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November 26, 11:18 AM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson

Matt Williamson
  (1:04 PM)

Lets roll!

Jonny B (Washington, DC)

Please tell me who is going to come to the Meadowlands in January and beat the G-men at home? And don't tell me the Cowboys, because with their schedule I don't even see them getting in the playoffs, let alone winning their first playoff game in 12 years on the road.

Matt Williamson
  (1:06 PM)

JB-I hear ya loud and clear! NYG is an unstoppable force right now. Anyone can beat anyone, but man, it looks like they are headed to Tampa. Hmmm, what about the Bucs or Panthers?

Steiny (NYC)

Will Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith come up big tomorrow?

Matt Williamson
  (1:07 PM)

At the end of the game, his numbers should look solid, but I don't see DET controlling this game one bit on the ground

Burwell (Addison, PA)

Are the Jets a legitimate Super Bowl threat? While they are certainly a tough team, I just can't see them beating the Steelers or Titans in a rematch. Are the Titans still the favorite in the AFC?

Matt Williamson
  (1:09 PM)

I think NYJ is the best team in the AFC, but running the table in the playoffs is going to prove very difficult-Favre will have to play steady in each game, etc. Still, I like a subway SB.

Russ (MD)

I love the Ravens, but I can't see them beating the Steelers in the game that will likely decide the division. Lebeau will throw all sorts of wrinkles at Flacco. Who wins the division?

Matt Williamson
  (1:10 PM)

I am with you there. However, if Bad Big Ben shows never know.

Sean (Philly)

I would rather see a Turnpike SB, but that isn't going to happen.

Matt Williamson
  (1:11 PM)

Sure isn't.

Belin (Maine)

can my pats make it to the playoffs? it kills me to say this, but there's no way they are better than the jets, and the wildcard race is going to be tight.

Matt Williamson
  (1:12 PM)

Real tight and I think Indy has the upper hand for one of those spots. I do think NE should edge out Balt more. This PGH/NE game is big-esp for NE.

Robert (Latrobe, PA)

Will the Bears let Hester exclusively return kicks next year? This experiment at WR has not gone as planned and it really seems like it has weakened his return game.

Matt Williamson
  (1:14 PM)

They must. Yeah, this has been a guy without a position dating back to his entire stay at the U. Doesn't have natural hands for WR. Not sure if that is why his returning has fallen off or if he was just bound to return to the mean in some regards. Plus, no one kicks to him-nor should they!

PT (Franklin, NC)

Is Micheal Bush gone from the Raiders after this year, I really have a hard time believing they will keep him on the team as a FB?

Matt Williamson
  (1:15 PM)

Their entire RB situation doesn't make a whole lot of sense-but this is the Raiders! Bush seems like a great candidate for someone to pluck off their roster for a draft pick and get themselves a good power RB with upside.

M (Virginia)

No mention of Redskins as a potentially upsetting the Giants? They held Giants to 16 point at Medowlands and if they do that again and put a few scoring drives, they have a good chance for an upset.

Matt Williamson
  (1:17 PM)

I suppose that it could happen-solid on both sides of the ball, should be close to mistake-free. Still, I like NYG and Dallas better from that division.

Mike (Boca Raton)

can you discuss big bad ben a little? chris mortensen in his chat wrote that ben is a top 5 physical talent, but mentally is worrisome. what does ben need to do in order to overcome this deficiency?

Matt Williamson
  (1:19 PM)

Well, his dreadful OL doesn't help and I do think by nature, that Ben is a risk taker. A gunslinger. That is good and bad. That is a huge reason that he makes so many of the great plays he does, but it also results in turnovers at times. When things are going bad, they often go real bad-that is against top notch pressure Ds. He could be faster with his hot reads and getting the ball out in general without question though and never will be the precise Peyton Manning-type behind center. PGH's running game has not helped him at all.

Todd (TN)

The AFC is stacked at OT, which 3 most deserve to go to the pro-bowl? JT, Long, McNeil, Roos, Stewart, Winston, Gaither?

Matt Williamson
  (1:21 PM)

I think Thomas is number one. I would actually put Clady second. Roos would be third. Excellent crop though.

Brett Favre (NYC)

Matt, what is wrong with Gunslingers?

Matt Williamson
  (1:22 PM)

They are not all bad-don't get me wrong. Cutler is a big time gunslinger. But you take the bad with the good. Less consistency.

Mike (Boca Raton)

can you please help me in my quest to dispel the notion that the fullback in the nfl is passe. many teams with top running games (giants, falcons, and others) have a true fullback whereas teams that struggle to run don't (e.g., the steelers). wouldn't you agree that the fullback is about as passe as the forward pass?

Matt Williamson
  (1:24 PM)

FBs are coming back in a big way! True FBs. Well, running games are coming back in a big way. Need that hammer on short yardage. Good example with PGH. I think FBs are very important in today's game.


Can we get some of those young OTs in our conference?

Matt Williamson
  (1:26 PM)

LOL-yeah the NFC is behind in that area. Otah could be a good one. Gross is still kinda young. The Bucs' pair is okay. J Brown is a good one and not very old.

Peyton HIllis

Thanks Mike in Boca. There are still a few of us FB's that are important to our teams success.

Matt Williamson
  (1:27 PM)

Tons of them!

Jim (Ohio St)

Will my man Vernonn Gholston be successful in the NFL? We're still waiting for his first NFL sack!

Matt Williamson
  (1:28 PM)

Can't say that this is a huge shocker and like others, I thought he was heavily overrated and a workout warrior on DDay. Still, the Jets have two decent OLBs and haven't had to rush him. Could be much better next year and I doubt that he is a complete waste of a pick.

Matt Williamson
  (1:29 PM)

Just gotta bring more to the table as a pass rusher than athletic ability at this level.

Craig (Norwich, CT)

Can you tell me why Richard Seymour and Ty Warren are both listed as DTs in the Pro Bowl balloting?

Matt Williamson
  (1:30 PM)

Didn't know that they were. Odd. I wonder if each team can put their players where they want. Of course their roles are more similiar to a DTs than 4-3 DE's, but still, they both play DE!...and well.

Brad (OH)

I know the postition is hard to rank because of scheme, but who are your top five FB's? McClain, Sellers, Hedgecock, Neal, Hillis?

Matt Williamson
  (1:31 PM)

REAL hard to rank and it depends what you want from that position, but I think Greg Jones is the best of them all. Mughelvi is another very good FB that wasn't mentioned. Would love to have someone like Sellars on my team.

Michael Bush

How would I look in an Eagles uniform next year? What other team could use a power back with upside more than them?

Matt Williamson
  (1:32 PM)

GREAT call

joe TX

please tell me why andy reid does not run the ball? is he to blame for the stagnant offense? 2-1 ring a bell?

Matt Williamson
  (1:34 PM)

He MUST run it more. However, in his defense, Westbrook must be more banged up than many of us realize and Ried has not had his best OLineman-Andrews-to run behind. But still....

Eric (Sioux City)

Any team looking for a power back might want to take a look Shonn Greene. I'm a biased Hawk fan, but I think he is going to be a very good back.

Matt Williamson
  (1:34 PM)

The guy is a brute

Steiny (NYC)

Hillis is having a better season then the guy he was blocking for in college, Darren McFadden.

Matt Williamson
  (1:35 PM)

Perhaps, but DMac has also been hurt.


M-Dub, Please renk these QBs: Montana, Elway, Favre, Brady, and Manning. Thx!

Matt Williamson
  (1:36 PM)

Wow. Elway would be first. Favre would be last. Montana 2nd. Peyton and Brady tied for third.

Jeff (KC)

What kind of value do LJ, Maroney, and Bush have? 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively?

Matt Williamson
  (1:37 PM)

I don't think you could deal LJ or Maroney. Both are making decent money-esp LJ-and just are not worth giving much up for. There are a LOT of RBs out there. Maybe a 5th for Bush. Less than you think.

Steiny (NYC)

Can Peyton Hillis be an elite running back in the NFL.

Matt Williamson
  (1:38 PM)

No. Not nearly enough lateral agility or burst or speed or vision. Great player to have on your team for many reasons, but never a top flight RB.

Scott (LA)

Matt, where would Brees rank in your QB list?

Matt Williamson
  (1:38 PM)

Of current QBs? He is playing better than anyone right now and should be the MVP. Warner is right behind him. As for who are the best QBs in the world right now: 1A. Brady-yes, still. 2. Peyton 3. Brees.

Jeff (KC)

KC should jump at the chance to get a 2nd for LJ. They could use that pick on Shonn Greene and take Andre Smith in the 1st.

Matt Williamson
  (1:39 PM)

No one will give them a 2nd for LJ....thus the problem

Josiah (MA)

I know this is a crazy question,but is there any way the Pats trade Brady and keep the younger,imerging Cassel?

Matt Williamson
  (1:40 PM)

That would be a terrible idea. This is not Montana/Young. This is a HOF QB and someone who has played three (or so) great games in his career. VERY curious to see how Cassel looks vs. PGH this weekend-his stock might plummet dramatically. Still, shame to see him walk for nothing. Could franchise and trade him I suppose. I am saying all of this assuming that Brady is recovered of course.

Louis (Buffalo NY)

Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson are probably one of the best RB tandom in the NFL. Does Buffalo try to keep both?

Matt Williamson
  (1:41 PM)

For the short term. I don't think they are in any danger of losing either for next season, so they can slow play that situation for now.

Larry (Pasco, WA)

Who is going to win the AFC Worst? Can either the Broncos or Chargers win the Wildcard home playoff game?

Matt Williamson
  (1:43 PM)

Call me nuts, but I still think SD can save their season. They look much better on D these last two games and Rivera is making a difference. Still, two games behind Den will be tough to come back from, but at least they play once more. I do think SD can win a first round game for sure-they could beat Indy for example. I have ZERO faith in Denver and think they are truly a bad team.

John (Spokane WA)

2 Questions here.. The cowboys pretty much stuck with barber and choice for the rest of the year"; And, Whats the odds they will try to acquire Vick when he's outta jail for next year as a back-up?? Worth it you think?

Matt Williamson
  (1:45 PM)

Wow, hadn't thought about Vick to Dallas...but that is as logical as any other team. They are surely not afraid to take risks on character! Yes, the Boys will have to use Choice and MBIII the rest of the way-that isn't such a bad thing! I like Felix a lot, but Barber is a big time player.

Fred (AL)

The NFC South seems to be the most competitive division in football right now (all teams have a winning record). With many divisional matchups remaining, is this division still wide open?

Matt Williamson
  (1:45 PM)

It is and I think two teams-at least-come out of the South. NO still has a shot.

Stunned, DC

Dude, it goes Montana, Brady, Elway, Favre, Manning. Montana is the greatest QB of all time!; Brady may be the greatest winner of all time; Elway was the most brilliant late-bloomer of all time (and he was great before that), Brett Favre is Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning needs to win another SB. That's how these 5 QBs rank against each other.

Matt Williamson
  (1:47 PM)

Oh-sorry. As for Elway being number one-my arguement on that is simple. In his early Super Bowl appearences, please-off the top of your head-name me five quality temmates that he had. Come on-quick. Mecklenberg, TJ? Who else? Any HOFers? All are great and remember, I was born in 1973, so when Joe and Elway broke into the league, I was not exactly atop my scouting prowess.

Sam (MD)

I agree the Chiefs have no chance of trading LJ's huge contract, but I think you are wrong about Maroney. He was a late 1st rounder so his contract isn't too big. I could see a team offering a 3rd.

Matt Williamson
  (1:48 PM)

Wouldn't you just rather use that 3rd round pick on a rookie RB on DDay? It would be cheaper. That rookie RB wouldn't have as much tread off his tires. Could hand pick what type of runner you got. I could see someone taking a chance on Maroney, but 2nd and 3rd round picks are gold in today's NFL.

John, NY

Where is Unitas in these rankings?

Matt Williamson
  (1:50 PM)

Has to be near the top...but ask my dad. A bit before my time. I respect the heck out of QBs of that generation though. Rules didn't protect them. Called all their plays, etc. Tough as they come. And of course, like many of the great ones, Unitas came from Western PA. Yeah baby.

Mike (Boca Raton)

will ike taylor be able to handle moss at all this weekend, or should we expect to see him getting lots o' help?

Matt Williamson
  (1:51 PM)

That will be very interesting. Ike is having a great year. If he could catch the football, he would be a Pro Bowler. Plus, PGH's pass rush really helps his cause and should again this weekend. I think putting just about anyone M2M against Moss without help for a large % of the snaps is just a flat out bad idea though, but Taylor has done real well vs. top notch WRs and this D as a whole eliminates the big play extremely well-which is obviously Moss' bag.

Jason (Chicago)

Who you got Thursday night?

Matt Williamson
  (1:52 PM)

I worry about picking Zona on a short week cross country road trip, but I can't back the Eagles' O and that team in general is just getting a bit dysfunctional all of a sudden. Zona.

Ryan (America's Finest City)

You are correct. Denver is a truly bad team. Have you seen what they are dealing with? All 3 starting LBs injured, one of the best CBs in the league injured, every RB on the roster injured, starting a ROOKIE FB at RB, another rookie FB starting at LB. Leading the worst division is just fine with me. If Norv Turner was coaching this team they would be 0-11. The Chargers lose just Merriman and their defense implodes!

Matt Williamson
  (1:53 PM)

All great points. Not saying that the injuries haven't been a major contributor, but Denver is a bad football team. No, yes, they would be worse with Turner as the HC-agreed.

Sal (Philly)

How has Max Jean-Gilles blocked? Is he a solid starter or a career backup?

Matt Williamson
  (1:54 PM)

If he is your worst starter of the five, I can live with that. Is he one of the best 64 OGs in the world right now? Probably. But heavy footed and isn't special. Plus, like most of this OL, he is better going forward as a run blocker than retreating in pass pro.

JIM, Birmingham

What do you think of ATL extending Michael Jenkins' contract? He's now the guaranteed #2 receiver on the team for 4 more years. Was this a good move?

Matt Williamson
  (1:56 PM)

I think so. White is a true #1 and there isn't many NFL WRs that I would say that about. Is Jenkins a top notch #2? Probably not, but Douglass will be featured as well and it is important to allow all three of these WRs to grow up with Matty Ice. Good from a continuity prespective and I do think Jenkins still has upside to his game, which is important.

Jeff (Dallas)

On draft day 2007 Jerry Jones was ecstatic about getting Doug Free and said they couldn't keep giving these huge contracts to their linemen. yet, he gave Flozell that ridiculous contract and Free has been inactive on gamedays. Please explain.

Matt Williamson
  (1:57 PM)

I liked what I have seen from Free as well, dating back to college. But yeah, I bet they would take back Flozell's contract if they could. Stay onsides!

Tony(Douglas, MA)

What do you think about the Lions drafting Michael Johnson from GTech with the first pick and Ron Brace from Boston College with their other first rounder? It would solify the D-Line for years with two studs.

Matt Williamson
  (1:58 PM)

That is a team dripping with need positions obviously, but I am a HUGE believer in DLinemen making the NFL world go around. I can live with your scenerio. What I don't know yet is just how good those two are and if they are worth that high of picks, but Johnson would make that secondary look a lot better all of a sudden.

Sean (Philly)

What will Donovan fetch in a trade? A 3rd rounder if teams know the Eagles won't keep him with his cap number next year?

Matt Williamson
  (1:59 PM)

If I were the GM of the Vikes, I might send a third rounder.

Adam (Jersey)

What did you think of this Lendale White quote? "I only played three plays so I really couldn't tell you what happened. I don't really know. I wasn't paying attention. I didn't care really."

Matt Williamson
  (2:00 PM)

I think I would sit LenDale down and he could not care as an inactive player against the Lions.

Matt Williamson
  (2:01 PM)

Guys, I have to fly. Sorry, would love to stick around. Enjoy the games tomorrow and have a great Thanksgiving!