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December 19, 1:52 PM ET
Fantasy Football w/Erik Kuselias

Mark, Cleveland

Early this week, the Answer Guys said to play Steven Jackson over Portis. With Portis practicing all week, who would you start? Pick two of the three: AP (Minn), Portis, SJax.

  (3:02 PM)

LATEST NEWS: Portis did not practice...this scares me and I have dropped him in my ranks...


Hi Eric I hate HAHA guy too, like Cletus from The Simpsons who brings in 300 coupons each for a free pretzel! Assuming Gore sits, would you start Foster, Benson, Fargas, Mcgahee, Ricky Williams or Cadillac. And would you sit Santa Moss for Davone Bess? PPR League. THANKS

  (3:03 PM)

Thanks...I was hosting "The Herd" this morning and we were talking about the idiot who bids a lousy buck during the Price is right...trying to be the "Haha" in "ha ha...I win ". Now to your question: I do think Gore will sit. He needs less than 25 yards to get to 1000...I think they will rest him til the final game...and that makes Foster a top 15 play against the PUTRID Rams

Scott (Austin)

Breaston over Bruce if Boldin sits? (TD heavy)

  (3:06 PM)

Scott: I do Think Boldin will sit...and I will adjust my ranks accordingly. I was just talking with our injury expert Stephania Bell and she doesn't think he's gonna go..good enough for her, good enough for me. But Breaston NEVER scores and he's abysmal on the road...Bruce does score and its the Rams (his old team)...go with the Reverend...and pray

John Detroit

Do I stick with Dolphins D @ KC or go with either the Browns v CIN or the 49ers @ StL? I like the Saints D this week but I am already starting 3 Saints.

  (3:07 PM)

Defense is a tricky posiiton this week...I did move the 49ers up in my ranks...but all 3 are in the same grouping for will be blustry in KC...and when you get the best D in the worst weather, I'd prolly go there

Go MT Griz (FCS game tonight)

Hi Eric - a Happy Holiday to you and all the great Fantasy Football staff at ESPN! Thanks for all the suggestions and advice throughout the season. Got one more for you, Please - Flex: Housh, Tasard Choice, Jamal L. or Chester T.? If Portis is out pick 2. Thank you - GO GRIZ!

  (3:09 PM)

Dude: you were so polite I had to help you the cute little pregnant lady on the bus who needs a seat. Anyway, Choice scares me. Barber is a gametime decision and it will be a spilt...against the RAVENS. Chet doesn't have the JOB and AP is in the gotta go Housh or Lewis depending upon if your league is RB or WR heavy

Phil (Chicago)

Eric, Do I dare bench Kurt Warner for Matt Schaub?

  (3:10 PM)

yep...kinda geting that vibe....90% chance of snow in NE...if its alos windy (check the gameday forecast on our show "Fantasy Football NOW"...noon eastern on then you go Schaubby

Frank (Delaware)

Hey Erik, if Portis can't go because of his back, do I go with Betts or start D. Foster instead (if Gore can't go of course.) I also have Dunn on the bench. K. Smith is my other starter. Thanks!

  (3:11 PM)

Foster and KSmith are your two best bets..and both guys I kinda like this weekend

Kevin (charlotte)

I am disappointed in L Moore the last few weeks. Do I bench him for M Morris, C Benson, or D Hester? I love Moore's Detroit matchup but Brees doesn't look his way enough anymore. Thanks.

  (3:12 PM)

It's OK to be disappointed...but benching him for any one of those stiffs would be disowning him

Andrea (IN)

Need to offset Manning's big night--would it be stupid to go all in with Houston: Shaub over Thigpen, Owen Daniels over Carlson, the Houston defense over the Cleveland or San Francisco Defense, and of course the must start Andre Johnson?!

  (3:14 PM)

Love when the ladies stop by and chat...(and with this type of question...I think we all want to know if you're available)...Carlson over Ownes...Houston D over the other two...and the QBs are CLOSE (same grouping for me) check the weather in KC...if not that bad (or windy) get Thiggy with it

Clark Griswold (Chicago, IL)

"Christmas Vacation" is the best Christmas comedy of all time, right? Most overrated/underrated? I say "A Christmas Story" for overrated, "Scrooged" (with Bill Murray) for underrated. Thoughts?

  (3:15 PM)

I think we should hang out...we'd be fast friends

Craig (St. Paul, MN)

Erik - I can't make up my mind between the back/Ravens matchup of Romo and the rookie/Vikings matchup of Ryan. Your rankings seem to mean you like the negatives of Romo more, any particular reason?

  (3:17 PM)

romo has been GREAT over the last 6 weeks...the only exception was a freezing cold windy road game in Pittsburgh. Dallas won't run it; it won't be cold; he's at home: i'm not scared to ride with the future Mr. Jessica Simpson...(and if I never see that shot of her shaking her "stuff" at the camera in the pink #9 jersey...I can die happy)

Jill AKA "Dumb fantasy blonde" (Miami)

Greetings from sunny warm Miami! Finished third out of 14 this year, not bad for a dumb blonde in her first year, huh? I can keep one guy for next year. Slaton or Brandon Marshall?

  (3:18 PM)

you're totally a dude just tring to get into the chat...but hey it worked. keepers depend what round you need to burn to protect your guy...but Slaton/Forte/Warner/Ryan/Megatron/Roddy White are some of my best keeps

Mark (St Louis)

The commish suckered all the newbies in the league this year, trading away junk for studs, and built his 0-3 team into the championship winner. We're all pissed. Should we all leave the league next year?

  (3:20 PM)

great is the rule I have: 1. i never cry about trades UNLESS the two teams conspired. If both teams HONESTLY thought they were getting the better end of the deal when the trade was with it. 2. I don't play with folks that "aren't tall enough to ride the bumper cars" meaning that they have to be saavy enough to make solid deals. So get rid of the dead weight...and stay in the league

Matt NYC

With Boldin probably being out who should I plug in? Avery, Urban, Michael Jenkins or do you have any other deep sleeper to recommend?

  (3:21 PM)

good sleepers at WR: Branch/Breaston (if Boldin is out)/Hixon/Devrey henderson/Jason Avant

Joey Hoboken

Is MB3 gonna play? I can play Choice or Dunn in a ppr

  (3:22 PM)

game time decision...but even if Barber goes...I think it will look a lot like last week...I rank Choice higher....but I hate the matchup


Big Ben or Chad? FWP or Kevin Smith?

  (3:23 PM)

yep...and thanks for reminding me....lightning round starts now...get the questions in...make them fast Chad and Smith

i love me some rapid fire.......

welker, lance moore and fitz? which 2 get the start?

  (3:24 PM)

not Moore

Carl Spackler (Bushwood)

Do I bench Witten for Keller or Shockey? Our league trophy is a Fresca.

  (3:24 PM)

nice league trophy... I like Whitten...but all 3 are top 10 plays

Like Speed McQuin

Morris or Foster?

  (3:25 PM)

Morris...but both guys are 13-18 type guys on my RB board

Steve (Syracuse, NY)

Tampa, Houston, Dallas or Miami D?

  (3:25 PM)

Tampa...especially with SD having to make a 10am PST start (teams doing that are 1-14 this year)

Mo (Atlant)

M. Morris or Choice?

  (3:26 PM)

Morris...he'll get the rock at home in Holgren's last game...but neither are great

That there's an RV, Clark!

Flex question as bad as the stuff coming out of the hose: Choice, Hester, or Chad Johnson?

  (3:26 PM)

That there made me laugh....Hester...but you're right...all bad options

Lance (Seattle)

Walter or Bess?

  (3:27 PM)

Walter by a mile...he's a GREAT sleeper play this week

Thanks for all the help this year EK

If Boldin can't go would you start Breaston over Bowe?

  (3:27 PM)

not even close...don't over think it


PCU Rocks!!! Lynch, Jacobs, CJ, or Ward. Need 2.

  (3:28 PM)

excellent movie..."you're wearing the concert t-shirt of the band you're going to see??? DON'T BE THAT GUY" Lynch is banged up but will go... same for Jacobs (unless he has a setback in the next 48 hours)..those are my 2

Kenny Bania (Monks)

Is Benson "gold" over Sammy Morris?

  (3:29 PM)

nope....and soup is not a meal

Ted Striker (Airplane!)

Im afraid I'll never get over Macho Grande! Erik, great job filling in for Colin on the Herd this week! Do you change your Foster ranking if Gore dresses? If so, where do you rank Foster then? Ahead of S Moss or C Taylor for a flex spot?

  (3:30 PM)

if Gore dresses you prolly gotta play Santana...but you'd better be sticking pins into voodo dolls wearing 21 jerseys

Tara (Seattle WA)

Seriously--I was 13-1 in my league but find myself against P. Manning in the 2nd round of the playoffs... I need help! Sit one: Warner, Rivers, Ryan. Thanks!

  (3:31 PM)

wow...let's see if Ken Wizenhunt (aka "the Wizzenator") wants to restrict may have to sit him..check the wires and tune in on Sunday to FFNow...I'll make sure I cover this for you

Maverick (Top Gun)

Do I dare fly with Ronnie Brown and Roddy White over LT for my flex and RB spot?

  (3:32 PM)

Roddy definitely plays...I have the other 2 next two each other...Brown 1 spot higher

Phil - New Orleans

Do you like L.J. or T.O. at Flex?

  (3:32 PM)

TO....(man do I hate saying that)

Chris = ATL

Merry Xmas -- I need 2 RBs out of Portis, Turner, SJax, and Deangelo - also your thoughts on Cassel vs Rodgers?

  (3:34 PM)

Merry Xmas to you as well...cassel over Rogers (but both are top 10 guys) RB you will sit Portis...the toher 3 are tightly bunched...

Phil - New Orleans

I know. I told myself last year with his inconsistancy I wouldn't draft him again, but....

  (3:34 PM)

who are we talking about my man...please don't say Reggie Bush...

Fernando (Madrid, Esp)

Hello Erik, do you think it's a bad idea to start three saints against the Lions since Bush is out? I'm starting Brees, Moore, and Thomas. Also, what D do you like better Miami @ KC or Chicago at home against the Packers?

  (3:35 PM)

nope...I think you're ok with those 3 guys against the Lions

Leah (Winnipeg, Canada)

Please answer my question, it's freezing over here!! What are your thoughts on McNabb this week? My other option is Pennington.

  (3:36 PM)

Oh yeah? I'm looking out the's snowed 8 inches in 3 hours..and my car is rear wheel drive...i'm NEVER getting home. Play McNabb...put on the feety Pjs...get some hot cocco..and order in pizza

Greg (NY)

What is the highest round you would draft Braylon Edwards next year?

  (3:36 PM)


ben NY

In my first championship game ever, and need some advice. Sjax, Westbrook, Lynch, PThomas, and Ksmith, i need to start 3. Please help Erik, your advice got me to the dance!!!

  (3:37 PM)

Ben: Sit Lynch and Smith...and good luck my man. Let me know how it turns out. and that leads me to this: SEND ME AN EMAIL AT FFNOW@ESPN.COM AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU WON!!!!

Dinky (Dragging behind the Family Truckster)

Eric!! I sat Addai and played Clark - so far, so good! Now, help me finish in the money: Warner or Cassell (I think Cassell); Flex and 2 WRs out of: Mo Morris, Warrick Dunn, Moore, Holt, Branch, Cotchery, and Driver (I think Morris, Holt, and Moore). Happy Holidays!!

  (3:39 PM)

ok...nice Vacation reference... Cassell take out Morris (unless its Sammy...and play Branch)

The guy behind the guy behind the guy

You are so money, hopefully you can help so I can be the big winner. If Warner is held back, Orlovsky or Orton?

  (3:40 PM)

Orlovsky...he has Megatron

matt, mi

Cooley hasnt been that great.. ditch him for carlson or j.stevens or stick it out?

  (3:41 PM)

Carlson is a great play this week...he's your guy

This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy...

Hill or Schaub over McNabb???

  (3:41 PM)

that would be crazy...and I took third in the state finals my senior year

Connor (Chicago, Illinois)

In a 10-team league with some school buddies, my first championship game in this league, I miraculously have Steve Slaton, Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams, and Thomas Jones. I have to sit one, who do I sit?

  (3:42 PM)

who're gonna win...but aw shucks...I guess you sit Jones and his 15 TOUCHDOWNS!

Audrey (Chicago, IL)

Which movie do you like me best in? Vegas right?

  (3:43 PM)

yep....although you were funniest in European "God i miss jack"

Mary (Tis' the season to be Mary)

Any way Clark do you have some advice? McNabb in 8" or snow. Thigpen or S. Hill.

  (3:43 PM)

Thigggy...and that's my name too

Melanie, Stockton, CA

Who do you think will throw more TD's Big Ben or Farve??

  (3:43 PM)

Favre...good luck

Matthew Berry (standing behind you)

Bench one of these studs: TO, White, Fitz, Welker. I love Anne Hathaway.

  (3:44 PM)

who's Matthew berry?

Rapid Fire Round 2?

RB2: S. Morris or C. Johnson?

  (3:44 PM)


Greg (IN)

Is Matt Forte or Steve Slaton a top 5 RB in next year's draft?

  (3:44 PM)

Slaton no...Forte maybe...but probably not...he's 6-10

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Cutler play the whole game if Chargers lose ? Should I start Hill against pathetic Rams instead ?

  (3:45 PM)

nah...i think you still gotta stick with Cutler against the Bills (who have put a postage stamp on this about mailing it in...sheesh)

Is it rapid fire time again??

Tenn D or Jets D?

  (3:46 PM) 5 min..get the questions in quickly... Tennessee

Bob (Madison, WI)

What's your take on Darren McFadden this week? Is he starter worthy over the likes of Foster or Choice, factoring Barber and Gore sit?

  (3:47 PM)

nope i love foster if Gore sits

Randy (Strong Island)

who do I start at flex: C. Johnson, Housh, or D. Ward?

  (3:47 PM)


Franklin Delano Romanowski (NYC)

wishing on a shooting star for a championship.....cotchery or driver

  (3:47 PM)

cotchery...good luck FDR

Dan (NYC)

Sit one out of Breaston, Benson or Gates

  (3:48 PM)

Breaston (if Boldin plays)

Matt (Philly)

Getting ready for our end of season party! Calling in the "professional dancers". Our wives think it's just a poker night. Should we feel guilty?

  (3:48 PM)

aboslutely not...what you SHOULD feel guilty about is that "cousin Erik" didn't get the invite....


Too cute to start Hill over Romo?

  (3:49 PM)

cuter than Alyssa Milano in the first season of "who's the Boss"

Charles (Austin)

Eddie Royal or Kevin Walter?

  (3:49 PM) a comfy margin

Matthew Berry (Bristol)

Lynch or T. Jones?

  (3:50 PM)


  (3:51 PM)

ok...10 minutes left...this is our last make the questiosn good...and happy holidays to have been excellent this season and it has been my pleasure to chat

Drew (NY)

Love that TMR is asking you for advice. Who's gonna win your ESPN league?

  (3:51 PM)

I don't lose in any of my leagues...


Moore, Branch, Holt, or Bess? pick 2 in ppr

  (3:52 PM)

not Bess....the other 3 are all in the same grouping...may sit Branch

ed (NJ)

You mentioned if Foster plays he is a top 15. Would you start him over B Jacobs or S Morris? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER...THANKS

  (3:53 PM)

over jacobs yes....over Morris? lemmie see the weather in NEngland on Sunday...I'll hit this Sunday on Fantasy Football Now...noon eastern


Houston, or Cleveland D? HELP! ERIK! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  (3:54 PM)

Houston...Oakland couldn't score in Amsterdam with a fist full of 50 dollar bills

I didn't know there were beggars in NJ

Cassel or Cutler, Portis or R Brown?

  (3:54 PM)

cassel and ronnie B

Ace (Pittsburgh, PA)

You clearly win "2008 Fantasy Football Chat Personality of the Year". You now get the title of ChatMaster for next season.

  (3:54 PM)

thanks bud...its been a lot of fun

Steve (Boston)

Is Saturday's game on Nat'l TV?

  (3:55 PM)

no...its on something called the "NFL Network"

Lovely accent you have, NJ?

Now with Forte's injury concerns i am in a pickle. Pick two. Forte, Westbrook, T Jones, Deangelo.

  (3:56 PM)

my goodness that movie is funny...all 4 are excellent plays...all in the top 10..all in the same grouping...prolly sit Forte (just because you have EXCELLENT alternatives and in case the bears get eliminated and they hold him oout Monday)

Connor (Chicago, IL)

Yeah, you are the ChatMaster.

  (3:57 PM)

thanks really has been one of the highlights of my week


PORTIS IS QUESTIONABLE NOW? He plays at i start him or Foster or L.Moore at 1pm?

  (3:57 PM)

Foster at 1 (IF GORE SITS!)

Aunt Bethany (Chicago, IL)

Enjoy your return to the Navy, Rusty. I'll have some jello for you when you get back.

  (3:57 PM)

peace to you too

Come on Answer already....

Tomlinson over D.Foster?

  (3:58 PM)

don't be pushy...but yep

Brad (NY)

Thanks for the chat this year! You're my favorite chatter. Do you like Colston this week?

  (3:58 PM)

like I like free chocolate pudding served by a supermodel in lingerie

Matt (Houston)

Pierre Thomas over Forte?

  (3:58 PM)

crazy but true

  (4:00 PM)

have a happy healthy and safe holiday....I'll see you sunday on FFNow...and for the next two weeks I'm on "Mike and Mike" so shoot me an email and say hi....always makes me smile. THANKS!