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February 3, 8:03 AM ET
Chat with J.A. Adande

J.A. Adande
  (3:01 PM)

Greetings from rainy Los Angeles. The NBA sure filled in the post-Super Bowl void this week, didn't it? Let's discuss...


Hello J.A ..Will the suns trade Amare before trade deadline,it's sound crazy!!..Amare for Cris Bosh?? may be work I think..

J.A. Adande
  (3:02 PM)

The Suns would like to trade Stoudemire, but I don't think Toronto will get in the action...especially for Bosh. The Raptors still want to try to build their team around him, and hope he'll stay.

William (NY,NY)

I attended both the Lakers and Cavs games at MSG this past week. As has been reported, half of the crowd for the Lakers game were lakers fans while surprisingly only a handful for the Cavs game were wearing no. 23 jerseys. What gives? Are there really that many people from LA LA land in the big apple or is Kobe that much bigger of a star than King James? Please to explain.

J.A. Adande
  (3:04 PM)

A) Kobe's been around longer...and more importantly we've seen him in the Finals 4 times to LeBron's one. Superstars are really made in June. I'm not sure about the demographics of ex-pats in NY. You would think more people would leave Cleveland than would leave L.A., but one thing I learned from my Ohio friends in college: Cleveland folks love them some Cleveland. Most of the people I met from Cleveland wound up moving back to Cleveland.

Steve (New York)

I'll send it early, as I'll forget otherwise. For those arguing LeBron's triple double is superior to Kobe's 61, can we not forget the difference in how their team offenses run? The Triangle allows anyone to play "point" momentarily, based on what the defense is giving, while the Cavs run their offense directly through LeBron. The result: the Lakers had 5 more assists and 19 more points against the same team, with far more equal ball distribution. Not knocking LeBron, but a power forward who runs the team is going to have vastly more triple double opportunities than a shooting guard playing in the Triangle. There. I feel better now.

J.A. Adande
  (3:05 PM)

the one thing that really summarized the differences to me was Kobe's 20-for-20 from the line. I don't think you'll see a line like that from LeBron.

J.A. Adande
  (3:07 PM)

I'm still mad I was flying East during Kobe's game at MSG, and flying back West when LeBron played there. At least I was able to DVR the NBATV replay of Kobe and watch that last night, and catch the first half of LeBron thanks to Slingbox. Directv, TiVo and Slingbox...I can't say enough about those 3 products

Brendan (DC)

With all the hype, deserved as it may be, surrounding Kobe and LeBron's big games against the knicks, why is no one talking about how terrible the knicks are? How does a team give up 2 games in a row like that and not get blasted for it? At some point pride needs to come into play.

J.A. Adande
  (3:08 PM)

If you're a Knicks fan, aren't you at least a little upset about how flippant D'Antoni was when he talked about getting sliced and diced by those two guys? I can speak on the Laker game more (see above), but the defense was practically non-existent. You saw what a difference it made when the Celtics played defense on Kobe last night. Which brings us to....

Amojava (LA, CA)

How big was the Lakers game over Boston? Does that push them to #1 in the rankings, or do they have to beat the Cavaliers to prove a point?

J.A. Adande
  (3:09 PM)

I still think Sunday's game in Cleveland's game is more important, because I think that's who the Lakers will face in the Finals. Lakers won pretty easily with Bynum and no Big Z for Cleveland. Let's say what happens with Z back and Bynum out.

Jordan (Chino Hills, CA)

In your honest non-biased opinion, did Ray Allen get fouled on that last play?

J.A. Adande
  (3:10 PM)

He might have been fouled on the dribble, but not on the shot.

Shinyoung Kim Oklahoma City

Hey, J.A., lately the whole situation with Wally moving has kinda disappeared, so what are the chances for the Cavs to send Wally and possibly Varejao for a Vince Carter, or a Caron Butler?

J.A. Adande
  (3:12 PM)

Word is that Danny Ferry likes his team's chemistry and doesn't want to alter it. They shouldn't move Wally just because his contract his up. Do it if it makes sense for the team. I think this squad has enough to get a championship as is

Chuck (San Francisco)

Wasn't Lebron 14-17 from the line? That's not bad. And c'mon people - Kobe had ZERO rebounds. Saying Kobe plays in the triangle so he doesn't get numbers just reinforces that Lebron is relied on by his team more than Kobe is for the Lakers. The Lakers need Kobe to score and play defense, and he does both spectacularly. Lebron has to do that, and distribute, and rebound. I'm not saying Kobe CAN'T do those things - though maybe not as well as Lebron. But Lebron's not the scorer Kobe is.

J.A. Adande
  (3:13 PM)

Your reasoning is why LeBron is the MVP this year. But after watching this week's games, I'd say Kobe is the guy you want to win a game for you.

Ben (Phx)

It pains me to say this because I am a big Amare fan...but I think it is time to trade him. Do you think there is a deal to be made that could make them into contenders this year, or will this send them into "rebuilding" mode.

J.A. Adande
  (3:15 PM)

More than rebuilding mode, the Suns are going to shift into cost-saving mode. So I wouldn't look for them to make a move that puts them in contention, because that would probably mean taking on expensive, long-term contracts.

Aaron (Akron, Ohio)

Hey J.A., if the right deal comes along, could NO trade Chandler. I would love for the cavs to get him. Maybe a 3-way deal involving SAC, CLE, and NO?? Salmons and B. Miller to NO, J. Wright and Wally to SAC, and Chandler to CLE. What do you think??

J.A. Adande
  (3:17 PM)

I could see them doing Phoenix, for financial reasons as well. Chandler has 2 more years at about $12 million per. That's a lot of money for a player who regressed this season.

Brian (SF, CA)

Kobe is the guy you want to win a game for you when there are 2 minutes left. The previous 46? Lebron every time. I would love it if I was graded against coworkers by how I performed during the last 5% of a project, rather than the full 100%.

J.A. Adande
  (3:18 PM)

Isn't it really about closing? Didn't you see Glengarry Glen Ross? Remember, coffee is for closers. A) Always. B) Be. C) Closing.

Mark (Los Angeles, CA)

J.A. - Correction for you...Kobe was in the finals 5 times to LeBron's 1

J.A. Adande
  (3:19 PM)

Thank you. ESPN regrets the error

Steve (Kansas City)

The fact is that Lebron can take a bunch of NBDL (or even 5 years olds) to the playoffs and the eastern conference finals. Kobe needs great players aka Pau Gasol who has been terrific this season or HOF Shaq in order to be succesful. Kobe, while a great scorer and athelete is overrated for his achievments. Winning 3 titles and not one Finals MVP is sad for somoene that is supposed to be one of the best.

J.A. Adande
  (3:20 PM)

The first part of your argument has merit. But I'm not going to penalize Kobe for playing alongside Shaq when Shaq was putting together some of the best Finals performances in history. Even with that going on, the Lakers don't get to those Finals or win them without Kobe

Phil (Los Angeles)

Is there really a point to this LeBron vs. Kobe thing? Isn't it as pointless as trying to convince someone that there is or isn't a God. Neither argument can truly prove it one way or another.

J.A. Adande
  (3:21 PM)

Yeah, but as Tony Kornheiser would say, without Kobe vs. LeBron guys like us would cease to exist.

Dan (Seattle)

Enough of the Kobe/Lebron talk. Do you think we will see a blockbuster trade before the deadline? Toronto?

J.A. Adande
  (3:23 PM)

All of the rumblings indicate that something's going to happen. If you would count Jermaine O'Neal as a blockbuster, then Toronto could be in that mix. I think the holdup for that and other trades right now is that everyone's waiting to see if they can get something better.

Mark, Orlando

JA, What do you think of the trade for Tyronne Lue for the Magic? I know his contract stinks, but I would have rather seen them trade for Jamal Tinsley. Tinsley had valuable playoff experience and is a starting caliber PG. I think as long as Jameer is their starter they need a starting caliber PG behind him. He is very injury prone.

J.A. Adande
  (3:24 PM)

I talked with Magic GM Otis Smith briefly this week and he said he wants guys who will fit in. Tinsley might not have the locker room issues of a guy like marbury, but do the Magic want to find themselves explaining another Tinsley incident. Not to mention Tinsley's contract goes through 2011.

SprungOnSports (Long Island)

Is it too early to call Andrew Bynum injury prone? Explain why or why not. Thanks.

J.A. Adande
  (3:26 PM)

It's fair. We do the same thing with Greg Oden, right? Bynum got hurt in high school as well. But one thing he's also doen is work hard and get better every time he comes back.

dave, dc

As a former bullets beat man do you think abe polin's legacy will be basically making his franchise the clippers of the east, firing michael jordan or building the verizon center with his money and basically saving that part of the city

J.A. Adande
  (3:28 PM)

Someone has a long bullets beat days were 12 years ago! But I think Pollin's legacy should be that he built TWO arenas in the DC area, the second one in the city limits and revitalized an area into a vibrant place where once there was nothing but empty row houses. Every owner (yeah you, Clay Bennett, and all you NFL barons) who begs cities to fund their stadiums should look at what Pollin did, apologize, then shut up.

Tyler (Miami FL)

is it crazy to say Dwyane Wade belongs in the conversation with Kobe and Lebron?? His numbers are higher than Kobe's across the board and higher than Lebron's in everything but rebounds...And when the game is on the line, isn't Wade light years ahead of Lebron? Please be unbiased

J.A. Adande
  (3:30 PM)

Wade's in the conversation, but he doesn't have his team at championship level. I think that's what an MVP should do. The old argument "if you took him away where would they be" doesn't mean much to me because if you took away almost any star player the team would tank. How good can the team be WITH a guy? If he's the one who makes them good enough to get rings, that's MVP stuff

Amber (Dubai)

what is going on with the Suns? Do you think they'll make it into the playoffs? And do you really think their downward spiral is because they added Shaq a year ago? Please say no.

J.A. Adande
  (3:32 PM)

The went downhill not because they added Shaq, but because of the way they used Shaq. If they would have asked him to play defense and be a secondary offensive player, maybe it could have worked. It was doing pretty well up until the point Duncan made that 3 in the first game of the playoffs. But by completely dedicating their offense to Shaq this year they hopped aboard the wrong train.

Daniel K (Toronto, Ont)

Would a lamar odom for shaq deal make sense? It wouldn't be the first time that they were the center pieces of the same trade.

J.A. Adande
  (3:35 PM)

It would be one of the easiest to put together financially and would help out the Lakers now and give PHoenix financial relief next season. Biggest problem would be Lakers stuck with Shaq's $20 million next year. They're not trying to pay that much outside Kobe-Pau-Bynum. Wasn't a big contract one of the reasons they got rid of Shaq in the first place?

Ryan (Hot'Lanta, GA)

Hey JA, got a quick question for you.. Do you see the Hawks making any sort of play before the trade deadline? I heard some rumors about a Josh Smith & Marvin Williams for Amare Stoudemire? Any truth to something of that sort?

J.A. Adande
  (3:36 PM)

The Hawk Talk I heard from a couple of Atlanta sources this week was nothing likely to happen.

Jimmy (San Antonio)

JA - Hear anything about the SPURS? Do you think that they can get something done to hang with the lake show? What about Stein's suggestion of Sheed?

J.A. Adande
  (3:41 PM)

Of course, the biggest hurdle to get over would be the concept of Sheed playing for Pop. But I heard an interesting take on Sheed recently. A guy told me the reason Sheed played hard for Larry Brown was that Sheed saw Larry was tough on Chauncey. If Sheed feels everyone is held to the same accountability, he's cool with that. Well, Pop gets on Duncan. I think Sheed would see that and wouldn't have problems. Now, could the Spurs deal with all of the techs?

Craig (Norwich, CT)

Was Ray Allen the right choice to replace Jameer Nelson in the All-Star Game?

J.A. Adande
  (3:42 PM)

I still think Cleveland deserves 2 all-stars, if we're going to make team performance a priority. A little tough to justify Boston with 3 to Cleveland's 1 when Cleveland has a better record. right now.

Greg (New York, NY)

Umm, J.A. Ginobili has been an all-star and a key piece of several championships. What are you talking about?

J.A. Adande
  (3:45 PM)

Not saying he hasn't been great. But he's the best player on the court in Int'l comp. Argentina's whole team is built around him. you'd think that would make him a starter on every team in the NBA. He's a sixth man on the Spurs. Shows you the difference in the games.

J.A. Adande
  (3:47 PM)

time out for business call....

Miked Los Angeles, CA

Would suns even think abuot trading Amare for Lamar, it would help the suns because Lamar is pass first and uptempo kind of player also his expiring contract. Although I dont think the Suns woudl want to trade Amare to a Division Rival. BUt the Trade works on Trade Machine.

J.A. Adande
  (3:53 PM)

One thing I was told by a Suns source was that moves would not be made for competitive reasons, it's financial. So if you're not making competition a priority, it doesn't matter which team you're improving or where they play.

Sean (Houston, TX)

I hate the spurs but your ginobili argument is pretty weak.

J.A. Adande
  (3:57 PM)

Since this is getting so much flak, let me ask you guys...Can you imagine any team in the world (not including Olympic team) where LeBron, Kobe, Tim Duncan, etc. wouldn't start? Is Ginobili a top 10 player in the NBA? How can a player be the best in a tournament, then not be the best on his team? It shows how different Fiba ball is from the NBA.

Ash (Pittsburgh)

I disagree. It's not about spreading around all-star selections. Its about picking the 12 best guys. Allen is all around a better player than Mo. Better numbers. Better career. More clutch, etc. And does it year after year. He could have easily won the MVP in last years all-star game too.

J.A. Adande
  (4:00 PM)

better career shouldn't be a factor. Shaq had a better career than the centers in last year's all-star game, but that didn't mean he deserved to go that time. It should be about the current season.

Zack (New York, NY)

Kobe the guy you want to win a game for you? Come on J.A., you watched the end of the Celtics game just like I did, Kobe didn't win that game. They won in spite of him taking (and missing) all those long jumpers. Kobe can hit more types of shots than anyone, but Bron just takes better ones.

J.A. Adande
  (4:04 PM)

Kobe didn't make any big three-pointers with Paul Pierce in his face? That didn't happen at all last night?

eric, cleveland

okay okay okay. here's a tough one. michael phelps or kobe?

J.A. Adande
  (4:06 PM)

Haha. There actually is a link, though. Something Phelps should keep in mind. Kobe was accused of something much more serious than taking a bong hit. And Kobe regained all of his standing and then some. Check the jersey sales at the NBA store. So Phelps should remember that all he has to do is keep swimming, win another eight or so gold medals and all will be forgiven

J.A. Adande
  (4:08 PM)

Gotta run to work on stuff for NBA Shootaround tonight (7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Pacific). No chat next Friday...I'll be at All-Star game interview sessions. But I will be chatting during the game itself, so log on and send your observations-questions on the All-Stars. Have a great weekend.