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February 27, 1:49 PM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson

Matt Williamson
  (3:56 PM)

MW here. I know it is kind of a slow day in the NFL, but let's get a chat rolling today anyways just for the heck of it.

Mike (Boca Raton)

Matt, i know we don't see eye to eye to Chris Kemoateu, but do you think he is the only steeler that gets re-signed out of the kemoateu/mcfadden/washington trio?

Matt Williamson
  (3:58 PM)

Probably and I don't hate the guy. When he gets his hands on you, its over. I expected him to leave though. Was kinda shocked that PGH stepped up and brought him back. But-someone has to play the position and he is still young. Should improve. Also, they did happen to win the Super Bowl with this exact line that they return now-plus they surely will draft a couple guys to compete and add depth. I don't love the guy, true, but it makes some sense. Gotta think that McF and Washington (Detroit) are gone and WR and CB will be reasonably high draft picks.

Michael (New York, NY)

Do the Bucs trade to get Julius Peppers? And are they targeting any other free agents?

Matt Williamson
  (3:59 PM)

They had better be targeting free agents. I think Ward is on their radar. Would think bringing Philips back would make a ton of sense. They have a ton of cap room and must use it after cutting a Buc legand like Brooks and other stalwarts of the old regime. As for Peppers-sure that would be great, but how many inter-divisional trades ever happen? Think Car wants to play against Julius twice a year?

Steiny (NYC)

Do you think Laveranues Coles is going to the Cleveland Browns to rejoin Eric Mangini? Personally I think he would be a great fit in Miami because that is where his BFF Chad Pennington is.

Matt Williamson
  (4:00 PM)

Both are good fits, as is Buff, where I think he is now visiting-although getting concrete news right now isn't easy.

Steiny (NYC)

Matt, why exactly has Brandon Moore been released? This just does not make sense to me. Brett Favre called this guy the best run-blocker on the Jets.

Matt Williamson
  (4:02 PM)

That move didn't add up to me either. I didn't know his cap hit, but was going from Moore to Kemo such a huge upgrade? Obviously that was their plan. I don't follow. I must admit, NYJ confuses me at times and I often don't agree with their moves. What I would look to do with that OL is find a RT (Draft?) and move Woody to RG.

Sean (Philly)

Do you think Housh would already be signed if it weren't for the likes of Harrison, Coles, and Galloway entering the free agent market?

Matt Williamson
  (4:03 PM)

No I don't. I don't think those three are on his level at all-esp Galloway. Galloway was injured alot last year, but he was also rather horrible and his career might be over. I see Harrison's career ending badly as well. Won't have Peyton throwing to him in a dome in an offense that he knows incredibly well-especially the timing. Oh by the way, Harrison is a shell of himself.

Connor (Kansas City)

Why are the chiefs awful? What can they do in free agency to repair my heart?

Matt Williamson
  (4:05 PM)

Much more than a quick fix situation. Not sure if you heard, but they are trading for Vrabel. I personally think Vrabel is done, but adding a winner like him for a quick fix makes some sense-really reminiscent of McGinnest following Crenel to Cleveland. Still, that is a team that needs just about everything and will not get it all in one off season-no doubt about that in my mind. Also, moving to a 3-4 will make the process even longer.

Jake (Syracuse)

Matt, any chance Smith from Bama drops to #17 and the Jets, he can play RT? Is the signing of Bart Scott official yet and do you think he is the better option than the possiblity of signing Ray Lewis?

Matt Williamson
  (4:07 PM)

A Smith could fall that far considering that he is raising a lot of questions/concerns about himself right now. Would be a heck of a player to get that late and honeslty-the perfect fit for the scenerio that I mentioned. Not positive if Scott is official, but I like it. Real good fit next to Harris-plus he will make the transition to R Ryan's D much easier on the current Jets. Better pickup than Lewis? Probably, just because of the age.

Tim Breckenridge CO

Are the packers going to make any moves?

Matt Williamson
  (4:08 PM)

The only early name I have heard associated with them is Chris Canty-which makes a ton of sense and would be an excellent get. Good player. 3-4 guy. Upside.


So. After the fleecing of my Ravens. What are their best options for free agency?

Matt Williamson
  (4:09 PM)

Sure looks like they go backwards this offseason-but remember, Flacco should be improved in year two and they get K Gregg back-who is a heck of a player. They did sign Foxworth, so CB probably is no longer a huge need. Gooden has a chance at ILB-esp behind Ngata and Gregg. But yeah, fleeced-and don't discount the loss of Rex Ryan either.

Sean (Philly)

Will bringing in Stacey Andrews help Shawn Andrews stay on the field for the Birds?

Matt Williamson
  (4:11 PM)

It won't help him stay healthy, but it could help him with whatever off the field issues he has battled. Plus-that right side has a chance to be incredibly good. Where do you think Philly goes in short yardage situations? No doubt.

Dzung (San Diego, Ca)

Matt, Andre Smith wouldnt drop past SD at #16. Huge need there for the Chargers. Has he really drop that far?

Matt Williamson
  (4:12 PM)

Hard to say just how far he fell. Would doubt it-just too good of a player and isn't exactly a criminal type. Still very capable of moving the man in front of him on Sundays. Good point about SD.

chris (Chi-town)

How do you think the Bears address the WR situation?

Matt Williamson
  (4:12 PM)

Would think the draft will be their route and I have no problem with that. Heyward-Bey maybe? That team isn't hurting for needs though.

Drew(Santa Barbara)

What do you think the Patriots got for Vrabel? Why did they make this move?

Matt Williamson
  (4:14 PM)

He is very far past his prime, was largely ineffective last year and makes a good bit of money. Very well could have been cut. So, I would guess that they ended up with a late rounder for him. Win/win.

Dylan (NY)

Anyway the Jets go after Bryant McFadden or another CB to start opposite Revis?

Matt Williamson
  (4:14 PM)

Latest I heard was Dre Bly. But yes, huge need for sure. Could be a draft day situation as well and maybe in round one.

Greg (cleveland)

What do you think about the Winslow trade? Will this be good or bad for the Browns?

Matt Williamson
  (4:17 PM)

K2 is very volitile-which is a big strength and weakness with him. But the key to his deal is his health. His body has been through a lot and I have a tough time believing that he will have a long career. Also wears down late in the year. But when he is right, he is tough-no question. Good risk for TBay. I keep a Excel spread sheet of team needs and had TE at like #7 for TBay. Obiously I erased TE from their needs, but also lessened the need at WR, as K2 is as much WR as TE and will open room for A Bryant...but AB and K2 fighting for balls from a less-than-mediocre QB? Frightening what the ramifications and post game comments might be in TBay.

ray allen

How is Mark Sanchez doing skill wise?

Matt Williamson
  (4:19 PM)

I really like him. Like him more than Stafford and I seem to like Sanchez more than most analysts. Very catchable call. Timing. Charisma and character. Poise. Accurate. To me, he really looks like a guy that Bill Walsh would love. Not for every system, but I am betting on him-and might just take him at #1 overall.

Steiny (NYC)

How big of a blow is it to the New Orleans Saints to lose offensive tackle Jonathan Stinchcomb?

Matt Williamson
  (4:20 PM)

It would hurt-did he leave already? Didn't see that one. Fill me in.

Steiny (NYC)

What can you tell us about Jarron Gilbert? What should we expect from Gilbert at the next level?

Matt Williamson
  (4:21 PM)

Crazy athlete (see that youtube pool clip) with all the physical tools that you look for in an ideal 3-4 DE. Shooting up draft boards-and those guys are not easy to find. Made a lot of plays this year and was a man against boys in a lower level of comp. I bet he goes in round one when it is all said and done.

Josh (Baltimore)

What do you think about the Ravens signing Foxworth?

Matt Williamson
  (4:22 PM)

Adaquate, but not overly exciting. Still, if you have an elite pass rush, you don't need Prime Time and Mel Blount in coverage. He should be adaquate and someone they can count on.

Joe (Detroit)

Rumor has it the Lions might not let Nate Washington leave town? Would he a be a good signing for the Lions?

Matt Williamson
  (4:23 PM)

That one does make sense. He isn't real polished, but with Calvin up there, Washington isn't going to get a lot of extra attention. No one in Detroit wants to hear that they need a WR, but they do and Washington would be good enough in that regard. Still has a lot of upside, improving and will make some big plays. Also will drop some crucial passes, but that is who is he.

john( NYC)

HI, i heard the giants brought in michael boley of the falcons for a work out. Do you think signing him and getting a receiver will keep them #1 in the NFC?

Matt Williamson
  (4:25 PM)

Philly will surely compete for that honor as well and has a lot of resources in their hand this off season. Love the Stacey Andrews pick up. But, NYG does only really have two major needs-WR and OLB-and should be able to fill both. WR will be harder to do though.

Steiny (NYC)

Stafford said that he wants to be a Lion. Do you think he is just saying that, or do you believe him?

Matt Williamson
  (4:26 PM)

Just saying that. I sure bet he wants to be the first overall pick!

deuche nyc

who said the giants were # 1???? thought cardinals won nfc

Matt Williamson
  (4:27 PM)

Pretty sure they did as well. However, I do like NYG and Philly right now out of the NFC for next year myself. West is awfully winable though.


Why would Fred Taylor want to sign with a team that's already got 3 or 4 RB's? I thought for sure he'd end up in Buffalo.

Matt Williamson
  (4:28 PM)

If you were from Florida, played at the U of FLA, then in Jax, would you really want to go to Buffalo? I know that NEng isn't exactly a warm weather town, but they win and the guy surely wants to get a ring-or at least another playoff shot. Buff has been 7-9 the last three seasons, really need a OC, just cut a starting OG, don't have much of a passing game to keep defenders out of the box and generally isn't all that appealing right now!

Anthony (NYC)

Matt the NFC East was already a tough division, But with the Skins adding Haynesworth does this put all 4 teams on somewhat of a even keel?

Matt Williamson
  (4:29 PM)

No question. Will be brutal again. Would it blow anyone away if Dallas was 13-3 next year?

Fred Taylor

Im 33, The bills havent made it to the playoffs in 9 years and the patriots have won 3 superbowls in that time.

Matt Williamson
  (4:29 PM)

Amongst other things

Brett (LA)

Ray Lewis in Denver. Make it happen, Matt

Matt Williamson
  (4:30 PM)

Will see what I can do. That is another one that I could see ending badly though. He needs to be protected. I don't see Ngata/Wilfork/Hampton in Denver!

Matt Williamson
  (4:31 PM)

FYI, K Collins resigned in Tenn. Obviously a good move for both team and player.

Kyle (Avon,NY)

Besides Chris Kemoateu have the steelers tryed to resign anyone and have they tryed to bring in anyone new or make any trades?

Matt Williamson
  (4:32 PM)

Not that I know of. Not their style either. They will sit back as usual. Get some value. Plus, they are the champs. Could see some UFAs calling them next week. Take a little less to come aboard. Right now, they have needs for sure, but also will use the draft to get what they need. Can let free agency come to them a bit now.

T (Buffalo)

Wow, for as much as we all complain about it in the news, blogs and radio, your comment about Buffalo really hurt. The truth does hurt and this team here is going nowhere fast.

Matt Williamson
  (4:34 PM)

Hurts me a bit as well. Seems like the franchise with the most problems financially as well. Toronto? Now, a cornerstone of their O-Lynch-is in trouble yet again. I do like the D if they can add a true threatening pass rushing DE, but I really worry about that O in just about all regards. Their ST is incredibly important and impressive though-many overlook that.

Steiny (NYC)

Can you see Stephen McGee starting at the next level?

Matt Williamson
  (4:35 PM)

Good sleeper pick. Tough and athletic. He seems like that guy you want to come off the bench when your starter struggles to ignite the team or take over for an injured starter for a few games at a time.

chauncey (teaneck)

Will the Giants sign a wide reciever?

Matt Williamson
  (4:36 PM)

I really think they need to. Housh has to be that guy. Would also offer their first rounder for Boldin if that falls though. Plex remains an option-but obviously a tough guy to count on.

Dan (Dallas, TX)

Do the Saints keep Vilma? If not, who is a viable and realistic replacement?

Matt Williamson
  (4:37 PM)

I think he stays and that is a good fit for both team and player. However, there are a lot of LBs on the market and in the draft this year. That is one position that I don't think has a lot of leverage right now. Surplus of enticing guys. Even if they do sign Vilma, it wouldn't blow me away if they drafting someone like Cushing to challenge Shanle.

matt ( hartford,ct)

any word on what the dolphins are doing or who is on their radar

Matt Williamson
  (4:38 PM)

They have been quite busy! Signed two safeties-starters who can play the run. Woudl think they will compete for Coles. OL is set. Obviously the draft is huge with them as well.

Cortis (Houston)

Do you see the Texans making any moves for some free agents

Matt Williamson
  (4:40 PM)

Resigned E Wilson-which I thought was smart. This is a team that I think really needs to make a move. Have to get over .500 next year and the way to do that is find one or two defensive playmakers. Not sure who that is though for them. A DE would be huge. A massive NT would be great as well. Safety help is needed, but won't be easy to find-even a guy like Sharper would be a help.

Thomas EM (Philly)

Most likely the Eagles won't pursue Tj Houshmanzadeh.Do you think their going after Anquan Boldin?

Matt Williamson
  (4:41 PM)

Just like the Giants, they need to get a guy at WR and there really only seems like two who are big upgrades-Housh and Boldin. Philly has two first rounders...go for it.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Who moves up the QB chart in Houston as Schaub's backup? With his injury history, I'd think this would be important.

Matt Williamson
  (4:42 PM)

VERY-which also isn't a great indicator of what they thought of Rosenfels, who only netted a fourth rounder. I have heard Ramsey, which would make sense for sure. There are a few like Ramsey out there-former first round picks with good tools. Hous should grab one.

Thomas EM (Philly)

Who will be a better player in Philly Housh or Boldin?

Matt Williamson
  (4:43 PM)

I think Boldin is the better player, but Housh is more trust worthy in his ability to stay on the field. Boldin's consistent injuries bother me, but he is a heck of a WR.

Scott -- Houston

McShay has Houston drafting Sanchez in his latest mock. What do you think?

Matt Williamson
  (4:44 PM)

Don't agree at all. Certainly can live with Schaub and in fact, I think he can be quite a QB in this league if he stays healthy. They gotta draft D.

Steve (Rochester, NY)

What is your assessment of Khalif Barnes? Would he be a good fit in Oakland?

Matt Williamson
  (4:45 PM)

Great fit in Oakland because he has off the field problems, a questionable attitude, will make far more than he is worth and excels and getting his QB hit. Sounds like a Raider to me!

Randy (Boston)

Are the patriots looking at any trades or FA to upgrade that defense and who replaces Vrable?

Matt Williamson
  (4:46 PM)

...maybe Peppers replaced Vrabel? Not exactly a tough guy/Belichick type of player, but certainly a versatile guy that BB likes. Heard that Bodden is visiting and that sounds like their type of signing. Remember, Cassel will probably yield some high draft picks as well.

Josh (Connecticut)

Any chance Kurt Warner signs with a team other than the Cardinals?

Matt Williamson
  (4:47 PM)

Find that one hard to believe, Much like K Collins in Tenn. Both team and player know what the outcome is going to be, but they do have to negociate. Doesn't get to throw to Fitz with another team. Zona isn't such a bad place to live.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Is Haynesworth really a 7-yr/$100 million kind of player or is this just the Redskins being the Redskins?

Matt Williamson
  (4:48 PM)

Both. CERTAINLY the Skins being the Skins, but yes, he is certainly worth it as well...but only if he brings it like he has the last two years....which I have my doubts about.


what about ray lewis, possibly to miami?

Matt Williamson
  (4:49 PM)

Doubt it-they just resigned Crowder. Miami did a very nice job of keeping their own.

Marc ( Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Any news from the Vikings camp? Who are they looking to sign?

Matt Williamson
  (4:50 PM)

Supposedly in on Housh with Sea. NYG and Phil-but my hunch is that they are last in the club house of the four. Haven't heard anything else-and there really isn't many WRs to pick from.

Robbie (Pound Ridge, NY)

What can you tell me about B-Dawk in Denver? NFL network says they've scheduled a visit.

Matt Williamson
  (4:51 PM)

That is all I know, but he surely would fit a need. Their safeties are terrible. However, it would only be a short term solution-but that leadership wouldn't be such a bad thing for a rebuilding (to put it mildly) defense.

James( Detroit

Who are the lions looking at. do you think Matt stafford has to much hype? What are the chances they draft Curry?

Matt Williamson
  (4:53 PM)

Like I said earlier, I like Sanchez more than Stafford-but I doubt that they do. I would prefer Curry, although LBs are much easier to find. They simply cannot miss on this pick and Curry is the safest pick in the entire draft. I think the chances are good. Would probably draft Curry, sign a QB like Leftwich and then re-asses the QB situation a year from now. Surely they will pick high again next year too!

tom (Hackensack)

any chance the eagles trade for tony gonazalez? wouldnt they get killed by the fans and media for not making this move last season?

Matt Williamson
  (4:54 PM)

Celek is good enough. WR is the need. Of course, Gonzo would be welcomed by McNabb with open arms, but I would much rather have a mid round blocking TE and use my $$$ on a WR.


Dawkins signs with Denver. Unbelievable. According to

Matt Williamson
  (4:55 PM)

Makes some sense. I would be bummed if I were a Philly fan though.


tj wouldnt be a better upgrade over coles? in miami

Matt Williamson
  (4:55 PM)

Of course-but also much more expensive

J.B. (Dunmore, PA)

Matt, your first mistake is using logic when talking about the Lions.

Matt Williamson
  (4:56 PM)

Could be true-excellent point

tony nc

is the rumor true that b.scott is headed back to balt.

Matt Williamson
  (4:56 PM)

Have heard both-nothing final as far as I know

Jack (Chicago)

Please give me your honest opinion of Kyle Orton and if he will start this year....

Matt Williamson
  (4:58 PM)

I bet he will start-but I also think they need to add someone like Leftwich, Losman or Simms.for a backup/challenger should Orton struggle. Can't say that I love Orton, but with their needs, not sure what other options they have. Offer their number one for Cassel? I wouldn't be opposed to that either.

jeff (saginaw,mi)

What do u think the loins will do with there 2nd 1st round pick?

Matt Williamson
  (4:58 PM)

Best player available. Almost doesn't matter what position-but preferably on defense. This is a team that needs it all. Just keep adding good football players.

Matt (Alton, IL)

Where will Torry Holt end up in your opinion?

Matt Williamson
  (4:59 PM)

Out of STL. Heard a rumor that Tenn offered a high pick for him at the trade deadline during last sesaon. That certainly makes a lot of sense to me for both.

Matt Williamson
  (5:01 PM)

As for STL-sounds like J Brown will end up there, which is a great get and should pave the way for SJax, which has to be the approach that team takes. Smart. But, with Brown in the fold, how about dealing Holt to the highest bidder (or maybe even releasing him for cap space) and then drafting Crabtree. Worry about QB down the road. Maybe live with Pace and Barron at OTs. Draft another OT in round three or so, but other than that, live with that O. Not too bad.

Jonathan (Holly Springs, NC)

where you see Hakeem Nicks goin in the draft?

Matt Williamson
  (5:01 PM)

Late first. His combine 40 didn't help him, but scouts surely could not have excepted him to blaze a great time. Top 40.

dan (New Orleans)

Vilma is a saint!! 5 year contract.

Matt Williamson
  (5:02 PM)

Wow. Great news for the Saints. Leader type. Comeptitior. Should be his D going forward. Nice move for both.

Luke (St. Louis)

Wasn't Robert Gallery the safest pick in the draft as well?

Matt Williamson
  (5:03 PM)

If I remember correctly-yup. That was a MUCH stronger draft too! S Taylor, Fitz, Winslow, etc. Anyone can bust. Nothing is for certain. Nature of the beast.

Matt Williamson
  (5:04 PM)

Not defending Gallery by the way and his short arms have been a problem at OT, but it also didn't help his cause that he was moved all over the OL, had quite a few coaches changing what they wanted him to do and of course...was a Raider.

Mad Mike (Houston)

Matt: Clay Matthews seems to be rising up many of the teams boards. Reality or hype? your thoughts? Thanks.....MM

Matt Williamson
  (5:05 PM)

Reality. Type of guy that every team wants. Will play in all situations. Excellent Special Teamer. Bloodlines!

charlie (philadelphia)

why wont you answer any of my questions

Matt Williamson
  (5:06 PM)

First off, you are the 1514th question that was asked. Can't quite get to them all. Secondly, I am out. Gotta run. This was great stuff. This is a tremendous time of the year in the NFL.