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October 6, 1:06 PM ET
Fantasy Football Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris
  (10:57 AM)

Good morning, everyone. I'm back on the day shift -- fantasy football on a Monday morning. Let's get right to your questions...

Ashley, NJ

Last minute Decision: Who will have a better game Bernard Berrian or Lance Moore?

Christopher Harris
  (10:58 AM)

Hi, Ashley. Given who's throwing the ball for each team tonight, I think you should probably favor Lance Moore.

T. Edwards (Buffalo, NY)

Where am I? What quarter is it? Am I still relevant fantasy-wise?

Christopher Harris
  (11:00 AM)

Well, the Bills have a bye, so at least Edwards would've been off next week anyway. Concussions are a dangerous thing, obviously. Sometimes it's a short-term thing, and sometimes it lasts the whole season. The good news is that Edwards was able to get on the plane home last night. I'm guessing we won't hear much definitive for at least a week -- and certainly J.P. Losman has shown in the past that he's not much of a fantasy option.

Jim (NC)

Hey Christopher - him for a WR like Welker or Bowe?

Christopher Harris
  (11:01 AM)

Hi, Jim. If you could get Bowe for him, I'd do it. It sounds like Damon Huard might be hurt, and Brodie Croyle plans on playing Week 7, but either way, in general the Chiefs have been committed to getting the ball to Bowe, and he's explosive. Heck, I might do it for Welker, too, though obviously, not nearly as explosive and not the TD maker Bowe is, either.

Andrew (Charlotte)

Do you think Sage Rosenfels will replace Matt Schaub on a permanent basis?

Christopher Harris
  (11:02 AM)

Hi, Andrew. I don't. I might've had a different answer had the Sage Rosenfels Experience not taken a dark turn in the second half of the fourth quarter yesterday, but he played like a drunken sailor on his last couple series and single-handedly lost that game for the Texans. Schaub was out because of a virus that sent him to the hospital; I expect to see him back as soon as he's able.

Alan (Indy)

Holy Sage Rosenfels! I sat Roddy White thinking Royal would be a good play with Marshall doubled all game. Do you think White's a consistent WR3 from here on out? (I also have Wayne and Marshall)

Christopher Harris
  (11:03 AM)

Hi, Alan. White is more than a WR3. He's easily a WR2. The Falcons are going to get him the ball, and White has good chemistry with Matt Ryan. It remains to be seen how bad Royal's ankle is; there were some reports that it was a high-ankle sprain, which would be bad, but Denver is refuting those reports.


Any news on Colston being ready next week? I was just offered him for Thomas Jones who is my backup RB. Do I make the trade?

Christopher Harris
  (11:05 AM)

Hi, Bo. No word yet; all we really know is that Colston says he's going to be ready for the Saints' Week 8 game in London against the Chargers. Even that might be optimistic, since the team is on bye the week after that. I'm not big on Jones, and if you're absolutely not going to use him, I think you make the trade -- Colston should be one of the more valuable receivers in fantasy when he returns.

MJD (Florida)

Hey Christopher. How much trouble are my owners in? I keep getting single digit carries and I'm doing next to nothing with them. I have a good matchup next week and then a bye. Is it time to panic?

Christopher Harris
  (11:07 AM)

Yeah, I whiffed on MJD this week. I tried to mix things up by bucking conventional wisdom, choosing to believe the Jags would be able to run against a depleted Pittsburgh defensive line. Whoops. MJD salvaged things witha short touchdown, but in general, yeah, they're really getting away from being hard-headed about the run. The Jags have what should be a nice matchup at home against the Broncos next week, so I'd find it hard to bench MJD in Week 6. But he's not a no-brainer right now.

Karyn (New Jersey)

Will Calvin Johnson still continue to be a top receiver with the QB situation in Detroit?

Christopher Harris
  (11:09 AM)

Hi, Karyn. I wish I could say for sure. It sounds to me like Dan Orlovsky isn't going to be playing any time soon because of a high-ankle sprain, so if Jon Kitna's back winds up being all right, he'll probably start. Drew Stanton sounds like his thumb is a couple weeks ago. Kitna was awful yesterday, though receiver drops didn't help. I think you have to keep playing Johnson every week because the potential is there for him to be enormous, but I may have to rethink ranking him as a WR1 for the moment. He might be in WR2-land just now.

dave (nj)

hey chris took a beating not starting deangelo williams this week i started pittman instead do you think williams is worth starting over pittman next week against tampa?

Christopher Harris
  (11:11 AM)

Hi, Dave. I don't love Williams as an every-week starter -- this is the definition of hit-or-miss: some weeks it'll be Williams, others it'll be Jonathan Stewart. That said, I'm probably going to have Williams rated above Pittman for the foreseeable future, unless the Broncos decide that Selvin Young and Andre Hall are too banged up (and both *are* injured a bit), and decide to give Pittman a full-time run. So yeah, this week, I'll probably say Williams again, though keep an eye on The Breakdown this Friday for more news about Denver's rushing situation.

George (Boston, MA)

Is D.Branch's new foot injury serious?

Christopher Harris
  (11:13 AM)

Hi, George. The Seattle papers didn't have anything definite. What I understand is: he says it's his "heel," and told reporters he's going to be fine, but he left the stadium in a walking boot. Does "heel" mean "Achilles"? Let's hope not.

Mike (NJ)

Hey Chris thanks for helping us out today. Which TE would you rather have on your roster the rest of the year...J.Carlson, Zach Miller, T.Heap, or Heath Miller?

Christopher Harris
  (11:15 AM)

Hi, Mike. Well, I haven't done my Big Rotowski rankings for tomorrow yet, so if you check back, I'll have a more definitive answer for you. But at the moment, I'd guess I'll still have Todd Heap the highest of this group. The Millers are very close behind, though. Heap had a decent game yesterday, and was at least more involved in pass patterns (as opposed to blocking) through much of the first half. If I'm going to elevate one guy above Heap, it probably will be Zach Miller.

David (San Jose)

Chris, where do you see Engram going forward?

Christopher Harris
  (11:16 AM)

Hi, David. Engram is going to be in the slot provided Deion Branch is active, and in a PPR league, that makes Engram very valuable (he had eight catches yesterday). The Packers are banged up on defense and Engram should be at least a WR3 next week.

john( georgia)

What are your opinions on LT going forward? Should i look to trade him? thanks

Christopher Harris
  (11:18 AM)

Hi, John. Word out of San Diego is that Tomlinson reinjured his toe when it got stomped on yesterday. I'm completely torn when it comes to him. On the one hand, there's no denying that he's been a big disappointment: he's got two very good games and three bad ones, and while the bad ones have mostly been related to injury, it's still frustrating. On the other hand, his is one of the few situations where his team is committed to giving him the rock, come what may. I mean, if you could get Adrian Peterson for him straight up? Marion Barber? I might consider that. But I wouldn't sell him for quarters on the dollar, if you know what I mean.

Howe (LA)

Chris, could you see Garrad as a top 15 qb?

Christopher Harris
  (11:20 AM)

Hi, Howe. Again, I haven't done my Big Rotowski rankings for the week, so check back for certain tomorrow. But I'd say Garrard is just about on the fringes. Last week I had him exactly at No. 15, and he did some good things last night, especially to Mike Walker who, you might remember, was on my list of Super-Deep Super-Sleepers to begin this season. The Jags are never going to be a Saints-esque wide-open offense, but Garrard is still worth owning.

Willy (Penn)

I already have Peyton. Got offered Holt for Rodgers. Time to sell high on this guy?

Christopher Harris
  (11:21 AM)

Hi, Willy. I think the time to sell high would've been three weeks ago when (tooting my own horn) I got on national TV and told people Rodgers was the most overrated player in fantasy. Rodgers played passably well yesterday but reportedly was in a lot of pain, and I have a hard time believing you'd get great value for him in a trade at the moment. Holt wouldn't qualify as great value. The unrest in St. Louis, the offensive line, the QB situation...I would think that's a mess you don't really want any part of if you can help it. I'd trade Rodgers, sure, but I'd rather get a surer thing than Holt right now.

Tim (Latrobe, PA)

Time to sell high on Jacobs? I think we just saw his best game of the year...and I really don't like the 3 headed monster that they have in NY. He's my RB2 though. Where do you see him going forward: low-end RB1?, high-end RB2? Thanks.

Christopher Harris
  (11:23 AM)

Hi, Tim. I don't think you should give up on Jacobs. The three-headed thing doesn't bug me that much; I've seen all the Giants' film this year, and really, the way they used him yesterday wasn't different from the way they've used him earlier this year. The backups really only become relevant because the Giants are blowing people out, to be honest. Now, if you want to tell me you think Jacobs will get hurt again? It's hard for me to argue. But on the basis of usage, I think Jacobs is a borderline RB1.

Joe (St. Louis)

Is Hasselbeck even worth owning these days? I have tryed to be patient with him, ( ie. back issues and wide reciever issues). But I can't keep doing this to my team. 2 POINTS!!! Better pickup Orton or Ryan?

Christopher Harris
  (11:25 AM)

Hi, Joe. Yeah, he's probably worth owning, especially of those are your other options. Listen: those who were saying that Hasselbeck was a good start this week against the Giants defense were smoking something -- the Giants bring too much pressure and are too tough for quarterbacks to consistently go hog-wild against them anymore (despite what I maintain is a very average secondary). Things should get better against the banged-up Packers next week, and I can almost guarantee you I'm going to have Hasselbeck rated a far piece higher than either Ryan or Orton. (For the record, if I had to pick one, I'd pick Ryan.)

carl (pitt)

which miami wr is the best pickup?

Christopher Harris
  (11:27 AM)

Hi, Carl. Really? It *has* to be a Dolphin? Given how much Miami is running that Wild Hog or Wild Fin or whatever formation, can I say Chad Pennington? I guess if I'm picking one guy it's the possession handsy dude, Greg Camarillo. Ted Ginn actually had his best game as a pro yesterday, but I have to admit, especially with noodle-armed Pennington in charge, I don't want a deep threat. Probably Camarillo is the guy.

Alan (NJ)

Slaton a Solid RB2 going forward?

Christopher Harris
  (11:29 AM)

Hi, Alan. An interesting subplot to the Texans absolutely blowing that game yesterday was the return of Ahman Green. Green got 12 carries to Slaton's 16, and I have to say, other than the big one Slaton broke in the second half, I thought Green actually looked a little better. Slaton seemed like the goal-line guy, though, and the team has to be more invested in his future at this point, but Green's re-re-re-re-emergence makes the situation dicey. Check the Big Rotowski tomorrow to see how I'm officially processing this, but I'd say seeing what I saw yesterday, Slaton is on the bubble of RB2-dom.

Jared (CA)

What are your opinions on the NE backfield? Are any of them worth owning (or playing)?

Christopher Harris
  (11:32 AM)

My opinion is: blech, Jared. I watched that game, and Laurence Maroney got early chances to be The Man, and he did what he always does: hesitated, danced, tried to make big plays, and got stuffed. Sammy Morris wasn't tons better, but at least he's decisive. LaMont Jordan actually looked like the best player in that mess not named Kevin Faulk, but Jordan hurt a leg and didn't return. I'm going to say my opinion has now officially changed: Morris *is* probably the guy to own here. Faulk getting those two goal-line carries was fluky; the Pats ran him out of spread formations because of something they saw in the Niners defense. I wouldn't start him every week, but in a pinch, I think Morris is the guy.

Matt (Raleigh)

How about Ronnie Brown? Solid RB1 going forward?

Christopher Harris
  (11:33 AM)

Hi, Matt. I'm going to say it's close. The good news is that he's in a conservative offense that'll snap the ball directly to him some of the time, and his knee seems like it's gotten a lot better just in the past month. Plus he has a nice O-line. But I think eventually the Dolphins' lack of a vertical passing game is going to start hurting Brown. Listen, whether he's a RB1 or RB2 at this point is sort of an academic exercise; he's a definite every-week start. Check back tomorrow for the Big Rotowski, and I'll show you where Brown shakes out...I'm betting it'll be somewhere in the 12 to 15 range.

Chad (Wheeling, WV)

Is Phil Rivers an "every-week-don't-bother-to-look-at-matchups" starter? My backup is Kitna (provided Kitna's healthy and starting, of course)...

Christopher Harris
  (11:34 AM)

Hi, Chad. Well, given that your other choice is Kitna: yeah. Kitna is way too terrible to consider benching Rivers for, ever, right now.

Joel (Roscommon MI)

Chris, Taking into account the soft matchup yesterday, how much will Felix Jones' workload increase as the season progresses ? Will we continue to see a one two punch ? I own Jones but not Barber.

Christopher Harris
  (11:37 AM)

Hi, Joel. Jones only got nine carries, so I'm not ready to call it a one-two just yet. The fact is: he's an explosive dude with some skill overlap with Barber, which means the Cowboys should probably use him as they're using him: a fresh guy off the bench who can be a change-of-pace, run around the edges of the defense, and make people miss. He doesn't strike me as a particularly effective guy between the tackles, but with Barber around, he doesn't need to be. I wouldn't be terribly worried about Barber on an every-week basis: he's going to lose some touches, yes, but I don't think it'll ever be anything like half. That said, it might be worth getting Jones in a deal to be Barber's handcuff, though I wouldn't give up any of your starters to do it.

Jon (KC)

Is Big Ben for Andre Johnson a fair trade (in a vacuum)?

Christopher Harris
  (11:38 AM)

Hi, Jon. Yeah, I mean, I'd rather have the RB or WR in a deal like that, so I'd rather get AJ. Roethlisberger is a tough dude and made some nice throws while getting poleaxed last night -- I have questions about whether he'll make it through the whole season with that O-line, but at least he's throwing down the field. Still, quarterbacks are a pretty normalized position, and Johnson is a top-10 receiver. I'd do that.

Disco Stu (Springfield)

Lance Moore tonight...what kind of stats will he put up? Will he be a viable WR option once Colston/Shockey return?

Christopher Harris
  (11:40 AM)

I'm not in the stats-predicting business; I'm much more about probabilities. I think Moore has good probabilities of getting double-digit targets, which is all you can really ask for. It seems pretty clear, at least at the moment, that Moore *will* stay a starter even when the injured guys return, meaning David Patten will be a bench player. But the Saints run three receivers out there a lot, so there will be no guarantees. Colston will be the guy sucking down the double-digit targets by then, I'd say.

Jason (NY)

I have ryan grant and i dont know what to do with him. I was offered jason campbell and thomas jones for grant and selvin young. but i already have peyton and delhomme. do i take this trade?

Christopher Harris
  (11:41 AM)

Hi, Jason. I think you just answered your own question. You don't need a quarterback. I don't mind the idea of trading Grant, but I think you've got to be smart, and try and get a player you can use back. Hey, but compared to previous weeks, at least Grant played pretty well. He didn't fumble, had a ypc in the mid-fours, and while he still hasn't gotten a touchdown this year, this week was surely more good than bad....

Joe (San Antonio, Tx)

Vilma a good IDP start this week?

Christopher Harris
  (11:43 AM)

Hi, Joe. I view Vilma as an every-week IDP start. He was a tackling machine to start the year, and while he definitely was the focus of a couple teams' offensive blocking schemes the past couple weeks, another 10-plus-tackle day is always a possibility. I'd keep using him.

Rob (minneapolis)

Is it too early to grab Ryan Torain? Is it even worth investing in a Denver RB?

Christopher Harris
  (11:44 AM)

Hi, Rob. If you've got the spare roster spot, I think Torain is definitely worth grabbing. He's reportedly a few weeks away from returning from his broken elbow, and if I know Michael Pittman, something will happen to him (injury or ineffectiveness) between now and then. Torain makes a smart deep-league acquisition.

Po (Derry, PA)

Berrian gonna be 100% tonight? Start him or Bobby Meach in a PPR??

Christopher Harris
  (11:46 AM)

Hi, Po. Tough one, because Berrian hurt himself *in* practice this week, meaning it's hard to get a true read on how hurt he really might be. He's expected to try and go tonight, and the Saints are definitely susceptible to deep passing (because their corners are still awful). I'd rather have Sidney Rice tonight, to be honest. If I'm choose -- I think to be *safe* you use Meachem, because at least he's healthy, but he's clearly not the top option (Lance Moore is). I guess Berrian if you need a big output, Meachem if you need a little something.

John (CA)

Back to Ronnie Brown. With Addai and Graham also on my team.... I should plan on Brown as my #1 and platooning Addai and Graham based on matchups. Addai is no longer a #1 RB. And would you drop Selvin for Torain?

Christopher Harris
  (11:47 AM)

I wouldn't drop Selvin Young for Torain just yet, no, though get word about Young's groin injury before you put that in stone. I'm not in agreement with you about Addai not being a No. 1 back. He averaged over four yards a carry yesterday and got into the end zone. That's good enough for me. I'd probably be using Addai and Brown every week at the moment.

Heather, LV, NV

Bradshaw, D. Ward, Meachem, "lotto" ticket?!?!

Christopher Harris
  (11:48 AM)

Hi, Heather. I think it's probably Torain, actually. He's the guy there who has a clear path to goal-line touches if things break his way. Meachem has a lot of other receivers in his way, while Bradshaw and Ward each need both an injury to Brandon Jacobs *and* an injury to one another.

Charles (Austin)

Is it time to give up on Marvin Harrison?

Christopher Harris
  (11:50 AM)

Hi, Charles. Give up meaning not start him for the moment? OK, I don't hate that. Give up as in release from your fantasy team? I can't get on board with that just yet. He's probably not the deep threat he used to be, no. But he's getting looks; in fact, a criticism from Indy's papers from Week 3 was that Manning was looking *too much* Harrison's way. I don't love the Ravens matchup next week, so you could be forgiven for trying another option at your starting receiver in Week 6. But I wouldn't cut the guy.

Tom (Jacksonville)

In the state of probabilities, do you see Steven Jackson being a top 10 rb.

Christopher Harris
  (11:52 AM)

Hi, Tom. Well, it's borderline. For me, as I'm sure you've all noticed, I'm at least in part thinking about opportunities (which is why despite a big game here and there, for example, I can't get that excited about Felix Jones). At least with Jackson you know he's the only game in town, and the Rams know that they won't win a game this year without Jackson being their centerpiece. His immense talent is unquestionable, but his O-line is. I think he's a borderline RB1, definitely an easy RB2, and should be in your starting lineup every week, at least until we see something dramatically change in St. Louis.

Eric (Fort Collins CO)

You said that the Steelers 0-Line has issues. With that in mind, should I trade Willie Parker before he gets hurt again or do you expect him to perform like the first few games of the season?

Christopher Harris
  (11:53 AM)

Hi, Eric. I don't mind the idea of trading FWP at all. I was very surprised by his big first week; take that multi-TD effort away, and you're looking at the same old guy. If someone's willing to pay you RB1 value, you should do it. I do think that the Pittsburgh O-line is struggling more pass blocking than run-mashing, but it's a really injured unit, and Parker is likely to have some down games.

Kevin (Linkshare)

If Bush plays great tonight is it time to sell high or stay pat?

Christopher Harris
  (11:55 AM)

Hi, Kevin. If Bush has a *great* game tonight, I would think you'd probably want to stand pat. It would be a surprise to me: the Minny rush defense is fierce, plus Deuce McAllister is back and contributing with inside rushing. I see Bush as a RB2 most weeks and maybe a little better than that in PPR leagues; unfortunately, he's never going to be Emmitt Smith -- a little guy who does damage between the tackles. But if you accept him for what he is: an end-around guy who can be devastating in the passing game, he's all right. (That said, if someone wants to give you Brandon Marshall for him after Marshall's quiet week, I'd do that.)

Joe (My Office........Don't tell the Boss)

Thoughts on Marshawn Lynch's last two games and what do you expect from him from here on out? Still a RB1?

Christopher Harris
  (11:56 AM)

Hi, Joe. Yeah, probably, though we need to see what Trent Edwards's situation is going to be. I like Lynch less if J.P. Losman is his quarterback, because teams will focus more on the run. Again, I think the distinction between a low-RB1 and a high-RB2 is somewhat moot -- you're going to start either guy every week anyway. I think Lynch is still an every-week play, including against San Diego after the Bills bye next week.


Sproles worth a roster spot if I don't own LT?

Christopher Harris
  (11:58 AM)

Hi, Chris. If it's a deeper league and you have a roster spot, sure. It's never bad to snatch up a valuable handcuff to someone *else's* back, especially when that someone else's back has a hurt toe that was reinjured yesterday. Sproles has shown that he can do some damage from scrimmage, though I'm still skeptical that he would last a full season as a feature back. But yeah, in a deeper league, with a spare roster spot, I don't mind hanging onto Sproles for a couple weeks to see how Tomlinson shakes out.

Collin (Dallas)

How impressed are you by Clinton Portis now?

Christopher Harris
  (11:59 AM)

Hi, Collin. Still impressed. I hope you aren't implying that I dissed him before this week's nice effort against the rugged Philly rush defense, because in last week's Big Rotowski I had him rated as my No. 4 running back for the rest of the season. Your and my faith have been rewarded to this point. Keep using him.

Mike (ATL)

Last thought... best buy low at RB/WR

Christopher Harris
  (12:00 PM)

Hi, Mike. Considering how many questions I see asking whether someone should drop Steven Jackson, I'd say: Steven Jackson. As I answered earlier, because of S-Jax's opportunities, I still view him as an every-week starter. And on the WR side, you'd probably have to say Braylon Edwards. No, I don't have a lot of faith in Derek Anderson. But Edwards is too talented to be *this* bad....

Christopher Harris
  (12:02 PM)

All right, everyone, thanks very much for coming. I've got to run here at high noon (which is why I started a little early). There were over 2,000 questions today -- I know it's frustrating and stinks that you don't get your Q's answered, but I promise, I'm going as fast as I possibly can. I also promise to try and do better the next time, and I continue to be overwhelmed and grateful: without you, I wouldn't get to do this great job. Remember there's another fantasy chat at 3 p.m.... See you next week, and be on the lookout for the Big Rotowski (season-end ranks) tomorrow and the Breakdown (in-depth look at every game from a fantasy perspective) on Friday.