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October 28, 10:53 AM ET
Fantasy Football w/Brendan Roberts

Brendan Roberts
  (3:00 PM)

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope everyone is well. Let's get rolling.

brian (de)

Would you play Ernest Graham against a weak KC D over Steve Slaton this week?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:02 PM)

Tough call, because it appears Ahman Green might miss, leaving Slaton alone again in the backfield. But he plays at Minnesota (following their bye), and Graham has KC, which has been almost can't-miss-against. I'd go with Graham.

Jason (Omaha)

Matt Jones and Duece, both facing possible suspensions, either one worth taking a chance on as backups?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:03 PM)

Yeah, I'd say so, as long as it's not a major expense to your team. As far as I know, Jones' appeal still hasn't been heard, so he might continue to play this week. And I've gotten word that McAllister's appeal won't be heard till mid-November, which would be right around the time Reggie Bush is returning anyway. Yeah, good pickup, if cheap (even though he's on a bye this week).

Chuck, NYC

Ginn worth a start this week or just a one week wonder?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:04 PM)

I'm calling him a one-week wonder. Ya know, if the Dolphins had a pass-downfield offense, maybe not. But they don't. It's run-first, and that's what they shall do in Denver.

Reggie (Denver)

Is Roy Williams worther starting at WR2 yet, or should I wait until Romo is back? My other WR2s are DeSean Jackson and Avery. Thanks!

Brendan Roberts
  (3:06 PM)

In general, I'd say no on Williams. However, if Jason Witten (broken ribs) is out, and it appears he might be, I think Williams is actually a decent play, even against the Giants. Not sure if he's WR2 unless you have bye weeks, but at least a WR3.

brian (de)

Is Santana Moss likely to miss this week? If so would you play Ocho Cinco or pick up someone like Matt Jones or Donnie Avery?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:08 PM)

It's looking like Moss will miss this week. In fact, I'm reading he could be out a couple weeks because of the hammy. Hmm, Cincy technically has a favorable sked ... but I highly doubt Ocho Cinco's upside anymore considering they rarely pass to him. (Y'all realize Housh is still on pace for 106 catches?) Ya know, I'd probably go with a hot hand/one-week play there, and probably say Avery, who appears to be the Rams' new No. 1.

Mike (New York, New York)

Speaking of Santana, who do you take for the rest of the year? Santana Moss or Brandon Marshall? thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:08 PM)


Ryan (Celebration, FL)

Hi it time to bench Reggie Wayne? Should I start Wayne or Cedric Benson or Torainn this week at my flex? Sad, I am even asking...

Brendan Roberts
  (3:09 PM)

Stick with Wayne. Only reason he didn't do much this week is because a) He was shaken up early, which might have bothered him; and b) The Titans' pass rush relegated Peyton Manning to short/over-the-middle throws to Dallas Clark or Dominic Rhodes. Things will be a little better from here on out, and Wayne should continue to start for you.

Zac (AL)

Trade question: Forte or Lynch for the rest of the season? Obviously Forte has the better matchup this week but what about after that? Is Forte?s workload a bigger concern than Jackson stealing carries from Lynch?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:10 PM)

I think it is. The Bears have already indicated they're going to try to cap Forte's workload. I like him a lot this week, but I like Marshawn more from here on out.

Ryan (VA)

I need an "experts" advice. Thanks for taking my question...I have been having problems at RB all year and I am not sure what to do. I have Barber, Torain, J. Stewart, Kolby Smith, Stecker and Alexander. Should I try to make a move or will any of these guys pan out for me in the upcoming weeks?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:12 PM)

Why, thanks for asking it! Barber is fine, but boy, I don't like the long-term "prognosis" for any of those other guys. Yeah, I'd try to upgrade. In fact, you know what I'd do? I'd target the starters that those guys are behind (such as D.Williams, in Stewart's case), offer that guy and another guy and get a stud back in return. I'd try that, at least.

Randy (CT)

COPY. PASTE. COPY. PASTE. COPY. PASTE. COPY. PASTE. OH, YOURE THERE!...Is Rivers and, say, Slaton OR Djax a good combo to trade for LT? I have Brees. LTs schedule looks great and Im heavy in the RB dept. (Lynch, C Johnson, E. Graham, Slaton) Or, should I just stick with the group I have and play the matchups? I hate the 'RB by committee' I deal with, weekly. Is there a combo I can offer thats better?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:13 PM)

Yeah, I can get behind that trade concept, especially considering you do have depth there. Not sure the other guy will go for it, though. I've heard from a lot of owners that LT owners don't get their guy go right now.

Joe (Portland, OR)

Torainn is available in my league and I'm thinking of plugging him in over either Edge James or Fred Taylor. Thoughts? Who would you start between Edge and Taylor?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:15 PM)

Interesting stuff in Arizona this week about Edge's role in the Cardinals' offense. Rumor is "The Whiz" is saying Edge will start, but Hightower could get just as many carries. And considering Edge isn't doing much anyway ... I'd track Taylor's health, just to be sure, and I'd start him over the other two. Torain is more for future weeks; pick him up only if you have roster space for him.


We have a team that is 1-6 in our league and has put Brian Westbrook on the trade block. He agreed to trade him for Tory Holt last week, but that got vetoed!!! So its kinda obvious he is trying to be a jerk. I want to make a fair offer for Westbrook, but feel kinda guilty getting him from a 1-6 team that is obviously out of it and just looking to screw around. He has already pretty much announced he has given up on the season. I am 5-3(3rd place) and the 1st and 2nd place teams I am sure will make a run at Westbrook. How do you feel about this situation? Should I go after him or try to convince him to just not trade Westbrook at all and let the rest of us fight it out fairly.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:17 PM)

(I love the league commish questions ... can be very interesting.) Tough call here. Honestly, it depends upon your league mates. If it's guys you don't know too well, sure, go for the deal. But if it's guys you've been playing with awhile or even worse, work with, then I wouldn't try it. It's kinda like "office basketball," in that the rules are different.

Chone (ny, ny)

Breaston had 9 for 91 this week, was that a product of Boldin not playing a full complement of snaps or was it the Cardinals just running out 3 WR sets all game and can we expect that production from Breaston going forward?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:19 PM)

It's the second option, I think. The Cards pass early and pass often, regardless of opponent. And hey, look what Bryant Johnson did as (mostly) a third receiver last season, and he sure doesn't look that great now in SF. I think Breaston is a good guy to keep around, and a good start when the sked is favorable. And despite how the Rams have been playing, I'd definitely say this would be a "favorable" week.

Matt (Savannah, GA)

I've had Pennington and Big Ben on my roster all year. I've been using him as a bye week/injury fill in up to this point. I thought of Ben as a must start. Is it time to go matchup by matchup? If so, is Pennington the better play this week?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:20 PM)

Yeah, I'd probably go with matchups, Matt. However, I'd give Big Ben the benefit of the doubt in 70 percent of cases. And I'd stick with him this week. Denver's pass D isn't "that" awful, and Big Ben tends to step it up in prime-time games (he plays on Monday).

Mary (Washington, DC)

What are you being for halloween

Brendan Roberts
  (3:21 PM)

Ha, ha. I'll be dressed as an ESPN employee (whatever that looks like) ... I'll be down at the Arizona Fall League.

Horton (whoville)

Have a QB MESS while waiting for Romo to return ....Thigpen, Flacco, Seneca Wallace or Brad Johnson this week??

Brendan Roberts
  (3:23 PM)

Yeah, that's a gaggle of options there. I'd say Flacco. He's looking better and better, and Cleveland shouldn't do much to him. Meanwhile, I'm not sure Seneca Wallace (he'll be blitzed) or Brad Johnson (ineffectiveness) will make it out of the second quarter.

Chris (NY)

you get a chance to play..............DEAL OR NO DEAL!!! Addai, Rhodes and Calvin Johnson for AP and Coles...I would get the AP side..DEAL OR NO DEAL???

Brendan Roberts
  (3:24 PM)

Tough call with Addai in that ... I'd wait to see what his status is before pulling a blockbuster deal like this. But since you are asking now, I'd say DEAL.

Kyle (Glendale, AZ)

Hey BR! Recently picked up M. Booker and S. McDonald in a league where im hurting at WR for this week. How do you think they will fair this week? Do i look at other options such as M. Jones or G. Camarillo? Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:25 PM)

Yeah, neither Booker nor McDonald are going to win you any leagues. I'd consider that a "streaming spot" (constant pickups based on matchups), and both Jones and Camarillo look better to me.

Robert (US)

Hi, Brendan. Is it safe to drop McFadden? My other RB's are Forte, Slaton, & Bush, and I need a TE cause Fasano is not doin much.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:27 PM)

It might make sense to do that now, Robert, but I just wouldn't do it. Look at the Raiders' schedule from about Week 12 on. It's massively favorable, and Fargas is injury-prone. You must keep the playoffs in mind. If Fargas goes down, and McFadden is OK, D-Mac could win you a title. He just has too much upside to let go. I'd try to cut a backup receiver for someone ... but not McFadden. Sorry.

Taylor (Raleigh, NC)

Hey Brendan, Pick 1 to start, Housh, Randy Moss, or Bowe this week. Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:27 PM)

Still Moss.

Wes (Atlanta)

I've been offered Michael Turner for Roddy White (and M. Muhammad) I have LT, Larry Johnson, Deuce and Pittman at RB and it would leave me with Hines Ward and Roy Williams at WR. should I pull the deal?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:28 PM)

Normally I would say yes, but I think it'd leave you too light at WR. I don't trust R-Williams. I'd stick with Roddy, who looks like a top-10 receiver as much as they throw to him.

Bob (DC)

Outside of my starting RB crew of Portis, Forte, and Slaton I've got Fargas, Rhodes, Torian, and Benson. Will a combination of the last 4 be good enough that I can deal one of my starters for much needed WR help?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:30 PM)

You can't survive on just the starting four; that's for sure. And I'd hesitate to trade Portis, who still is a top-5 fantasy option right now. I'd probably try to deal Slaton, who is in decent demand, and maybe Forte, too. But you might want to get another platoon back in return (such as Pittman or McFadden).

Bad Information Police (CT)

Roberts... where are you buying your info from? S Moss out a couple of weeks?! Latest reports say he will probably play and even if he doesnt... WASH HAS A BYE NEXT WEEK. Same thing for Witten... ESPN's main page even has an article saying he will play through a broken rib. Even if he doesnt play... THEY HAVE A BYE WEEK ALSO NEXT WEEK! Granted Moss and Witten may not be 100% if they do play, but cmon... dont tell the readers they are out a couple of weeks, when they have bye's in week 10 to recover a bit.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:34 PM)

Wait a sec ... can't look back now, but I don't think I said Witten would be out a couple weeks. In fact, I don't think I said he'd be out this week. I said to the R.Williams owner "if he's out this week" ... As for Moss, I read in the Wash. Post (via Jim Zorn) that Moss could miss Monday despite what their GM says, and "could be out longer." Didn't mean to say he'd miss multiple games, and don't think I did. But thanks for having me clarify.

Greg (Erie, PA)

Who should I start this week, Dwayne Bowe or TJ Houshmandzadeh?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:35 PM)

Just don't like the Bowe matchup (versus TB, which tends to limit downfield plays). I'd probably go with TJ.

Chris (NYC)

Is it a stupid idea to bench Braylon Edwards this week? I would start Cotchery, Berrian and Avery instead. After what Avery gave me last week, it's tough to sit him...

Brendan Roberts
  (3:35 PM)

It's not stupid at all, but I wouldn't do it. The Ravens' secondary is still pretty banged up, and I could see Braylon beating it at laest once at home.

The 3 Little Pigs ( Homeless, Like the rest of America)

Looking for trade advice from someone other than Matthew Berry... Slaton for Bush? 10 team PPR league QB: Warner RB: Portis, Lynch, Slaton, T. Jones, L. Washington, Torain I was thinking Jones but I dont think the Bush owner would go for it... Thoughts?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:37 PM)

Yes, I like Bush more, mostly because it's in a PPR league and because Bush should be back for your playoffs (maybe in time for a Deuce suspension?). Doubt Bush's owner would do that as well.

Joe (Iowa)

I recently aquired Cohlsten off the waivers (no idea why he was on there) which gives me a WR tandom of him, TO, Marshall, 85 (sucks) and DeSean Jackson. Should i try to trade one of the better 3 after TO's buy (week 10) for a better QB in a package deal - maybe Brees? (have Big Ben/Campbell) or another good RB (have Portis, Slaton, LenDale, Jamal Lewis) 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 QB league. Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:38 PM)

Yeah, I've heard similar stories on Colston. People thought he wouldn't be the same ... anyway, yeah, I'd try to trade one of 'em. Shoot for Jackson, then perhaps upgrade to TO if you have to. I'd probably seek another RB.

Brian (pittsburgh)

T.O. has been less than impressive the last few weeks to say the least...Am I crazy for sitting him this week against the G-men, and starting "The Megatron" against the bears in his place?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:40 PM)

Yeah, considering his start-to-start upside and that Witten MIGHT miss this week, I just couldn't sit TO. Sure you can't start Megatron in place of your other guy?

Holly (NJ)

STRATEGY.....The guy I'm playing this week is starting McNabb so I was going to start both D-Jax and Curtis in hopes of equilizing any points McNabb may get. Is this a good strategy or a recipe for failure??? Also Pennington or Eli this week, both have favorable match-ups??

Brendan Roberts
  (3:41 PM)

I don't know that it's either. Let's flip it around; it might neutralize McNabb (who also might run for a score, by the way), but it also neutralizes TWO of your receivers. I'd go with your best two points-wise, regardless of what the other guy has starting. If that's Curtis and D-Jax, so be it. I'd stick with Eli at home.

Mike (LA)

LT has a ridiculous schedule for my fantasy playoffs (OAK and @KC). Should I do a Forte/Slaton/Evans for LT/Boldin deal to try to get him even though it leaves me thinner at RB?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:42 PM)

Yeah, I'm on board with that, Mike, but I doubt LT's owner would be. At least he won't want to give up Boldin, too. But you can try, of course.

Mark (San Diego)

Hey Brenden, quick trade question. Would you trade Ronnie Brown for Randy Moss? My other WR's are Housh, E. Royal, Holmes and Colston.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:43 PM)

Hmm, that's pretty good depth there at WR (although I'm not sure what you start). Consider RBs are still more valurable than WRs, I'd stick with Brown.

the person who never gets through (Boondocks)

Fair Trade? I have Cutler (and B. Marshall). Thinking about offering Cutler for Brees (his backup is Hassel, I have Schaub). I kinda like having both Cutler and Marshall (double TD?s) but I think Brees has a better playoff schedule (14-16). I could also add E. Royal for his WR of his choice if needed. What do you think? PPR League.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:44 PM)

I think that's a good move, "person." I love playoffs-matchups" deals, and it's a good time to get Brees. I say go for it, even if must throw in Royal (whom I think you'll agree is pretty replaceable).

Sam OH

Whats up! I'm in first and looking to stay that way. Start Pennington vs. DEN or Big Ben vs. WAS? Rivers is my starter and Ben's performance (or maybe his line's) as of late has me wary.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:45 PM)

Close one, but I'd go with Big Ben in the Monday nighter.

Debbie (PA)

Hey I've got two old guys--Harrison and Galloway--can they have some big games going forward, or should I start thinking trade?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:46 PM)

I'd start thinking trade for both guys, although not sure what you can get for him. Maybe something for Galloway, who is working his way back to health and hasn't been outright flop because of play.

Michael (NC)

I have been trying to get this answered for a week. I am desperate for some help. My RBs/WRs are SJax, Slaton, Chris Johnson, Thomas Jones, TO, Holt, Colston, DeSean Jackson. Am I giving up too much to trade Thomas Jones and DJax for Hines Ward? If so, what would be a better counter-offer?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:47 PM)

Yeah, I think you're giving up a bit too much. Probably undervaluing Jones, I'm thinking, who is still a pretty solid back week-to-week. If you just get another usable player in return, you're OK. But I wouldn't do that 2-for-1.

Rob (Memphis)

What happens to Rhodes if Addai comes back? Even split? Pick 3: Graham, Forte, Benson, Addai, Rhodes

Brendan Roberts
  (3:48 PM)

Nah, I think Addai gets a good 75 percent of the touches when he returns. For this week? I haven't heard much about Addai, so I'd say either him or Rhodes (depending on his status), Graham and Forte. Still not sold on Benson.


Can anyone tell me how to get a questioned answered on this thing. Every week I ask a question and I have never had it answered!!! Which one is a good bye week replacement: Chad Johnson Kevin Curtis Justin Fargas Tim Hightower

Brendan Roberts
  (3:49 PM)

Easy there, Bob. I'm here ... Hmm, I probably like Fargas the best among those for this week.

Jerry (TX)

To Mike in LA, a little perspective. In my leage I own LT and Boldin. There is NO WAY I would take the deal you proposed.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:49 PM)

There ya have it.

Kurt (Wilmington, NC)

Michael Turner or Lynch?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:50 PM)



I want an upgrade at WR over Plax and have the depth to make a move, which do you like better and thoughts on either a) Plax and M. Pittman for Jennings or b) Plax and Forte for Lynch and Wayne? Thanks!

Brendan Roberts
  (3:51 PM)

Hmm, are you sure you want to trade Plax now? It's a really bad time to do that. Trade someone else to replace him, maybe. But trade him when his value has bottomed out? I do like B (not A), but doubt the other owner would go for that.

KYLE (Chicago)

Would you start me over the Red-Hot Schaub this week? I know I'm playing the Lions, but all my receivers are banged up...

Brendan Roberts
  (3:52 PM)

Orton over Schaub? Yeah, I'd go that way this week. Considering what Orton did against DET last time they played (in Detroit), and every other QB against Detroit ... and Schaub is at MIN, which is an average matchup in my mind. I'd go with Orton.

Baumer (NYC)

Do you bench favre this week for the safer option in Ferotte?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:53 PM)

Oh, that is a pickle ... but if there's two things I've learned about Favre, it's that matchups often don't matter with him. His receivers are healthy, and I'd stick with him.

Mark (Home of the RAYS!)

QB HELP PLEASE!!! With Romo still out, who starts off waiver, Garrard or Pennington and is NOW the time to buy WAY low on P Manning? What would it take now? I was thinking Romo and a RB3??

Brendan Roberts
  (3:55 PM)

Hmm, both favorable matchups, but I think I like Garrard a bit more, honestly. And yes, I like the idea of trading for Manning. He didn't have a great game, but I watched every play of that game last night, and I still saw a lot of the old Peyton. Maybe his receivers had more trouble getting open, and the pass rushers were on him quicker, but I still see a star quarterback there. Unfortunately, it might take quite a bit ... maybe Romo and a RB2, but you can work to that.

Michael (Marietta, GA)

You seem pretty high on Marshawn, choosing him over Forte and Turner, any concern over Fred Jackson? Jackson seemed to get an uncharacteristically high amount of touches last week, including some red zone love. I'm concerned as a Lynch owner. Your take?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:56 PM)

Nah, not really. I'm hearing that was mostly "package-related" last week and that the Bills consider Lynch to be a bona fide, classic feature back.


Waste number 1 waiver priority on Greg Jennings? 12 Team league, some reason got dropped

Brendan Roberts
  (3:57 PM)

Ah, the bye-week drop ... yup, I would go for him (even with your No. 1 ... that's what it's for).

Brian (New York, NY)

One last try Brendan! I have Addai, Turner, MJD, MeMo, Marshall, Boldin, and Roddy: Which 2 at RB, 2 at WR, and 1 at flex this week?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:58 PM)

Tough making this call without knowing about Addai and Parker ... right now I'd plan on Turner, MJD and the three receivers.

Don (Hawaii)

Whose a better pick-up Breaston or Avery? I need a WR bad! Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:59 PM)

Avery. I read a Bulger quote this week that it has taken a while for the QB to adjust to Avery's "4.2 speed," and that Bulger loves having that. I think he's the legit No. 1 now.

Jason, Raleigh

Will try the one last shot thing as well. Slaton for Plax a good idea with AP, Forte and MJD in the mix?

Brendan Roberts
  (4:00 PM)

In a trade? Going forward, I like Slaton more, but if you have those other three guys, I"m not sure you need to trade for him.

Ryan (VA)

Buzzer Beater!!!! Pick a side ..Barber/Megatron or Turner/Bush/Boldin(or Smith)

Brendan Roberts
  (4:01 PM)

Wow, that's pretty close, and tough to say without knowing your RB depth (two good backs given up). Assuming you have RB depth, which is why you're trading, yeah, I'd do that. Love me the Barber.

Brandon (Columbia, MO)

Brendan...Brandon...close enough right? Is this the time to deal MB3? I'm in first in my 12 team ppr league but his upcoming sked is brutal.

Brendan Roberts
  (4:02 PM)

Nah, I think you have to keep Barber. With all the injuries the Cowboys are having, I think now is the BEST time to have Barber ... and he's the guy who led you to first!

Brendan Roberts
  (4:03 PM)

All right, guys ... I have to run. Sorry again for those I didn't get to. I count 1,654 questions this week. Whew! Happy to get 'em, though.

Brendan Roberts
  (4:03 PM)

Good afternoon, and good luck in Week 9. I'll catch ya here next week.