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December 23, 1:25 PM ET
Fantasy Football w/AJ Mass

AJ Mass
  (2:58 PM)

Good afternoon gang. We're finally here in Week 17. Lots of guesswork and rolling of the dice if you're still playing. So let's get to the Q's shall we?

Michael (Seattle)

Why is Portis' projection so low. I haven't seen anywhere that he will be limited this week and he has a good matchup.

AJ Mass
  (2:59 PM)

Portis has had the back issues for awhile now, and it's a long trip West for a game that means diddly to either team. My guess is that at the first sign of stiffness, Portis calls it a 2008. It's the guessing game we all have to play in Week 17.

Harvey (Pittsburgh)

Coach Whisenhunt says Kurt Warner will start and play this weekend. Is my fantasy team best served by starting him, or picking up Trent Edwards off waivers.

AJ Mass
  (3:00 PM)

There's no reason to expect Arizona to have any chance of winning their playoff game if Warner doesn't go at least three solid quarters. To that end, he's a good play against the league's worst pass defense.

Philip (Asheville)

Better Keeper - Addai or LenDale White?

AJ Mass
  (3:02 PM)

I am willing to wager that it is Addai. Healthy, with a healthy Saturday all season, and a healthy Manning from Day 1... it all adds up to a return to top form for Joe.

Ken (Salt Lake City)

Is it safe to play Thigpen on the road this week or hope for McNabb to have one more big game against the Cowboys at home?

AJ Mass
  (3:03 PM)

I'd go with Thigpen. If McNabb is asked by his coach to throw 50+ times again, he has no chance at success. And I fear Reid is stubborn enough to do just that.

Hey Donovan, Even Super Bowl Can End In Tie

Hey AJ...Due to some poor planning, or more lack of planning entirely, our 2 week Super Bowl ended in a tie. Any suggestions on a fair way to break it? Better regular season? Total points for season? Break tie in week 17? Thanks for all of your help,

AJ Mass
  (3:05 PM)

I'd extend it out to Week 17, since the option is there. I'd rather see it decided going forward, proactively, than retroactively. And if it's still tied, each of you should rank the rest of your bench and use them as "OT" players. That should break the tie.

Steve - Worcester MA

Do you think M.Bennet TE Dallas is worth a pick up this week?

AJ Mass
  (3:05 PM)

No. I think Witten will be fine, or at least on the field 90-100 percent of the time. Far better "crapshoot" TE's out there.


With C. Johnson most likely to be pulled early. Who would you recommend via the waiver wire? L. Jordan, F. Jackson, or M. Moore?

AJ Mass
  (3:06 PM)

I'd go with Jackson. He's likely to get the most carries, and it's even possible Lynch doesn't play at all.

Shawn (Ft. Myers, FL)

Is Jones-Drew a decent play this week?

AJ Mass
  (3:07 PM)

No. He's got a balky knee, and the matchup is lousy. PPR leagues, maybe, but otherwise, sit.

Steve - Boston

Who should I start along side D.Williams - A.Peterson or Slaton? Please HELP!

AJ Mass
  (3:08 PM)

When in doubt, in Week 17, go with the guy with something to play for. That's AP.

Ryan North Pole

Hey AJ Between Jacobs, Choice,Fred Jackson and Morris, which 2 should I go with?

AJ Mass
  (3:09 PM)

I'd go with Jackson and Choice. Barber's iffy, and Jacobs probably is first Giant to the bench. And Morris is a Seahawk.

Brendan (Missoula, MT)

With Peyton seeing ltd action who to p/u: T. Jackson, Schaub or Garcia?

AJ Mass
  (3:10 PM)

Schaub. I want no part of Tarvaris versus NYG and Garcia has to contend with Nnamdi.


Early top 10 for next year?

AJ Mass
  (3:11 PM)

A little too early for that, bust rest assured, 9 if not all 10 will be RB.


Delhomme fighting for division title or Warner who may not play entire game?

AJ Mass
  (3:11 PM)

I'll take a half of Warner against Seattle over Delhomme and the run-first Panthers.

Flex Help Please

Tatum Bell or Lamont Jordan for all the marbles? Thanks

AJ Mass
  (3:12 PM)

I think you have to go with Bell, based on the likelihood of touches, but man does that stink.

David (2-0 Cin)

I feel like the kid who has to wait for ride to come after school when everyone has already left. Meaning I'm in a Week 17 Championship. S. Hill or J Delhomme?

AJ Mass
  (3:13 PM)

Shaun Hill... hard to like a defense flying 3000 miles to a game they don't want to play.

Drew B, New Orleans, LA

I want that record but I'd rather win my ff league championship. Do I go with Warner or myself? How much will Carolina care about this week?

AJ Mass
  (3:15 PM)

Carolina cares a lot. They lose, Falcons win and no bye week for the Panthers. I am concerned that Brees throws too many picks, though, heaving it up for the record. But if the deduction isn't too great, I'd risk it.


AJ, I know the Colts and Titans will rest their starters, and I have Dallas Clark and Chris Johnson. For the championship, is Greg Olsen a good pickup for Clark and Tashard Choice for Johnson?(Do you think MB3 will get more action?)

AJ Mass
  (3:16 PM)

Olsen is a good pickup. Bears roll with the TE plenty. Choice is also going to do well. Even if MB3 plays, he'll get enough carries to likely outperform CJ.

Gabe (Denver)

Pick two from these: Brian Westbrook, Ryan Grant, Steve Slaton, Pierre Thomas.

AJ Mass
  (3:17 PM)

I go Grant and Thomas. If you believe in Westbrook, feel free to start him over Pierre, but I'm not banking on the Eagles giving him the workload they should.


Thiggy or Schaub this week? Should I play Pit or Ind D? THANKS!

AJ Mass
  (3:19 PM)

Cleveland has no QB at all. Got to go with Steelers. I like Thiggy over Schaub with the Chiefs "playing to win the game."

Steiny (NYC)

Do you think Braylon Edwards is a nice flex option next week?

AJ Mass
  (3:20 PM)

No. Bruce Gradkowski is never the right answer.

Chris Iowa

hey whats up? GO VIKINGS ALL THE WAY!

AJ Mass
  (3:20 PM)

All the way home? Say hey to Marshall when you see him at the bar.

Rob (Princeton, NJ)

Need a Defense for this week, is it Atlanta or Miami for all the marbles?

AJ Mass
  (3:22 PM)

Tough call, but I'll go with Atlanta at home, especially if S-Jax decides not to go.

Kilee (Needs some help! only girl in the playoffs in my league!!

Benson or Westbrook? Andre 3000/Bmarshall/R Moss (pick 2)

AJ Mass
  (3:24 PM)

I'm going Westbrook over Benson. There's just no way I sit Westbrook and watch Cedric lose a game for me, whereas if the reverse happens, I can live with it. I'll sit Moss of the 3 this week.

Sometimes, Bruce Gradkowski IS the Awnser

26 Down: A Browns quarterback whose last name rhymes with "Bad Lousky"

Steiny (NYC)

Matt Cassel had an unbelievable game Sunday. Do you see him putting up the same type of numbers against Buffalo?

AJ Mass
  (3:26 PM)

No, because unlike the Cardinals, Buffalo will actually come to the stadium and attempt to play something called "football."

Commish Question

Hypothetically, if I was Homer Simpson and I joined a fantasy league in which "donuts" were the price of admission. In an 8 team league, should the top three get "donuts" in return. Unfortunately, the baker did not establish this before the season started. My intuition is that the reason for the top three is that the baker would be guaranteed to feast on the "donuts." Thanks... Homer Jay

AJ Mass
  (3:27 PM)

As long as the top 2 get more of the donuts, I have no problem with the baker partaking of the leftovers or crumbs, provided he was number three on merit. However, next year I would buy my fried dough at a different bakery.

Blake Compton, CA

Should I start Derrick Ward over Chris Johnson in Week 17

AJ Mass
  (3:28 PM)

Yes. CJ won't barely see the field. Ward will, and even Bradshaw would be a better play than CJ this week.

Mike - Atl

AJ, thanks to you, my wise fantasy guru. Won the Big Game 104 - 66. Now for next year. Early guess, LT return to some kind of form, or has he falled like S.Alex?

AJ Mass
  (3:29 PM)

I am not ready to write LDT off just yet, but do I think he'll be No. 1overall pick anytime soon? No I do not.

Sam Wi.

I lost my fantasy league by 1 point!!! he had greg jennings and i had donald driver yesterday. i went into that game up two

AJ Mass
  (3:31 PM)

What can I tell you? I went into Sunday night down 2 points in my title game. I had Hester on MNF, he had DeAngelo Williams. Sometimes, it's just not your week.


Should i start Thigpen or Cassel??? Who do u think will win Chargers or Broncos

AJ Mass
  (3:32 PM)

I'd start Thiggy. I think the Chargers will win, though both Rivers and Cutler should have monster games.

Jason (Indy)

I'm already starting Grant this week. Crazy to start Brandon Jackson over Chris Johnson and Brandon Jacobs? Pack are playing the lowly Lions.

AJ Mass
  (3:33 PM)

I'd avoid it, simply because Jackson's wrist kept him out of MNF. If DeShawn Wynn ends up in there, you'll be sobbing.

what do u think

turner, dwills, sjax, morris or brown. pick 3

AJ Mass
  (3:34 PM)

I think you have them ranked in order. The only concern would be S-Jax's status come Sunday. If he plays, you go with him. If he's a ? I'd try Morris.

What you talkin about Willis?

Is Leron McClain a useful start this week or is Willis McGahee going to see carries after his longest TD ever?

AJ Mass
  (3:36 PM)

I think it's still Leron's world and the rest of us just live in it. Of course, now watch Ray Rice get 25 carries, because that's just how unpredictable the Ravens have been this year.

Mike (Dearborn)

Happy Holidays AJ! Do I start Warner(Sea), Philip Rivers(Den),or Tony Romo(@Phi) for the championship? Thanks

AJ Mass
  (3:37 PM)

Rivers. I don't even hesitate on this one.

Dan (NY)

How money was Larry Fitzgerald and his 78 yard TD? Won me my league. The guy should be considered the #1 WR next season!

AJ Mass
  (3:38 PM)

A lot can change in the off-season, most notably Anquan could end up elsewhere. But certainly, you can't argue Fitzgerald is in the conversation.

Blake Compton, CA

Should I start Brees or Big Ben?? Also who is a good pickup this week

AJ Mass
  (3:39 PM)

Not even a decision here. Leftwich will get far more PT than Big Ben. Go with Brees.

I won by .68 points (DC)

Wow -- went to bed at halftime thinking I had lost (he had Jennings and I had Forte, plus he had 6 point lead). But I woke up and found out I had won by .68 points to make the championship game. Since the Colts will most likely sit starters, do I start Anthony Gonzo or Devin Hester over Reggie Wayne.

AJ Mass
  (3:40 PM)

Tough call. I think I might take the chance that Gonzalez stays in longer, especially since Harrison likely sits entirely - and just hope he catches 4 balls before the half.

Week 17 Championship why oh why?

Is Fitzgerald (27 pt projection??!!) for 1/2 a game a better than Eddie Royal for a full?

AJ Mass
  (3:42 PM)

I think so. Either the Cards "click" in the first half and Fitz gets good stats and sits, or they stink up the joint, meaning they'll probably play the whole game... increasing the chances at at least one big hookup.

Barber or Bust?

Is Barber pretty much done from a fantasy point of view? Should I be looking for other options at this point? Thanks

AJ Mass
  (3:43 PM)

He's as high risk as they come at this point. You should always have other options in your back pocket, as injuries can strike at any time.

Steven (CA)

Keeper League (PPR) - Megatron or Colston?

AJ Mass
  (3:44 PM)

I reserve judgment on this one until after the Lions sign a QB for 2009.

Championship Week

HELP! McNabb or Garcia or Pennington?

AJ Mass
  (3:45 PM)

McNabb is the only one of the three with the huge upside. I'd go with him.

Jared (Seattle, WA)

My third league is a nasty week 17 finale which I cannot stand. Should I go with Jay Cutler or Matt Cassel. That is my only question.

AJ Mass
  (3:46 PM)

Go with Cutler. That is my only answer.


Should Barber be better than Forte this week

AJ Mass
  (3:46 PM)

I don't think he will be, as his toe is still a big issue.

mike - ca

FYI... for baseball fans..Tex signed with NY

AJ Mass
  (3:48 PM)

Yes, Buster Olney is reporting the deal. 8 years for $170.

To: I won by .68 points

Dude- if you're playing to go to the championship, stay up and watch the game. Jeepers.

AJ Mass
  (3:48 PM)

LOL! I agree, but those OT games are tough on us East coasters.

Brian (Madison)

Hey AJ, Love the commish's court. Pick 2: Lynch, Stewart, Barber, LaMont Jordan, Fred Jackson

AJ Mass
  (3:50 PM)

Thanks, Brian. I definitely like Jackson this week, and would take a chance on Stewart as well.

AJ Mass
  (3:50 PM)

Time for only a few more, gang. Get em in while you can...

Pop Bottles Boy

Is Steve Breaston gunna be good week?? Merry Christmas Happy hannukah Happy kwanzaa!!

AJ Mass
  (3:51 PM)

He should have as good a week as usual. Five or six grabs with 75 yards. Maybe a bit more if Boldin isn't up to full speed.

Bobby Joe (El Paso, TX)

Hey AJ im a big fan!! Should I start David Garrard over Rodgers

AJ Mass
  (3:52 PM)

No, sir, Bobby Joe. Rodgers will feast on the 0-for-08 Lions in a big way. Garrard vs. Ravens who need to win? Ugly.

what do u think

cowboys, bears, or falcons d this week. only need 1

AJ Mass
  (3:53 PM)

I'd go Falcons, based on the ineptitude of the opponent.

Blaze, GB WI

TE question: T. Scheffler or D. Clark this week?

AJ Mass
  (3:53 PM)

Scheffler. Clark doesn't play much, if at all.

Pete (NC)

Where do you see DeAngelo's value come next season?

AJ Mass
  (3:54 PM)

Certainly he'll be in the first-rounder mix, but overall No. 1? I don't think one season earns him that.

Jeff (DC)

How stupid is it to still be playing week 17 and making to make these types of decisions? Leagues should end after week 16.

AJ Mass
  (3:56 PM)

I agree that it's a lot harder to predict which coaches will sit players when, and it's hard to justify playing for the crown with backups. Perhaps in a deep keeper league, with fully stocked benches it works... but then again, to each his own.


Safe to drop C.Johnson? Now way Tenn plays him much, right?

AJ Mass
  (3:57 PM)

It would be highly unlikely... but this is also why I don't like transactions in the playoffs personally. It opens the door for roster moves to be made that would never otherwise occur. But again, to each his own.

Fabo (Atlanta, GA)

I was wondering if you thought Ladell Betts would be a good pick up this week or do you see Clinton Portis giving it one more go.

AJ Mass
  (3:57 PM)

I think Portis starts, but I don't think he sticks around long. Certainly the second half should be all Ladell.

AJ Mass JR.

yo is Dennis Dixon gunna play at all on Sunday?

AJ Mass
  (3:59 PM)

4th quarter? Why not.

AJ Mass
  (4:00 PM)

That's all the time we have today gang. Thanks for the Q's, and have a happy merry and a merry happy one and all. Good luck to all still playing, and we'll see you the next time, on Villa Allegre!