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January 6, 6:21 AM ET
Chat with ESPN Radio's Scott Van Pelt
  (10:48 AM)

Join Scott right here at 12:30 to chat about all things sports and beyond!
  (12:26 PM)

Hey everyone...thanks again for checking us out. Scott is here and ready to go. Reminder, you can watch Mike & Scott on ESPNU today!

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:27 PM)

What's good people? Fire away.

jeremy pittsburgh,pa [via mobile]

what can we do as fans to eliminate the current bcs system?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:27 PM)

Not 1 thing. Short of boycotting watching/going to games...but none of us are prepared to do that. It's so far up the food chain, it's just out of our hands. Which is a bummer.

todd casa grande arizona [via mobile]

Why does everyone forget that ou has the best d line in the fbs?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:30 PM)

I guess because they gave up over 40 to Texas and over 40 to Oklahoma State. It's an offense first league...but you're right...that is a good defensive line.

Pete (NC via laptop)

Should I watch the game at a bar and battle obnoxious fans or at home on my HDTV? Or can I watch with you?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:31 PM)

I'll be at work. And if you have a dog in the fight, my feeling is always stay home. Because watching with people in a bar is always a coinflip proposition. But if you don't care one way or another, why not be social?

Robert, (Chicago, IL) [via mobile]

With a consistenly good running game, an extremely dangerous defense and Steve Smith, why is Carolina not getting any respect as a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:33 PM)

They've been underrated all year in my opinion. It's funny how one FG changes everything. If Kasay made the kick in NY and they had home field, people would view them differently. I agree that they are a legit contender. My one concern is just HOW good are they defensively?

Bobby from Ft. Worth, TX [via mobile]

Do you think OU's style of offense will have a negative impact on Sam Bradford's transition to the NFL?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:34 PM)

The old "system QB"? I think the biggest challenge you have a big enough arm to make the NFL throws? Which is why I think you hear most draft experts put Stafford ahead of Bradford. Stafford didn't have nearly the numbers this year, but SEC defenses present a stiffer challenge. But, I like Bradford in the NFL. Backup initially, maybe transitions to starter.

Oscar Boca Raton, FL [via mobile]

Do you feel the Yankee's are good for baseball or do you think they hurt baseball.

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:35 PM)

Big Picture: Good for baseball. Is the spending hard to swallow if you are small market team? Yes. But, they give everyone outside the Bronx someone to despise...and I think any sport benefits from that.

Evian Bidet (Austin, TX)

SVP, have you thought about doing an ESPN commercial with Tiger and Steve Williams where you teach them how to properly high-five?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:36 PM)

You have no idea how many times I have asked Tiger that he's so good at golf and so LAME at high-fiving. It's tragic.

Tom (Elkhart,IN) [via mobile]

What's good Mr. VP, love watchin SC with u teamed up with Stu... Who would be your #1 wingman on the set, if u had to choose?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:37 PM)

There are a lot of fun combinations, but Neil Everett is my guy. He's my choice for wing-man for life.

Dan (Reno, nv)

Is jason giambi a good fit for the oakland a's with the addition of matt holiday??

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:38 PM)

Why not? His best years were there. I doubt he's the player he was in 2000...for a number of reasons. But, sometimes returning to a place where you've been your best is positive. If he grows back the mustache, all bets are off!

Charlie (Orlando, FL)

Do you agree with the way BC handled the situation with Coach Jags interviewing with the Jets?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:40 PM)

I find the whole thing fascinating. The most interesting point going forward, is to see if other schools attempt to play hardball/chicken with their coaches. Did they do the right thing? I think for them, specifically, they probably did.

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:40 PM)

...because of the tenure of the coaches on staff.

giambi's thong

please tell me he is not taking me to Oakland too.

tom (Olathe, KS)

SVP, what's good? How many wins should a team need to have to bowl eligible?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:41 PM)

If it's any more than six, we will not be able to fill out the bowls. They were almost in trouble this year at I guess that's the magic number.


So is Everett a good wingman off the set as well? Seems like he wouldn't mind hopping on a grenade or two...

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:41 PM)

He's a man's man...I'll leave it at that.

Evian Bidet (Austin, TX)

Will Stoops be off to Denver after tonight's game?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:42 PM)

No...I don't believe so.

Robert Garcia, Santa Paula, CA [via mobile]

what"s going on with Boston? are they still a legitimate championship contender? if not, what do they need to do to repeat?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:43 PM)

Every team hits a rough patch of road, I would be lying if I said I saw this stretch coming for Boston. If you really look at their early season sked, who did they beat? Not a ton of big boys on the list. that said, I don't think that this 8 game stretch defines them. I'm more inclined to believe the team that started well.

Dan (Buffalo, NY)

SVP, who you got in tomorrow night's big matchup? Cavs or C's?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:44 PM)

Cleveland hasn't lost at home, Boston is lousy at the moment. The world will like Cleveland, which means I will like who....? Sure...give me the C's!

Lawrence (Raleigh,NC) [via mobile]

OK Scott here's my question if Oklahoma wins tonight and knowing Texas beat them head to head can they really be considered "national" champions? Or will Texas get some votes and spoil their fun?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:46 PM)

Who did Utah lose to? If anyone has a beef at the end of tonight, I think it's them.


Nice hedge bet. Both team names start with "C".

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:46 PM)

Celtics! Dude, you're from Lowell, you should know that!

tom (Olathe, KS)

Could you beat C.C. in an eating contest... let's make it wings?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:47 PM)

I'm not good at the gluttony. The only thing I consume obscene amounts of is Diet Coke.

Brad (Gadsden,Alabama)

Scott, Who is going to win the national championship game?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:48 PM)

Mike & I will be making our official picks today on ESPN Radio and ESPN U between I guess you'll have to listen.

ALEX, Fillmore, Ca [via mobile]

do you think the celts can repeat with their underachievng bench? would Starbury make much of a difference?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:49 PM)

I have no idea why you'd want to upset the balance of that locker room. The question you have to ask yourself is what's the upside? If there is none, what's the point?

corey tx [via mobile]

now that my yankees are talking of trading swisher and or nady what are the chances you think they sign manny

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:49 PM)

What did KG say after the C's won? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!! (or it was something like that right?)

giambi's thong (places you don't want to know about)

seriously, my tenure is done, right?

Dan (Buffalo, NY)

SVP, which is more likely..Pryor leads the Buckeyes to a NC or he wins the Heisman?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:50 PM)

I would have to say Heisman because the hype around him has been so big already. However, neither will be easy.

Tony (Pittsburgh PA) [via mobile]

SVP, do you despise your job that much that you're resorting to cameos on Mayne Street?

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:51 PM)

It was the highlight of my career. Maybe one day they'll have me back.

Scott Van Pelt
  (12:52 PM)

Hey everyone...I hate to do this, but they are making me switch studios since today is on ESPNU. I have to cut out early, but we'll be back next week same time!
  (12:53 PM)

You can keep chatting by going to and click on Tirico & Van Pelt. Plus, you can check out today's show on ESPNU! Guests include Brent Musburger, Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Curtis, and Steve Mariucci!
  (12:57 PM)

The chat rolls on. Keep the comments coming while you listen to the show!

Kylie (Austin), How was your holiday break??
  (12:59 PM)

It was swell. Thanks for asking! How was your holiday hiatus? We hope everyone had a safe and happy break. Let's hear some wacky holiday stories!

Rich Rodriquez (Ann Arbor, MI)

I think the people in this chat need to get lives.

Anthony Trabish [via mobile]

ive heard a lot of speculation as to Tebow becoming a tight-end or fullback in the NFL. With all these teams trying the "wildcat" formation do you think a team would draft him as a specific reason to have a 2 QB system and be able to run different formations more effective? He is already used to a QB system too...

Jason (Austin, TX) [via mobile]

Do you think we really need a playoff with the BCS? I think it does a good job and recently only one team has been getting left out that should get to go to the title game. I'm tired of hearing about a playoff that will never happen, and would just create more upsets.

JD (Maryland)

why is van peezy in the her'd's studio
  (1:05 PM)

Tirico & Van Pelt will be simulcast on ESPNU today and tomorrow as a special treat.

Kylie (Austin)

I'm not sure a playoff would be much better... This year was just a rough one...

Jake (Baltimore)

Scott, I was at the Morgan game last night. I don't like the way things have been trending over the last few years at Comcast............

Mike (West Des Moines)

Tirico is jealous he's not sitting in the same chair that supports the her's rear end :)

Kylie (Austin)

I like it... :)

Kirk (Los Angeles)

Is tonights BCS game really for the NC? Utah, USC and Texas each played "statement" games.

Scotto (Baton Rouge) [via mobile]

What's with all the coaching duel hype? It matters but I don't see em executing on the field. Is the hype on coaches just over played?

Kylie (Austin)

I like that they are on the Herd set... not rear ends... nevermind...

Brian (Albany,NY)

Texas? Come on, USC crushed OSU so Texas shouldnt be considered in the #1 talks


Give it up for BC. They beat UNC and finally get ranked, then get beat by Harvard in their next game. The same Harvard program that has been around for 109 years and has..count 'em...1 win now over ranked opponents. WTG BC!

Brian (Albany,NY)

I love how Tirico spreads the 'cuse word everywhere he goes

Steiny (NYC)

Hello everybody.

Kylie (Austin)

Sadly, I agree with you Brian... Texas needed to come out and win that game with a bunch of points... we had style points, but not enough of them for #1 talks.

Brian (Albany,NY)

well if anyone can remember, Harvard was being questioned about their recuiting last year

Cody (Hampton) [via mobile]

so where's griffey and glavine and all the superstars of yesterday gonna end up?

Brian (Albany,NY)

smoltz looks like he is going to the red sox

Luis (Minneapolis)

How about those T-Wolves?

Brian (Albany,NY)

griffey, i could see him going staying in chi town

Chris (Abilene Texas) [via mobile]

There are 119 div 1 schools so why are the same schools being invited to bowls over and over again. Yet some conferences get automatic bowl bids for instance look how the Big Ten in bowl games?

Brian (Albany,NY)

lol!! T wolves

Clos ny [via mobile]

Who do u think will score more TDs tonight, Bradford or Tebow?

Brian (Albany,NY)

who is winning tonite?
  (1:19 PM)

College football fans aren't. If anyone ever wants a good laugh, go to the BCS website and read the posted news items.

Brian (Albany,NY)

well chris, the teams that get invites every year draw large crowds which brings in money for these bowls.

Steve (Indiana)

Who is Carl picking?

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

Happy New Year to all...

lagrange ga [via mobile]

Will Mike Vick fit in with dallas or the houston texans? and do you think that would be a good look?

Brian (Albany,NY)

I am a huge ND and they got a bowl game because they are Notre dame. i dont think they should have played in any bowls. Who loses to cuse?

Kylie (Austin)

Wow... the BCS news on their site is crazy... their opinion isn't weighted at all... wow.

Steve (Indiana)

Happy Thursday

Kylie (Austin)

"BCS has a strong lobby," "Keep college football as it is," "BCS moving to ESPN in 2011," "Hey to the chief: BCS better than playoff, "BCS system best for college football" -----REALLY!?!

Brian (Albany,NY)

lol i read that on the site, ya the BCS is pretty funny

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

Really looking forward to the Ravens/Titans game on Saturday...I think the Ravens have a really good chance of winning...

Kylie (Austin)

Happy Thurs to you too buddy.


The Ravens-Titans game may be the worst playoff game ever. I don't care who wins, let's just all pray for some entertainment.

Kylie (Austin)

I hope Kerry Collins starts to play better... He's had a great year until he tapered off a bit at the end...

Ed Hochuli (Chat Ref)

We have illegal procedure against Brian (Albany), using 'lol' in a chat, 5 yard penalty and it remains 2nd down.

Kylie (Austin)

MGMT on espnradio!! awesome!

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

Aaahhh - don't poopoo on my fun...the Orioles are nothing more than a triple A baseball team...We need something to keep our attention...

Norma (Silver Spring, MD)

Florida vs. OU is going to be one of the best BCS games

Al Davis (NFL Films)

Mike Tirico will go down...and he will go down hard

John (chicago)

Who's going to be the best future pro playing in the National Championship

Norma (Silver Spring, MD)

If you were Sam Bradford would you stay or to the NFL?

mike (Titletown USA, lake park, ga)

i am really looking forward to the game tonight. the gators i believe will win the titans will win. they will confuse flacco. the giants will beat philly and the steelers will win as well

Kylie (Austin)


Chris (Richmond, VA)

Will Florida cover the 4 points?

Kylie (Austin)

mos def.

grande ct [via mobile]

Do you think uconn can go all the way

Vip (Austin)

Since we do crown two national champs, and with a year with many deserving champs, I think the AP vote should have someone outside of Florida/OU as champs. That would allow two teams to claim nat'l champs and satisfy 2 schools that are deserving. Thoughts?

Josh (Nashville)

Its funny that the media has pretty much given the game to the ravens over the titans, its like the press is already matching up steelers vs ravens...just like the colts bandwagon it will crash and titans will move on

Nick Holmes (Nashville, TN) [via mobile]

Do you believe the Tennesse Titans have a legitament chance to wit this years Superbowl?

Chris (Richmond, VA)

Split Championships are for church league softball not big boy sports.

Luis (Minneapolis)

Seriously, how about those Timberwolves?

Tony (Charlotte)

Anyone know where tricco is braodcasting from in Charlotte today?
  (1:33 PM)

The ESPNU studios.

V (oklahoma)

Do the Steelers have enough O to win it all?


It's all about matchups. Baltimore's D is a bad matchup for the Titans. The Chargers are a bad matchup for the Colts. Yet the Colts pound the Ravens D. Besides, it's Tennessee. Before you know it, that bandwagon will be on blocks in someone's front yard.

Chris (Richmond, VA)

Superbowls are won by running game and defense, the Titans shine in both areas.

Jeff (Clifton Park, NY)

My opinion of the BCS is that one team did what they needed to do to have this system crown them the number one team in the nation. As for Utah...they are just victims of being in a weaker non-BCS conference.

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

It depends on Big Ben - I read that he is still having bad headaches from his concussion

Chris (Richmond, VA)

Utah wouls be a .500 team in the SEC or Big 12 this year. I know its an old argument but its the truth.

Nick Saban

Chris, I appreciate the support of the SEC, but did you see what Utah did to us after I ran my big mouth?

Josh (Nashville)

The titans have been the best team in the afc all year and are the number 1 seed...but the media comes in and acts like they arnt that good or they are lucky to be there when they are 13-3....its like no matter what this titans team does no one wants to give them credit....lets just say the titans and giants make it to the super bowl...and the titans win....the story ill be that the giants lost the super bowl not the titans won it...

John (Chicago, IL)

Has LT worn out his welcome in San Diego?

David L (Shreveport, LA)

SCOTT, if you are reading this, WHEN oh WHEN will Granger get love from anyone but us two?
  (1:42 PM)

Listen to the NBA Today podcast. He gets love on that show all of the time.

John (Chicago, IL)

None of the players or coaches in the NBA overlook Granger

Kevin (Madison)

Scott - We miss you in Madison - everyone on State Street wants to buy you a fish bowl at Wondo's!

Luis (Minneapolis)


Jeff (Clifton Park, NY)

I still agree with Chris that if Utah had a weekly does of the SEC or Big 12 they would not come out anywhere close to undefeated.
  (1:46 PM)

I would like to take this time to encourage everyone to listen to the NBA Today podcast. While you're at it, go back and listen to Tuesday's show with Lil Wayne.

cody (hampton) [via mobile]

what's with the hating on miami? I think coaches and players alike should always honor their contracts, agreements, and scholarships. barring extreme circumstances.

Dan (Wyoming)

This game shouldn't be a home game for Florida

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

I like Jeff Fisher - I think he is a great coach - but I think that the Ravens have a good chance of winning this week - I am not a fan of the bye week during the playoffs - I like the idea of keeping the momentum going...

mark (parkersburg wv)

I like the cardinals to win it all. What do you think?

Scott (Clifton Park NY)

Utah, Texas and USC did not look as impressive as these two teams do. The matchup is right

Bill (Birmingham, AL)

Chris & Jeff, you guys are so wrong. If you have ever played football, and take your SEC goggles off, you would see Utah differently. They would not go undefeated, but way over .500. Their QB would be 2nd best in SEC.

vatthana (Washington, DC)

Carolina is the next super champions, who's with me!

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

Sadly Van Pelt does sound like most folks from Baltimore...sigh...

Bubba (Baton Rouge)

Carolina will represent the NFC in the Superbowl

cody (hampton) [via mobile]

matt stafford and tim tebow just for two. I think a little worse than 2nd in the sec qb's

Tony (Charlotte)

Damn, I was hoping some where public! What about tomorrow?
  (1:52 PM)

Mike will be in the ESPNU studios tomorrow, too.

Bill (Birmingham, AL)

Stafford is not a good college QB. He will be good pro, but for a college style program, he would be 3rd to Utah's QB. Check their #'s.

Marcos Tollens (West New York)

How do you see the NJ Nets fitting into the Eastern Conference Playoffs?

cody (hampton) [via mobile]

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson or Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan who wins in a Sr. division tag team matchup?

Jeff (Clifton Park, NY)

Well I have played football and I wouldn't say I have SEC goggles on since I am a homer for the Big Ten. I don't like the USC, Texas and Florida's of the world but from what I see their teams, as a whole, are more talented and athletically impressive.

cody (hampton) [via mobile]

again there's that argument that georgia faced tougher D's thus his numbers appearing worse.

Bill (Birmingham, AL)

Last year maybe. I am an SEC homer, but the whole conference is down this year. Horrible QB play, defenses are giving up way more yards/per game. I support the SEC, but this year, fact is fact....they are WAY down, and not near as strong O or D as before.

kevin gulfport,Ms [via mobile]

History is being made in every aspect of life @ this point. Do you think we will have a 3 way split for the AP championship assuming Oklahoma wins? Utah,Usc and Texas all were impressive. Ok, here we go: Utah beat Alabama who lost to Florida who lost Ole Miss who beat Texas Tech who lost to Oklahoma who lost to Texas. Who is truly deserving of being number one, even if Florida wins. I don't think a playoff is needed but schedule improvement. Each team in the top 25 should play a team in the top 25 every year and every conference should have a conference championship. I also believe that people like myself who enjoy the game should be able to vote in the weekly coaches and AP poll. I would love to have a vote.

Dack (Houston, TX)

The simple fact is that we will all continue to ague who's better, but it will never be decided until we have a playoff system. An argument can be made for each team.
  (2:01 PM)

You know, if the bowl system is so much fun, let's just scrap the NCAA Tournament in college basketball. Instead, we can just use a computer to decide who the two best teams are at the end of the year and let them play!

Joseph (Houston)

Scott, you just read something that said OU has not seen a pass rush like Florida's. How good was Orakpo at Texas this year?

Bill (Birmingham, AL)

Since playoffs are unlikely, I think conferences should be forced to play cross conference. USC, for one, has a cupcake schedule. I think Pac 10, Big 12, Big 10 & SEC should all be forced to schedule at least a game with each other, for end of year measuring purposes.

Bobby Ft. Worth, TX [via mobile]

If you were the Dallas Cowboys, who would be your number #1 pick this coming season?

Lisa (White Hall, MD)

This type of discussion is what makes sports so great...

Bill (Birmingham, AL)

Rick Reily's article couldn't have put it better. It's about $ in college FB. I look forward to March Madness all year. That would be amazing in Football.
  (2:03 PM)

Great note to end on, Lisa. We'll be back next week. Happy Thursday to all. The week is almost over! Keep it tuned to Tirico & Van Pelt.