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December 12, 12:28 PM ET
Fantasy Football w/Erik Kuselias

  (3:01 PM)

YEAH FRIDAY! ok i'm in...hope you're having a great holiday season,...let's roll

Elwood, Laurel, MD

Which two wr's would you start between Berrian, Ward, and Andre Johnson?

  (3:02 PM)

here was our first question...congratulations to Elwood (no Blues Brothers KNOW he's heard them all) sit Ward...who has been AWFUL against BAL in his career (yet Santonio Holmes has strangely been very good in this matchup)

Kyle (Schenectady, NY)

I have the deffenses of the Cowboys and the Jets, I am wondering what team I should start this weekend. I am in first place by a game. Every move matters!

  (3:03 PM)

I LOVE the J-E-T-S...Jetsjetsjets Buffaol has been all kinds of putrid lately

Terry (Granby, Co)

Eric, I have used your advice all year and I am now the #1 team in our league. I have a very tuff decision this week at RB and would like your take on it. We are a PPR league and I can start 2 RB?s. I have Ronnie Brown, Steve Slaton, Kevin Smith and LenDale White. My normal starts are R.Brown as (steady 10+ points) and Slaton but this week Slaton has Tennessee and I feel they will crush the one RB who got to 100 yds on them. Kevin Smith has been putting up #?s and LenDale has as well. I even get the feeling that Tennessee is giving LenDale more touches to save CJ for the playoffs. Who are my two best starts?

  (3:04 PM)

Terry: Flattery will get you everywhere.... ok Slaton is a must..he's been a beast...I have Kev Smith slightly over lendale White...but White has been great against Houston.

Matthew (New Brunswick, NJ)

Eric my brain can't tell me what to do here so I need to borrow yours if at all possible: Steelers defense or Eagles? Isaac Bruce or Lee Evans?

  (3:05 PM)

I have Lee Evans in the same 17-20 grouping as Bess. Bess is a surer bet to catch more balls...Ike is a better bet to score. But I strongly recommed the Eagle defense...only the Colts are higher on my board

tough choice...

Manning or Warner?

  (3:06 PM)

tough choice...wimpy league. Is this a two team you play against yourself? Is this one of those leagues where you play against your wife/girlfriend and loser has to wear the french maid outfit? play Manning

Jay Peterman (NY)

Urban Sombrero or Himalayan walking boots? A Bryant or S Morris?

  (3:08 PM)

love agood Seinfeld reference... and yes I do eat my candy bar with a knife and fork. Both are very good plays and have moved up on my board this week...Bryant is my #12 WR....Morris is my #15 depends how you score

jeff (ct)

Can I *really* start Dominic Rhodes or (gasp) Kevin Smith instead of Marshawn Lynch...? I am desperate to avoid that Jet D. Thanks Eric!!!

  (3:09 PM)

Can you really regift that awfule sewater you got last Christmas? Can you really hit on your girlfriend's roomate who keeps making eyes at you? Can you really take the rust out of your car by dousing it with Coca-cola? Yep. you can.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

General question here E. that does not involve you helping me choose one or the other. At this critical time of year, how much should one take weather into account when choosing a starting QB, K and defenses?

  (3:11 PM)

excellent question (i expect nothing less fiorm J.B.) wind bothers me more than snow for the is overrated for a RB (unless its stupid severe...see last seasons 8-0 Buffalo/Clev game)...I DO look at weather with Kickers (and wind as well)...I will bump up a good RUN defense if they are playing in bad weather

  (3:12 PM)

and that question leads me to this week's "I, Erik Kuselias, am an idiot" question. Am I a jackass if I don't like xmas cards that only show the kids and not the parents too? If i don't know you all that i really care about your kids?

Randy (Charlottesville, Va)

Favre or Schaub? Not really liking either

  (3:13 PM)

me neither...but I like Matty S. even less...GB will play well and they have a very good secondary

Elaine (Towson)

Rhodes over Ward if Addai sits? Tough question, right?

  (3:14 PM)

yep...and I think Addai will sit and stop wearing your Oriole cap to Yankee stadium

Justin. NC

Injury plague has killed me. Should I start D Foster or MO Morris this week? Really have no other options

  (3:15 PM)

Mo Morris is actually a good option this week... other injury/just got the job replacements: 1. rhodes 2. Ward 3. Foster at WR: 1. Vincent Jackson 2. Breaston at QB: 1. SHill 2. Seneca wallace

Governor Blagojavich (Illinois State Pen)

Erik I have an open state senate seat with your name on it if you help me with my dilemma in a PPR league: Barber, D.Ward, McClain, Jonathan Stewart, Kevin Walter, or Branch as my flex?

  (3:16 PM)

I do like the Senate.... ok: barber and Branch

  (3:17 PM)

15 min in...let's do some rapid fire send in the questions...make 'em short and quick...I'll get to as many as possible fotr the next 5 min

Art Vandaley (Vandaley Industries)

Ward or Bess in a PPR league?

  (3:17 PM)

ward...bess may not score

Jason (OH) Randy ?

GB has a good secondary? Schaub tore them up LAST week to the tune of 400+ yds. Hou plays TEN this sir are an idiot!

  (3:18 PM)

thanks for the catch...yes I am....but I still hate #20 QB

Marques (DC)

Carlson, Keller or Daniels at TE

  (3:18 PM)

carlson...he has a connection to wallace...a nose for the endzone...great matchup against STL

Dennis (MO)

Ward or Rhodes over AP?

  (3:18 PM)

not in this life


Carlson, Scheffler, or Z. Miller in a PPR this week?

  (3:19 PM)

not scheffler...but all 3 are good plays...Miller will be trendy this week...but NE is better against the TE than the prolly carlson

Jay (Dallas)

Vincent jackson, Isaac Bruce, or Calvin Johnson

  (3:19 PM)

Megatron...but he's ranked as low as I've had him all year

Tim (MD)

Driver, Mo Morris, or Branch?

  (3:19 PM)


Shubert (NO)

Can I ask 3 rapid fires? 1. Branch or Berrian? 2. Dunn or Rhodes? 3. Carlson or Gates?

  (3:21 PM)

sure...cause i don't think there are enough people named "shubert"....Berrian...Rhodes (Dunn NEVER a pimplefaced kid at the sorority house)...Gates

Marion Barber

Do you trust me this week?

  (3:21 PM)

you and your team are as risky as two day old sushi

Marcus (Germantown, MD)

Holmes over Branch or Bess?

  (3:21 PM)

Holmes has been good against BAL...but let's not get crazy

Reggie Wayne

Will I comeout of my funk this week?

  (3:22 PM)

yes...(why do I suddenly feel like the magic 8 ball...does anyone remember that game?....good spin the bottle game in junior high..."should Debbie kiss Erik?"..."most definitely")

  (3:23 PM)

ok enough of the rapid fire

craig (los angeles)

romo or hill...i can't believe i'm asking this!

  (3:23 PM)

Hill is an excellent play this week...and Romo has been PUTRID after thanksgiving...but I gotta still ride Romo

Santa Claus (North Pole)

Ok you made your list, and I have checked it twice.. Unless you want a big block of coal, defend your pick! You were the only one that ranked SJAX over MJD... Ho! Ho! Ho!

  (3:25 PM)

fair enough fatboy... here goes: Seattle stinks..the game is on turf...SJax scored last week...he's a better player...healthiest he has been all year...local paper say he may touch it THIRTY times this week....Mo Jo has not been in the role of feature/everydown back all season


Jonathan Stewart or LJ?

  (3:26 PM)

I have Stew 16 and LJ 18...but in my "groupings" they fall in exactly the same category...sorry but that's all I got

David (Atlanta)

Start Rhodes over Slayton..considering the match-up?

  (3:26 PM)

not yey. Addai is still technically active...if he's OUT then prolly...but not til then

Eric (LA)

LT or Rhodes?

  (3:26 PM)

LT...I'm actually buying him this week

jealous of vicante schiancoe (NYC) I crazy to start Braylon Edwards over Isaac Bruce?? Sadly, I still have faith in butterfinger Edwards

  (3:28 PM)

hold on...why would you be so jealous of Vicante? seriously...I gotta know. Like when you're watching a movie and you recognize the actor...but can't place him/ drives you crazy til you know. Anyone feeling me on this?

Joe Milw WI

Speed round, need a quick response...Holmes or Bess?

  (3:28 PM)


Kevin (Seattle)

Start LT over SJAX?

  (3:28 PM)


Eddie (NYC)

What's #1 on your xmas list? Mine is an answer from you. Eddie Royal, Mo Morris or Bees this week. Already starting B Marshall and Carlson, diversify with Bess?

  (3:30 PM)

I'm thinkin new wallet...still rockin the same one since the 11th grade I Like Mo Morris

Joey Hoboken

Vince jackson or marvin in a ppr?

  (3:31 PM)

Vince...(why do i always think of "the color of money" when Tom Cruise works in the store and wears the "Vince" t-shirt?...why hasn't a toy store done this...I think its actually a good idea)

Stressing out with my RB situation

Thomas Jones or MJD??????????

  (3:31 PM)

Jones...but this is a close enough call to stress out..the good news is both guys are in the top 10

Josh (CT) [via mobile]

What's the fantasy impact of this TO-Romo mess?

  (3:33 PM)

ah...the 64 million dollar question...I'm talking to Mort and some other folks about this later today...i'll have the answer for Sunday Morning...(here goes)...(wait for it)...on my show FANTASY FOOTBALL NOW on eastern

8 Ball

One more 8 ball question: Bryant, Marshall, Jennings or Wayne pick there ye ole 8 ball

  (3:34 PM) that order...and that would be weird if the 8 ball spit that out...but mine used to say "clean your room"...I think Mrs. kuselias doctored that bad boy

Todd (HB)

Which one sits, TO, Roddy, Wayne, or Bowe?

  (3:34 PM)

wow..4 great Wrs...right now I have Wayne on the pine...but you may wanna sit TO

Heather, PA

Barber, Larry Johnson, or Mewelde? Made it to 1st round of playoffs and need help!!!

  (3:36 PM)

Love when the ladies chat... not Mewelde...Fast willie should play...I like Barber...but the other 2 are in my same grouping

Josh (Boston, MA)

Do you like Keller this week?

  (3:36 PM)

sure...he seems like a very nice kid

Tony (Jersey City)

Do you start Bowe, considering matchups, over Andre Johnson (not a PPR league)???

  (3:37 PM)

yep...but watch the wind in KC...if it gets over 20 mph...I'd switch

Shelly (Hershey, PA)

Thigpen or Cutler?

  (3:37 PM)

get Thiggy with it (ok that was sooooweak...and every corny analyst has used it) I'm sorrry and ashamed

Salomon (Mexico City)

Hi Erick,its my first time in the playoffs but I need your help, would you start S.Morris instead of M.Lynch ? I dont like Lynch at all against the jets defense, but I dont trust Morris that much. Convince me please !

  (3:39 PM)

Mexico in the HOUSE! (although i'm mad they changed the mexico ride at Disney...not as good now) (was that "ugly american" enough for you?) I would play Sammy Morris...Oak is better against the pass...Morris will tote the rock and Lynch is banged up...and the Jets are among the best in NOT allowing fantasy points to opposing RBs

Your friend Bob Sacamano

2 Questions: 1) Slaton or Chris Johnson, and 2) Pick 3 of Marshall, Jennings, A Johnson, and Bowe.

  (3:41 PM)

one of the great "unseen" characters of all time (along with Vera from Cheers..maris from Frazier...and Charlie from, well, Charlie's angels...but witrh farrah on her game...i guess we really didn't need to see a pudgy donut eating dude) Cj and sit Bowe if the winds are whipping

Derek (Littleton, CO)

Hey Erik! What are your thoughts on Bush the rest of the season? Last night killed me, and now I'm hearing he might be hurt again? Thanks!

  (3:42 PM)

and Pierre thomas is in a groove...look for another option

Mr. Bender (Shermer, IL)

My God man! Did I try to sleep with your sister or something?! Sweets, you couldn't ignore me if you tried. McClain or MoMorris? Smoke up, Jonny!

  (3:42 PM)

I do love a good Breakfast Club quote... Mo Morris and that's what you get when you spill paint in the garage

Franklin (NM)

Larry Johnson or Maurice Morris?

  (3:43 PM)

they are my 18 and 19 RBs this week...honestly is as close as can be...but I have Morris slightly higher

Annoying Garmin GPS commercial (Give a give a give a Garmin)

Vincent Jackson, Eddie Royal or Breaston PPR league

  (3:45 PM) 22,23 and 25 Wrs...folks are asking GREAT questions today...VJax has the best chance to score...Breaston will get the most looks

Donovan (Los Angeles)

Turner or C.J.?

  (3:45 PM)


Lendel White

Would you play me or Derrick Ward?

  (3:46 PM)

not you...but I have been on you all season...and you have allowed me to rip off Karabell and Berry's limbs and beat them over the head with their own bloody stumps

Ryan (Boston)

SJAX or Turner?

  (3:46 PM)

SJAX...roll with the big dog

  (3:47 PM)

ok...15 min left...lets do 5 min of rapid fire...get the fast as possible for the next 5 min

Dr. Evil

Moley, moley, moley, moley. Sjax, MJD or CJ - which 2?

  (3:47 PM)

sit MJD...but all are GREAT top 10 plays


Gostkowski or Longwell?

  (3:47 PM)

really? fine Longwell

John (Hartford)

In the semis against my WIFE - pick 2 for each: SJAX, Portis, CJohnson. B. Marshall, A. Johnson, Anquan. Help me avoid gender reassignment surgery.

  (3:49 PM)

wow. what do you win? french maid outfit? you get to pick the movies for a year? golf clubs? her mother moves to Angola? and do you really lose a VASCETOMY? sit portis and andre...but dude you're loaded (and a part of me hopes you lose)

Augustine (Greece)

Playing from abroad! The rankings put these guys so close that I don't know who to pick: Berrian, Bess or Branch?

  (3:49 PM)

don't be sexist

adam, hackensack, NJ

bowe, calvin johnson, or antonio bryant?

  (3:49 PM)


Annoying Doorman from Seinfeld

K. Faulk or FWP?

  (3:49 PM)


Bill (Kansas)

rhodes or portis (and think about it)

  (3:50 PM)


Drew (Chicago)

Justin Fargas or Tatum Bell?

  (3:50 PM)

neither...or Bell

Aunt Bethany (Chicago, IL)

Is your house on fire, Clark? ...don't throw me down, Clark... Is Rusty still in the Navy?

  (3:50 PM)

thanks for making me smile..outstanding

Beat By a Girl

Help me prove a lady getting the top seed isn't a fluke. Bowe, L. Coles, McLain or D. Foster?

  (3:51 PM)


Jeff (SF)

S. Moss or Royal?

  (3:51 PM)



Need two: S-Jax, C Johnson, and Rhodes

  (3:51 PM)

sit rhodes

Tim (Seattle)

Coles or Bruce?

  (3:51 PM)


Banjoe(St. George)

Erik.YOU DA MAN.. Goota luv ur ESPN Fantasy Gig!! But now tho I saw the Rankings and Randy (with Casell Playing) won't he have one or those RARLY motivated days and eat up his old team more than Bryant and Garcia's sore leg? and sorry about ticky-tak Kicker.. but close match Bryant or Kaeding? Thanks"evrybody's funny, Now ur funny too!"

  (3:52 PM)

Randy draws Nmadi whateverhisnameis...whio is great...I dropped him down to a #2 wr

Just read your answer to "TOUGH CHOICE":

Sheesh are you some kind of jerk? It not completely logical that Peyton was a 2nd round pick and Kurt Warner was a 10th or later pick? Remember, Leinert was still in the mix pre-season when we all draft. Get over yourself.

  (3:53 PM)

then you should have traded one and upgraded another position...why would you hold both guys all year...see its not about being a jerk...its about getting you a win....

Matt (Savannah, GA)

Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation? Vincent Jackson went off last week. Think he'll do it again? Would you start him over Welker or Bowe in a Non-ppr?

  (3:55 PM)

Christmas vacation....not close. that's asking "Jordan or Dr. J"..both are good...but come on man... VJax is a good play...but your other guys are better

Last one (I promise)

McNabb or Thigpen?

  (3:55 PM)


Dan (New York)

If it's windy in KC do you play McNabb over Thigpen?

  (3:56 PM)

yeah...over 20 mph...if its clear in philly...but even then its really close..if you dont have all of that then stick with Thiggy

Dan (Sacramento CA)

Thomas Jones is just too hot to sit right now. Right? So, which one of these RB?s starts alongside Jones: Steve Slaton vs. Titans, Portis at the Bengals, or LT at the Chiefs? Thanks.

  (3:56 PM)

sit slaton...this just comes down to matchup

Clark Griswold (Chicago, IL)

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I couldn't be more surprised that I'm still alive in my FFL playoffs. Should I start Pennington, Schaub or Big Ben this weekend?

  (3:57 PM)


Thornton Melon (Grand Lakes University)

What's a bath without bubbles? Hey Bubbles, come over here. Bess or Breaston?

  (3:58 PM)

nice work on the "Back to School"...the only movie I ever saw in the theater on 2 consecutive nights...i was in 11th grade....even call...Bess if you made me choose

Greg (chicago)

Roll the dice with Walter and hope for a boom, or take the safe route with Bess and get the 6-7 points

  (3:58 PM)

the latter...which could be 9 or 10 pts


Rivers or Thigpen if opponent is starting v. Jackson and Gates?

  (3:59 PM)

don't worry about the other guy...score your points...make him chase you

Brandon ATL gA

Thigpen or Schaub PLEASE

  (3:59 PM) a lot

Carmen Electra (your dreams)

Addai, FWP, Stewart, or LJ?

  (4:00 PM)

ah..the gift that keeps on giving..addai wont play..FWP is an awful play...the other two are even picks..

  (4:01 PM)

ok boys and gals..that's it..GREAT work...we has thousands of questions despite the fact that lots of people are already knocked out of their playoffs...happy holidays see you tomorrow am 7-10 on espn radio for "the erik kuselias" show..then sunday noon eastern for FFNow!