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February 27, 11:25 AM ET
Chat with Scouts Inc.'s Paul Biancardi

Paul Biancardi
  (2:32 PM)

Good afternoon recruiting fans! It's March Madness and state tourney time for the high schools. The focus starts to shift to the late signing period. So let's get right to it.

Tom (Houston)

What are you hearing about Harrison Barnes? A lot of people are pencilling him in as a Dukie. Are you?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:34 PM)

Thanks Tom. Probably one of the few places it didn't snow today! Duke is clearly in the mix with UNC, Florida, Kansas and Iowa St. This versatile wing can shoot it well. Our No. 4 ranked player in th 2010 class can also handle it well. UNC and Duke are in the early lead, as of now.

Lance Stephenson (Lincoln)

Where should I go to school?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:35 PM)

Hey Lance, give me a call and we'll talk aobut it.

Wes Pinehurst, NC

As a Duke fan I've been watching the Wall he more of a Memphis lean or Duke lean? Duke has recently been onto E. Bledsoe and D. good are these guys and would either/both be interested in Duke? THANKS!

Paul Biancardi
  (2:39 PM)

Wes, I saw Wall play in the NCISAA tourney this past weekend. It's clearly Memphis and Duke out in front for his services. Keep an eye on Kansas, Baylor and N.C. State. As far as Bledsoe, he is probably the next best available PG in the 2009 class. He has a strong body and makes open 3's and would be a terrific recruit for the Dukies. Darius Smith, an athletic lefty, probably thinks more about scoring, making him more of a two-gaurd but someone who could play the 1 in a pinch.

Taylor (Elkton, Kentucky)

How much of a possibility is it that both Tony Wroten Jr. and Marques Teague come to Louisville in the 2011 class?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:41 PM)

If Louisville could pull that off they would have the best backcourt in the Big East. Marques' older brother is Jeff Teague so Wake would have an advantage recruiting him. He is No. 13 in the ESPNU Terrific 25. Wroten is No. 2. This would be a major coup if Pitino could pull this off.

Paul-Trumann, AR

Why does colloge prep schools not playin for state championships

Paul Biancardi
  (2:45 PM)

Good afternoon Paul. The reason prep school's don't play for state HS championships is because they are not a part of the State High School Federation. They are a separate body that at the end of the season they play other prep schools for a title in their specific classifications. Most of them also have fifth year players who are not eligible for high school competition.

Tom Izzo

Jamil Wilson is announcing this Sunday. Do you think he is coming to MSU?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:46 PM)

Hi coach Izzo, great win yesterday against the Illini and congrats on a share of the Big Ten title! I think you have a good shot at Jamil Wilson.

Andrew (Grand Rapids, MI)

Hey Paul. Jamil Wilson is set to announce his college destination on Sunday. Please tell me he is going to end up in East Lansing!

Paul Biancardi
  (2:48 PM)

Hi Andrew, Jamil Wilson's recruiting will come to an end this weekend. He's averaging 21 ppg for his HS team who are getting ready for the state tourney (19-1 for Horlick). He's very versatile on the offensive end and will be a valuable addition to whichever program he ends up at. He's No. 62 in our ESPN 100.

KLT (Memphis, TN)

What are the chances that Memphis gets Wall and Cousins? If they do, they would make it the #1 Recruiting Class would it not?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:51 PM)

What's up KLT? Memphis is making a strong and serious push for both Cousins and Wall and have a realistic shot at both. If they were to land those two, along with their current signees, they would be the No. 1 class in the country, led by ESPN's top-ranked player Xaveri Henry. That would give them No. 1, No. 4 (Cousins), No. 6 (Wall) and No. 46 (Nolan Dennis) plus two outstanding JUCO players.


Kevin Parrom. Where do you see him fitting in with Xavier's lineup? Is he more superior to most the player in the A10? Also whats the word on Kyryl Natyazhko, he visited a week ago...any news?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:54 PM)

Ivanhoe, how ya doin? Let's do one at a time here. Kevin Parrom will fit extremely well into Xavier's program. He'll have to earn his way into the starting lineup. He is tough and talented. Sean Miller and his staff do a great job in identifying players early and going right after them. As far as Natyazhko, Xavier is obviously in the mix. Also keep an eye on Florida State and Arizona State as he is one of the best remaining big men left in the '09 class.

Timmy C. (Lancaster, PA)

Paul, Could you give me a comparison of Andre Dawkins game and G Henderson's when he was in high school?

Paul Biancardi
  (2:56 PM)

Thanks Timmy. The difference is Dawkins is a strong and skilled shooter with NBA range. Henderson in high school was a slasher who was powerful and a could find his way to the basket off the dribble. Both are outstanding perimeter players that have different strengths.

Kevin (Newport, RI)

Do you think that St.Johns can still land Lance Stephenson even though They have to compete with Maryland and Kansas?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:00 PM)

Kevin, I heard you got some snow up there today. Yes, I do think St. John's can still land Stephenson although they have stiff competition from Kansas and Maryland. The Johnnies have the fact that he's a local kid going for them. It would create a huge buzz in NY and get people excited about St. John's again. He would be the star from Day 1 in Queens.

Talib, Philly

What are the realistic chances duke lands John Wall?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:02 PM)

Talib, Duke has a very realistic chance to land Wall because they need a point guard next year. He's right in their backyard and he would be teamed with some outstanding scorers the Blue Devils already have. With Wall's high school season over he can shift his focus to his high profile decision.

Brad (woodinville,WA):

what are the chances that DeMarcus Cousins commits to the university of washington?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:05 PM)

Hey Brad. Your Washington Huskies are definitley in the mix for DeMarcus Cousins. Memphis is the leader right now but he Huskies are right behind. However, if Mike Davis takes another job look for where he ends up because he has a close relationship with Cousins. Also wait to see who lands the Alabama job as it's DeMarcus' home school.

Alex (NY)

Hey Paul....Who has the inside track on Lance Stephenson at this point?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:07 PM)

Alex, it looks like a three horse race. Kansas, Maryland and St. John's with Wake Fores on the outside looking in. I think Lance will give each school a hard look and decide where he feels most comfortable. I'm sure you'd like to keep him home in NY.

Steve (NY,NY)

Where is Lance Stephenson going? Will he actually attend college?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:09 PM)

Steve, as I said earlier, the schools vying for him a. When we did his game earlier this season against Duncanville, he told me he was absolutely going to college. He's told other people the same thing, the only question is where.

Will (Villanova)

What do you think of James Bell? I've seen him in a couple top 25 rankings, is he that good?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:13 PM)

Will, our No. 38 ranked player in the Super 60, James Bell, will be an outstanding player for Jay Wright. He's a terrific athlete who can finhis above the rim. He has broad, muscular shoulders and will be a lot to handle in the Big East. Coach Wright will have the luxury of playing him inside or outside because of his versatility. The best part about Bell is he has another year of high school to get better.

Jonathan (Westerville, Ohio)

In terms of guard, is it better to recruit a playmaking guard (maybe a natural 2) and try to turn him into a PG or get a true PG? It seems like Ohio State gets 2's and tries to turn them into PG, but the most successful year coach Matta had a true PG.

Paul Biancardi
  (3:17 PM)

Good question Jonathan. When it comes to players I really wouldn't get caught up into labeling them as a 1, 2 or a 3, etc.. The idea is to get good guards that have a strong IQ for the game, good decision making ability and good scoring skills. That's more important than labels on positions. You can play the game with two point guards or two scoring guards on the court at once. As long as they have well rounded ability they will produce.

Tony (WI)

What impact will Jeronne Maymon, Erik Williams, and Junior Cadougan have on Marquette next year?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:21 PM)

They'll have a big impact because Marquette loses a lot next year. All should see immediate playing time, especially Cadougan because of the loss of Dominic James. On a side note, I feel for James, one of the great college players this year. He's had a great career at Marquette and we hope he has a speedy recovery and is back on the court soon.

Steiny (NYC)

I know that Tristan Thompson stills needs to develop his game, but when he has it all together, do you think he is going to be a very special player?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:24 PM)

Steiny, I do. I think Thompson has all the tools to be a great player. He has skill, outstanding athletic ability. He reminds me of a young Chris Bosh. Hopefully he'll have the right attitude and approach so he can reach his potential. But there's no doubting his ability.

Blake (Abilene, TX)

Of Bradley, Hamilton or Williams the three big time recruits for Texas who do you see as developing a good outside shot.

Paul Biancardi
  (3:27 PM)

Blake, this is a tremendous class for Texas. It brings strength to the perimeter. The best shooter is probably Shawn Williams. Hamilton is the most dynamic of the three. He can score in a variety of ways. Bradley is the most complete player who plays at a high level at both ends of the floor. This class will win a lot of games in Austin.

timmy c.

Ryan Kelly sounds like a taller version of Kyle Singler. Is this a fair comparison?

Paul Biancardi
  (3:29 PM)

Yes, I think that's a good comparison. Kelly has great skill and a little more size than Kyle. He can play a little more power forward once he adds more strength. He has a great basketball IQ. I'd be excited to watch him if I'm a Duke fan next year.

Paul Biancardi
  (3:31 PM)

Thanks for all your great questions. Sorry we couldn't get to all of them but check back next week, same time and place. Also, don't forget to watch Oak Hill (Va.) Academy take on Montrose Christian this Friday on ESPN2 at 7 pm EDT. Thanks again.