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November 18, 12:27 PM ET
Fantasy Football w/Brendan Roberts

Brendan Roberts
  (3:00 PM)

Good afternoon, everyone! Another NFL week coming up, complete with another Thursday game, which will continue to be the norm.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:01 PM)

Let's go right to the questions -- they're already flying in here fast.

Dave (CA)

Evans and S. Moss have disappeared lately but have good matchups. Colston is inconsistent and Marshall is facing Asomugha. Which two do I go with?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:02 PM)

I wouldn't be concerned about Marshall at home against Oakland, even with the individual matchup. And my second guy? Probably Moss. Just seems he's "disappeared less" than Evans in that he's still getting plenty of targets. Plus, he was hurting but is now healthy again.


who would you rather have for the rest of the season Manning or Brees?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:04 PM)

Heck of a good question, Bill. Ya know, the numbers and performance would point to Brees, but the schedule and my gut points to Manning. I saw a lot of that game Sunday, and he looks sharp again (yes, I know he was facing the Texans). I think he'll be vintage Manning on a soft sked, and doesn't get much better than vintage Peyton.

Billy (NYC)

I keep hearing Graham is "probably" done for the season and has "most likely" played his last game. Any official news on if hes safe to drop yet?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:05 PM)

Nothing official yet, but the fact that that tidbit came from Jon Gruden himself, who normally is very guarded about injuries, I have to believe it as true. I'd hang on to Graham till I know for sure, but I'd also do my very best to get Dunn, who is now the starter and has some favorable matchups in the next few weeks.


I have shockey and schefler and they are either injured or not good. should i pick up keller, bo scaife or nebody else.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:07 PM)

Hmm, could flip a coin on that one. I happen to think Shockey will be better after being "read the riot act," according to one source, by Coach Payton. That said, I really love the way Favre and Keller are clicking right now, and they have some decent matchups ahead. Made me realize that Favre often does like a good over-the-middle tight end, going back to Mark Chmura and Bubba Franks in hs prime. Keller, in my mind, has transformed into a start-every-week TE, in my eyes, and he'd be my pickup there.


Who wins in a Portis/Bowe for S-Jax/Marshall deal?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:08 PM)

The Portis end of it. In a related note, S-Jax has already been ruled out (again) for Week 12, according to a STL-area paper (but a reliable source).

Dan the SF fan

I have a dilemma. Which two do I start, Grant, Dunn, or FWP?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:09 PM)

Still gotta go with Grant and Fast Willie there. That Fast Willie matchup at home against CIN looks good for him.

Matt NYC

In a .5PPR league should I drop Julius Jones or Fargas for Pierre Thomas? I also have Lewis, Hightower, and Dunn.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:10 PM)

I wouldn't drop either of 'em for Thomas, who will be buried again when Reggie Bush returns. I think you're OK as is.

Stan the TB fan

You don't think the Dunn vs. Det matchup looks good?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:12 PM)

Oh, I definitely do, but I find Grant and Fast Willie are more reliable to begin with ... and unless they have bad matchups, which they don't, I stick with those two. But yes, like I said earlier, I love Dunn from here on out out now. I even like Clifton Smith this week, but maybe only as a flex in a deep league.

Santana (Randy)

Thoughts on the 2 Moss's for the rest of the year?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:13 PM)

I saw hints of Santana returning to his old self, which he didn't look like previously with that hammy injury. And Randy, of course, had a big game. I think Randy is solidifying his role among the elite with Cassel growing more comfortable throwing downfield, and I foresee a fine (No. 2-WR-like) finish for Santana.

Sam (Portland)

Has Harrison made a u-turn from fantasy flop to fantasy starter? Would you start him this week over Curtis or Ginn?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:15 PM)

Nope, no U-turn, just the occasional good game, and not coincidentally, against a soft secondary. That said, San Diego, this week's opponent, has been easy to throw on this season, and I don't like Curtis playing at BALT. Yeah, I'd start Harrison over Kevin Curtis (but not Ginn).

Dan (New York)

Do you think Hillis is more startable over D. Ward or Sammy Morris?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:16 PM)

If Morris is back this week and appears he'll get a lion's share of the work -- we just don't know that yet -- then I'd go with Morris. But outside of that, I'd start Hillis with confidence at home against OAK. You figure the Broncos will run it "early and often" on the Raiders, and Hillis will benefit.


I am in first place and I am a lock for the number one seed in the playoffs. There is a team that is very good probably a top 3 team in my league but hasn't performed well week to week. The guy is fighting for a playoff spot and if he gets in it will definatly be hte 8 seed. If I tank the game this week he will have no hope for the playoffs and I will be playing a team in my league that is horrible compared to the kid I don't want in it. TANK IT OR NOT? Thanks for your time!

Brendan Roberts
  (3:19 PM)

Things change so fast in the NFL, a "bad team" could look like a good team just one week later. Either way, I wouldn't tank it. Your fellow owners might see through it, and that might cause bad blood. I'd go ahead and just try for the win. If you lose, so be it. But I believe in karma when it comes to fantasy football, too, and tanking it puts the karma police on you like flies.

Mark (sunny st pete, fl)

Who do u like better for the rest of the year, Branch or Engram, or avoid Sea at all cost!!??

Brendan Roberts
  (3:19 PM)

Ya know, I'm a little intrigued by Branch, actually. I like how Hasselbeck looked for him this week, and he looked pretty spry. I think he's worth adding, but not necessarily starting right away.

Randy (PA)

Brendon, WINSLOW or WITTEN this week and rest-of-the-way? Thanks!

Brendan Roberts
  (3:21 PM)

Yaaay, this gives me another opportunity to restate that I think Winslow is the best fantasy tight end in football from here on out. Sorry for the overdo there, after two previous weeks of it, but I love the Quinn-Winslow connection, and The Soldier looks motivated and is playing hard.

Byron Hanspard (Atlanta, GA)

B-Rob: Sputtering down the stretch and need to find the best flex option. Colston has absolutely infuriated me.....and Hightower looked to be an emerging star, and now we don't even know if he's the starter anymore. Who's the better of the two?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:22 PM)

Byron Hanspard. Love the ol' player references (Leroy Hoard I saw earlier was good, too). Hmm, compared to each other straight up, I probably like Hightower a bit more. I just think he has more week-to-week upside because of his ability to score TDs.

Joel ( Roscommon MI)

Should I start Hillis over JStew in a PPR League ?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:23 PM)

That one is pretty close, especially because Stewart looked pretty good. But I do think the Panthers open up the pass game a little this week on the Falcons, and so I'd give Hillis a (very) slight edge.

Jon (TX)

Yo Brendan, Big Ben or Thigpen? Both have pretty sweet lookin match-ups...

Brendan Roberts
  (3:25 PM)

I can't believe I'm sayin' this myself, but Thigpen. I was just reading about that Bills D. It has lost a number of key players already, and it appeared to lose starting CB Jabari Greer (the only DB who hadn't missed time) last night. Plus, Donte Whitner appears to be out again. Thigpen and Co. will be throwing against a bunch of no-names, and I like the sound of that. Plus, never know about bad weather in PIT.

Geoff (Boulder)

Hey Brendan...So have Braylon and Steve Smith both made U-turns in opposite directions???

Brendan Roberts
  (3:26 PM)

Indeed they have. I for one never lost faith in Braylon (at least not enough to ship him out), just like I haven't lost faith in Smith. I say you keep starting him.

Ron, (Berea, OH)

B-Rob, With Romo's excellent matchup vs the 49ers, would you consider starting him over Warner who has the tough Giants defense?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:26 PM)

Very good question, Ron, but Warner has taught me twice already this year that the Cards simply throw too many times, and he has too many great receivers, to ever worry about matchups. I'd stick with Kurt.

Spyder (CA)

Favre or Thigpen this week?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:27 PM)


Buck Naked (New Orleans)

What's up BRob! Who do ya start at RB this week....Jamal Lewis (always has good matchups but can never break 80yd mark), Derrick Ward (Jacobs done?) or Kevin Smith (up against TB but busted up Carolina for 112)?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:28 PM)

Yes, Kevin Smith reminds me of what Kevin Jones did as a rookie. Very impressive, but I just can't trust the Lions offensively, at least to score. As for Ward, it sounds like Jacobs will be OK to play this week. Just a little swelling in his knee. So I'd go with Lewis at home against Houston.

Cory (Pittsburgh, PA)

I am in a position to trade either B.Marshall or R. White. Which one would you rank higher because i want to keep the better one? Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:30 PM)

Both should draw a pretty penny. I happen to like Marshall more, but here's the schtick, and it might be more important: You have to trade the one with the most trade value compared with your opinion of him. My guess is you love Roddy, and should, but from what I've seen, he's still not drawing major trade interest. Marshall will, and he might be the guy to deal, as such, if you need to trade either of them ...

Jon (KC)

Bradley or Lance Moore (this week and the rest of the year)?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:31 PM)


Tom (SoCal)

Just offered Westbrook for Addia, Thoughts please.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:32 PM)

I still like Westbrook more because: a) His backup plays less (Dom. Rhodes is definitely a part of that IND backfield); and b) His receiving ability makes him more all-around valuable yardage-wise. I say you hang on to Westy.

I work with an IDIOT! (DALLAS)

This guy that I work with is trying to make an argument that Berrian is better than TO. Can you please shut him up! What do you think?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:33 PM)

Owens is the superior receiver, in fantasy terms and ESPECIALLY in NFL terms. I deal with this all the time. People quote recent numbers and think that's all that matters.

Gregg (B-robs is my idol)

Big Ben a better starter over Mcnabb this week? I have Westbrook also, if that factors in at all.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:34 PM)

Awwwww, yes, I'd go with Big Ben. McNabb looks quite average these days and plays in Baltimore against an angry Ravens D. He'll get battered!


What are your thoughts on Plax? He has been frustrating to own as the Giants continue to run the ball well and have no need to throw with a big lead. But then again, he's got the potential to go off on any given week, so you can't really bench him. Would you consider starting Walter or Curtis over him any time soon?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:35 PM)

No, not really, against he's facing like an elite pass defense (and I'm not sure if there really is such a thing). He's still getting the targets, and he's still a nice red-zone target, but you're right, it's the Giants' running game that is holding him back. But I'd continue to start him over Walter and Curtis, yes. Walter is a nice story, but I still think Burress has more upside in any given week.

Matt (Savannah, GA)

What do you think about Breaston's matchup this week against the Giants? It seems to me he does better against stronger defenses because those defenses are doing a better job at Fitz and Boldin. Take a look at last week's Seahawks game. Boldin and Fitz went off, Breaston was quiet. Against a bad D. Start Breaston over Holmes, Bowe, Welker, or Vincent Jackson (non-ppr)? Which 2?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:38 PM)

I like your line of thinking, Matt, but I still like Welker more. The little fella just catches so many balls. Even when the Fins, this week's opponent, shut down the Pats back in whatever week that was, Welker still got his catches. He's quietly having a monster season, as he's on pace for 115 catches and 1,150 yards (despite few scores). That's pretty darned good, and he'd be an every-week start for me.

Murray (IL)

Choose one: Hightower vs NYG, Colston vs GB, Fargus vs DEN or L.Evans vs KC??

Brendan Roberts
  (3:39 PM)

Hmm, tough one, but for this week alone, probably Colston. Let's hope that Packers agem is a shootout!

Dominic (Lansing, MI)

Hey B-Rob, I'm fighting to stay in playoffs, do you think this trade will work I Send Hightower and Plaxico I Get Addai Or Bush? If not what should I give to get one of them? The other guys need better WR's. I have Lynch, L.White, S.Morris, Hightower, Burress, Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Muhammad. Its a 10 team, h2h, 2 keepers league. Thanks

Brendan Roberts
  (3:40 PM)

Considering your situation, yeah, I'd probably make that deal, and he's likely to accept it, too, in my mind.

Brandon(East Rutherford,NJ)

Brendan, it's Brandon! I'm tied for first and solid at WR, but wondering if I should make a move at RB. Will I be good to roll in the playoffs with T.Jones and MJD? Or would I be better off trading Welker (my #3 WR) and one of those two for either a B. Jacobs or R. Brown.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:42 PM)

I think you're good with those two. Decent offenses, decent focuses within in their offense ... I mean, if Welker could score an elite option, then maybe you do that. But he can't, and you don't figure to upgrade.

Ron (Clarks Summit, PA)

Matt from Savannah asked that "Breaston against strong defenses" question in 3 chats this week. C'mon, man...give it a rest already!!! One guy gets the same question answered in 3 straight chats, and I get 1 question answered in 3 years (of course, you were the one person who answered my one question, Brendan, so you are okay in my book!) Anyway, which backup QB would you recommend for a Warner owner: S. Hill, K. Collins, G. Frerotte, D. Culpepper, S. Rosenfels, wait out M. Schaub...or since I wouldn't start any of those guys over Warner under any circumstances except injury, would it be wiser to just handcuff Leinart to Warner instead, since Boldin, Fitz, and Breaston would still be there even if Kurt went down?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:44 PM)

Alllllll righty then. Ha, ha. If all those guys are currently sitting on the waiver wire, and you've admitted you wouldn't start either of them except if something happened to Warner, my question would be: Do you even need a backup quarterback? I mean, if you are trying to keep talent from your opponents and have a pretty good backup, fine. But there's no rule that says you need one when the options on the FA wire are very similar. So that's what I'd do -- add a backup RB with upside or another WR option. Sorry to stray from your question a bit, though.

Dave (NJ)

D. Avery or Ricky Williams at Flex Position?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:45 PM)

Ricky. He's been good for a nice 12-15 touches per week. I thought he'd be hurt by now, but Ricky has really surprised me.


Do you not know anything about football??? TO is an distraction to the team, leads the league in drops every year and has how many yard this year?? I suppose you think Dallas will win a playoff game for the 1st time in 12 years?? LOL

Brendan Roberts
  (3:46 PM)

Office fight! Office fight! Ha, ha. Like it or not, TO is a supremely talented all-around receiver (he's a great blocker) who somehow plays on winners nearly every season. I'm not a fan of him, but the dude's good and helps win games. Back to fantasy, though.

Dan L NYc

Pick one for def this week Dallas Mia or the Vikings

Brendan Roberts
  (3:48 PM)

Hmm, neither of them are too strong, but the Niners at home give me some hope that Dallas could force Shaun Hill into mistakes. I like the other two Ds better, in general, but jsut don't like their matchups.

Touchdown Tommy Vardell (Who Knows?)

Is Ahman Green the newest vulture going forward? I'm in a bit of a bind with injuries.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:49 PM)

Nah, I don't see Green as a vulture. Just seems the Texans rotated in backs a bit more, and Slaton would run out of gas (or just would get relief) right around the red zone. Slaton is still a reliable scorer.


BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!! Need 3 1/2 ppr..Forte, Warrick Dunn, Chris Johnson, Portis, or Antonio Pittman? Thanks YOU ARE THE MAN.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:50 PM)

Portis (looked surprisingly good ... what a tough guy), Forte (they're at STL) and Johnson (that Jets run D does bother me a bit, believe it or not, but the Titans are at home, and I think they return to their roots). Again, Dunn falls just outside.

Bob (DC)

Quick one for ya. Drop Holt for Gage? Gage seems to be Collins' favorite target and Holt looks old.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:53 PM)

Yeah, Gage has looked good, and Holt's weekly upside does appear capped ... why not? I advised against dropping Holt earlier this season because I feared he would return to stardom, and it'd be for another owner for the duration. But this late in the year with that No. 2/3 WR, you want week-to-week upside and aren't concerned with the long haul as much. And Gage looks like the better short-term option, believe it or not. Good call, Bob.

Grant (Jackonville, FL)

Thoughts on Thigpen as a keeper for next year?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:55 PM)

Well, I can say the Chiefs are already changing draft strategy as a result of his play, and he does have some young receivers (esp. Bowe) to build a rapport with. I wouldn't consider him an elite option, by any means, but at least somewhere right around Brady Quinn (who actually does have decent keeper value).

Thigpen, KC

Would you start me this week over Romo? Brees?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:55 PM)

Nah, I'd draw the line below that. I'd rank them Brees, Romo, Thigpen for this week.

Adam (Bridgeport, CT)

Quick one - McFadden or Colston for the flex?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:56 PM)

For this week? Colston.

Jon (KC)

Bush's impact on Moore's fantasy production going forward?

Brendan Roberts
  (3:57 PM)

Not as much as you'd think. The Saints spread it around pretty good, and Moore began to emerge even before Bush got hurt. He's still a solid flex play in my eyes, losing only minimal value when Bush returns.

Greg (Syracuse)

Brendan, can Orton rebound vs. the Rams this week? It seems to help everyone else. He or Cassel this weekend? Thanks.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:58 PM)

Yup, Orton can rebound, although I think the Bears try to avoid getting a shootout (not sure the Rams even know what that means anymore) by running the ball more. Still, I'd give him the slight edge over Cassel. Hey, the Dolphins look like they have a defense down there again.


Brendan, who do you like more in week 12 between Larry Johnson and J.Stewart? It's a tough call in my mind.

Brendan Roberts
  (3:59 PM)

Yes, it is a tough call, but I'd take LJ at home against BUF. Even Herm Edwards expressed his satisfaction for what LJ did last week. Sorry, guys, two more ...



Brendan Roberts
  (3:59 PM)

Yes I would. Scouts say Kevin Smith is a Pro Bowl-caliber talent, and I think we're just now seeing it.


Harrison or Eddie Royal the rest of the way???

Brendan Roberts
  (4:01 PM)

Eddie Royal. I love the kid's weekly potential. I mean, sure, he's a litle inconsistent, but such upside! As long as you start him alongside a Houshmandzadeh or people like that, he's a safe starter.

Brendan Roberts
  (4:02 PM)

All righty, folks. As I type this, 1,915 questions this week. I think that's a new record for me, so congrats! As always, the Answer Guys can help answer your questions, along with my fellow chatters. And I'll return next Tuesday for your needs.

Brendan Roberts
  (4:02 PM)

Until then, good luck in Week 12!