoy your work, and love your Cold Pizza 'First and Ten' segment. My question is, when are you going to create a character like Woody's Professor Screwloose? The morning show could use you in a funny wig.

Skip Bayless
  (4:56 PM)

Thanks, Cayne. At the Super Bowl, we did a bit in which I was Dr. Brilliant, to counter Professor Screwloose, but I did not wear a wig, and will not.

bryan (wisconsin)

skip, how can you compare favre to cutler what a joke. favre is one of the five greatest qb's of all time. he has been to two super bowls and won one of them. the only man ever with three mvp's all consecutive. you can't tell me cutler will get close to any of this. plus favre has not much talent around him most of that time except for reggie white who played defense.

Skip Bayless
  (5:01 PM)

Bryan, did you have the guts or foresight to predict all that for Favre while he was at Southern Miss -- or even while he was on the bench in Atlanta as a second-round pick? Or even while he was stinking it up in his first couple of years in Green Bay? I'm just having the guts to go out on the limb and tell you what I see -- Brett Favre Jr. going against some of the best defensive backs in the country in the SEC. People laughed at me while I raved about Cutler early in the year. Now he's at least a top 10 pick. At least give me credit for that.

Jason (nashville)

who's better candice parker or courtney paris?

Skip Bayless
  (5:04 PM)

Courtney. She might be able to play for the Sooners football team, and that's no joke. That's all for me, gang. Thanks for hanging with me. Catch you next time.