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March 13, 8:04 AM ET
Chat during Selection Sunday!

  (6:35 PM)

Oooooh. The brackets will officially be released on Sunday night and we'll be right here with you! We'll break them down as best we can. So, be sure to check out ESPN's Selection Show and our chat, which both start at 7 p.m. ET!

  (7:01 PM)

What's going on my people? So there was something about some sort of brackets coming out tonight? Anyone heard anything about that?

  (7:02 PM)

What does everyone think?

David (Fairborn, OH)

For as much as you talked about the big east being weak buzz, they have 3 of the 4 number 1 seeds.

  (7:02 PM)

I was surprised by that. No conference has ever had that.

Koop (GA)

St. Mary got screwed, Oklahoma has no business getting a 2 seed over Memphis and Louisville the overall 1 seed? They'll be the first #1 knocked out the tourney. UConn has an easy ride to the Elite 8.

Bob (California) [via mobile]

Did Butler deserve a 9 seed? While Xavier, who Butler beat on the road got a 4 seed?


USC is this years davidson!!!!! GO TROJANS!!!!!

  (7:03 PM)

USC is Davidson, minus, what? 30,000 in student body, probably about $35 million in athletic budget.

Ryan va [via mobile]

Are you kidding me Tennessee a 9 seed?!!!!!!

Jeremy M. (Indiana)

I believe that Pitt should of been a 2 seed, I was suprised that they were given the 1 seed.

Tommy (ATL)

Buzz, do you know when they will announce what time the first round games are played at?

  (7:03 PM)

Every year I forget. I think it's either Monday or Tuesday.

Drak- Pgh SportsWorld

Big East is clearly the best conference. I mean, at one time, they had five teams in the top 10.

Dan (Vermont)

They Should put a cap on the # of teams per cofrence. how much better would the regseason and confrence tourneys be if only 5 or 6 teams per confrence can get in. would spread the wealth to the mid Majors too and make more games meaningful.

  (7:04 PM)

I have an idea. How about we just allow the best 31 teams in after the conference winners?

bryan (miller)

how close was VT from a bid? 1 win? They should be a high seed in NIT do you think they will go far?

  (7:05 PM)

Perhaps. If they had knocked off UNC, that would have been a good argument, no?

Justin G (Ringgold, GA)

Koop the only reason that Louisville got the overall number 1 is because they were the only team to win their conference tournament... can't argue with that


Pitt will beat Duke!!!!!!!!!!

Dan (Vermont)

sorry andrew USC can't be Davadson. USC is A BCS team in a recruiting hot bed.

CG (Waco)

I think Miss. St is the reason why St Mary is out.

Jeremy M. (Indiana)

#1 Reason Mid Major teams in tournament are down is because the Major teams won't schedule them.

  (7:07 PM)

Good point.

  (7:07 PM)

But also, some of the teams that do get scheduled don't fair well and the others get painted with a broad brush. Didn't Davidson get hammered by someone earlier this season?

Drew (Seattle)

MSU....nice surprise early exit! GO HUSKIES (UW)

Randy (wisconsin) [via mobile]

Are u suprised wisconsin was a 12 seed?

Steve (Baltimore)

Terps will upset Cal in the 1st round...they are a dangerous team.

Lucas House

No wisconsin I didn't think deserved to get in

Brad B (Yellville, AR)

Lets be honest, the Big East is the best conference in College basketball, but 3 #1 seeds? Memphis may be in a weaker conference USA, but the roll they have been on surely justifies them to be a #1. Uconn is good, gotta give them credit, but after losing to another #1 seed twice, Memphis got the short end of the stick.

  (7:10 PM)

The seeds won't matter. The difference between a No. 1 and No. 2 is that a No. 15 has actually beaten a No. 2 and a No. 1 has never lost to a No. 16. In other words, there's barely any difference.


Watch out for virginia commenwealth and clemson

Dan (Dayton, OH)

Buzzmaster, what's your most intriguing match up in the first round and who you got?

  (7:12 PM)

Oh man, you're putting me on the spot. I'm like you right now, going over and over the bracket. I'm not sure about just one, but I agree with what someone said earlier, I like that Cal-Maryland 7-10 matchup. That might be an interesting one.


No UK, but WIS and ARI?


UConn without dyson will not fair well in the tournament.

Doug (North Carolina)

West Virginia is my sleeper pick

Justin (NJ)

North Dakota St over Kansas... you heard it here first!

  (7:15 PM)

Oh stop it.


oklahoma has a chance to make a run but will not go to far. what do you think buzzmaster

  (7:15 PM)

Blake has to be right for that to happen. Though I think they lost some of their momentum down the stretch.

Drak- Pgh SportsWorld

Final Four selections Buzz?

  (7:18 PM)

I'm going with UNC, Wake, Memphis, Pitt, I guess.

  (7:18 PM)

Some weird brackets out there.

randy (wisconsin) [via mobile]

Watch for wis over fsu. They have played tex,msu, and uconn close


Buzz, I'm bad at geography, but should Louisville be upset that they could have a road game in the second round against Ohio State? I know they're better, but still...

  (7:20 PM)

Louisville's not that far away either, though, is it? Not the same state, obviously, but not like it's across the country.

jd (tx)

wake???? have u been drinking???

  (7:20 PM)

No comment.

  (7:20 PM)

None of those top four seeds do anything for me...maybe Michigan State.


What about an extra day to play the field of 128

  (7:21 PM)

No. 1 seeds beat No. 16 seeds by 20-30 right now. What would the score be when a No. 1 seed plays a 32 seed?

Jason (Washington State) [via mobile]

Michigan over St. Mary's? That is a horrible decision by the committee. Just unbelievable Buzz!!

Miner (San Francisco)

Never under-estimate the fighting Izzos


Louisville,uconn,Duke,Oklahoma. My final four

Matt (WA)

RPI is bunk. Wisconsin had zero quality non-conference wins and couldn't beat the top-tier teams in their conference. It's a joke.

Melbourne, FL

Where can I find the times for the games in Miami on Friday? Trying to see when Syracuse plays

  (7:23 PM)

I don't think they come out until tomorrow.

Bill-Glendale Az

Temple is going to be a first round victor. Enjoy the 3000 mile flight to lose in the first round Sun Devils

Bill (Washington)

Wake Forest will beat Louisville in the sweet 16.

Greg (CT)

thats awful duke is going to lose by the third round. singler isnt strong enough down lowand if hendersen doesnnt have a good scoring game theyll lose by the third round.


WF is getting torched by Utah

scott (VA)

memphis lousiville UNC Pitt my final 4

Ryan Las Vegas, NV [via mobile]

Playin close to home in Portland, can my UW Huskies ride chalk to the Sweet 16 for another possible tournament rematch with the Huskies of UConn?

cardsfan (Seattle, Wa)

Louisville national cahmps

Marc (Hartford) [via mobile]

My sleepers are VCU and Maryland this year

Josh (KC MO)

Marquette-Mizzou could be an interesting second round game. It would also be fun to see the Tiger press go against the ball handlers at Memphis.

Jerry ((MN))

Syracuse is my favorite team, but my girlfriend's is georgetown. What should I do Buzz?

  (7:26 PM)

1) Tell her you'll see her once the tournament is over so you can root in peace. C) Watch games together and cheer for her team to lose. XII) Watch games together with a peace treaty. Z) Get a new girlfriend.

Mohammad (Austin,Texas)

I got Texas beating Duke 2nd round what do you think?

Jeremy Van

Pitt established themselves with 2 wins over uconn. Pitt will probably win it all unless blair gets into foul trouble evry game.


Siena is the biggest mid-major threat in the country beside butler, and are going to the sweet 16 and dont be surprised when they get national attention from just about everybody just like Davidson did last year.

  (7:27 PM)

Siena is becoming a tough mid-major on the east coast.


Watch out for Maryland with Vasquez

Miner (San Francisco)

Texas is turrible

Koop (GA)

The 12 seeds are jokes this year. I expect alll of them to get blown out of the water this year.


How do you think Robert Morris will fare against MSU?

  (7:28 PM)

They'll keep it close for the first half of the first half.

Justin (Wisco)

The same could be said about 12 seeds every year.... That is why they are 12 seeds!


Cuse final 4!

  (7:29 PM)

They're hot baby!

matt (vt)

how is wisconsin in this tourney...someone please tell me


It's all MSU in that one.

  (7:30 PM)

OK everyone. I'm going to turn it over to Mark Schlabach, who will take you from 7:30 p.m. ET to 8 p.m. I'll be back at 8:30. See ya!

Mark Schlabach
  (7:42 PM)

OK, I'm here. Just finished up a bubble story that's about to be posted. Thanks for joining us.

Greg (Omaha)

Do you think Illinois will get by WKU?

  (7:42 PM)

All right guys. Looks like Mark may have gotten tied up. Let's continue the chat.


Louisville, Pitt, UConn, & Syracuse in Final Four. GO Big East!


Wake Forest and Memphis should have both received a one seed!

dj (lockesburg)

why wasnt arkansas picked to go to ncaa tornament

Mike (Goldsboro, NC)

My shocker is FSU winning an East region in which #1 goes down in the 1st round and #2 goes down in the second..... Pitt losing to ETSU in 1st round.... Duke losing in 2nd or 3rd.... FSU surprise winner of East region!

Mark Schlabach
  (7:44 PM)

Western Kentucky is pretty good. Saw them win in Tampa last year. I'll be curious to see how Illinois responds to not having Frazier. They have a few more days to adjust. Slaughter and Mendez-Valdez are very good guards for WKU. Don't forget -- the Hilltoppers beat Louisville.


Pitt wil win it all

  (7:44 PM)

Maybe on FSU, but there is no way the No. 1 goes down in the first round. You're losing money on that one.

shawn (ohio)

i think syracuse makes it to the elite 8, possibly final 4

  (7:45 PM)

Oooh. Mark's here! I'm out of here.

Mark Schlabach
  (7:46 PM)

I like Pitt's road to Detroit. You don't know what you're going to get from Tennessee, if the Vols beat Oklahoma State in the first round. Potentially a tough matchup against FSU, especially if Tony Douglas is shooting well. But Duke doesn't have the size or depth to contend with Pitt. Texas has no point guard. UCLA might get beat in the first round. Villanova would probably be the toughest game in the East Region.


duke is the most overrated team in the country

Mark Schlabach
  (7:47 PM)

Duke just won the ACC tourney, give the Blue Devils some credit. Probably would have been a different ACC tourney if Lawson had played for UNC, but I like the way Duke is playing right now. I can see them getting to the Sweet 16 -- or losing to Minnesota or Texas in the second round.

huntington beach CA

vcu or ucla who will win?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:49 PM)

VCU will be a popular choice for an upset, I'm sure. The Rams are very good, once again. Eric Maynor might be this year's Stephen Curry. He's averaging better than 22 points per game.


Mark, you said you like pitts road to Detroit. How about Uconn's? If they play on all cylinders they could have a cakewalk til Memphis

Mark Schlabach
  (7:51 PM)

Agreed, although I was pretty impressed with how Purdue played in the Big Ten tourney in Indy. Don't sleep on Memphis. They wouldn't play until the Region finals, but the Tigers are pretty darn good. But U-Conn shouldn't have much trouble with Chattanooga or Texas A&M/BYU winner.

tyler (ca)

does temple have any chance to go past the first round?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:51 PM)

Owls played pretty well down the stretch. Arizona State has kind of been streaky, losing badly to Stanford at home and blowing that huge lead to USC yesterday. Love James Harden, though.


There's no way four #1 seeds will reach the final four again this year, agreed?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:52 PM)

I'd be surprised. I really like Pitt and Louisville. UNC, too, if Lawson comes back 100 percent. U. Conn needs to play better than it did after losing Dyson. Might go with Memphis in the West. We'll see. Still analyzing the brackets.


Here's a good matchup for you Mark. Pitt and UNC in final four, who's got the advantage?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:53 PM)

Fields vs. Lawson. Blair and Young vs. Hansbrough. Great game. Let's see if we get there first.

Sean (pa)

How far do you see Michigan St going?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:54 PM)

Morgan needs to play better, but I like the Spartans' draw. They'll face a potential buzz saw in the second round, though. USC really played inspired ball in LA. Will it last? BC could be difficult to beat if Tyrese Rice is hot.

Justin (IL)

Hey Mark, I feel like I am the only one who will give ilinois a chance against gonzaga in a possible second round matchup. Am i crazy?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:54 PM)

No, Tennessee won by 18 points over Gonzaga in Spokane. Bulldogs haven't been tested in a while.

Brian (MI)

Who is your one first round upset lock?

Mark Schlabach
  (7:55 PM)

Arizona over Utah.


how about siena"s chances in 1st round

Mark Schlabach
  (7:57 PM)

Love Kenny Hansbrouck. Saw the Saints beat up Vandy last year. Siena won't be afraid.

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:06 PM)

Welcome everybody, I know there are some excited fans out there, and some people who had their hearts broken. I won't fill out my bracket until later tonight so I can study the matchups, but hopefully I have some good ideas about players, coaches, and teams for you, so you can fill yours out!


How do you feel about Missouri? I have a feeling like they could possibly make a run because of their talent and athleticism.

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:09 PM)

I've been impressed with Missouri all season, and they have a unique style of play with their pressure defense and patient offense. They should get by a game Cornell team, and I think have an excellent chance to advance past a Marquette team, that sorely misses Dominique James. The intensity in this matchup will be through the roof, but I think Missouri's depth--10 players play ten minutes or more--can overcome the guard play of McNeil and Matthews.

Dan (Vermont)

Fran can you give me three high seeds to avoid putting in my elite eight?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:12 PM)

Washington (four seed), Villanova (three seed), and Florida St. (five seed). Washington has had a nice season, but I think they will have trouble with Purdue's toughness in the second round, especially now that Robbie Hummel is close to 100 percent. 'Nova should win both games in Philadelphia, but the Duke matchup will be too much for them. Gerald Henderson and Jon Scheyer have been outstanding, and Singler is impressive in his versatility. Florida St. will be fortunate to get by hard-nosed Xavier and Wisconsin teams, and they will face off against a Pittsburgh team that has defeated them once already in Tallahassee this year.

Tim (Denver)

any 5-12 upsets? W.Kent?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:15 PM)

Western Kentucky has caught a huge break--Illinois will be without floor general Chester Frazier. He has been literally and figuratively Bruce Weber's coach on the floor. That's as good a 5-12 bet as any. Don't forget that Florida St.-Wisconsin is a 5-12, and nbody would be surprised to ser the Badgers sneak by. Arizona is in the same place as Wisconsin--they have three potential NBA players. While Northern Iowa has had a great year under Ben Jacobsen, the Boilermakers have started to hit stride. Speaking of upsets, I worry about Siena and VCU pulling off upsets this year--no good coach will allow his team to sleep on the Saints or Rams. Both teams will have serious attention from their opponents.


I like Marquette as an Elite Eight sleeper, what do you think Fran?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:18 PM)

They would have been a Final Four sleeper except for the injury to Dominique James. While they are still a potent club, and Buzz Williams enjoys coach of the year recognition, the loss of James is as much a psychological blow as it is a blow to the Golden Eagles depth. I do think that if they can get past Utah St. and upend Missouri, they will grow in confidence. Heyward and Butler have to hold down the fort inside. Neither Utah St. or Missouri will pose the type of problems inside that other Big East teams would. Their likely Sweet 16 opponent is Memphis.


How did OU get a 2 seed Didn't win there conference dint win there tournament. Lost 4 of there last six. Got pounded by both MU (tournament champs) and KU(conference champs) and they get a 2 seed over KU and MU??

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:20 PM)

The Sooners were judged by their body of work with a healthy Blake Griffin. While it is true they struggled at Missouri, and lost to Oklahoma St. in the conference tourney, the committee felt that up until the injury, they were the dominant team in the Big 12, and that would be hard to argue with. More important that deserving the 2 seed, is can they get their mojo back in time to make a long run to an Elite Eight place, and possibly to the Final Four. Their guard play, underrated all year, has let them down recently, and Griffin should be healthy enough to want to dominant before he heads to the NBA as the surefire No. 1 pick. Keep in mind that it looks like the Big 12 was a tad underrated by the national media this year. Losses to OK St., Kansas, and Missouri, shouldn't be as big of a deal. Kansas was 37-3 last year, with all three losses coming in Big 12 play.

doug columbus ohio

do you think Ohio State has any chance of getting past Louisville if they get through the first round?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:23 PM)

The home state advantage will certainly help. As a former Buckeye myself, I know that is going to be very important. I have to admit, I had Louisville going to the Final Four back in October, and I'll stick with that prediction. Ohio State's zone can be difficult to decipher, and Louisville will have to make some jump shots, but their defense and pressure will weat the Buckeyes out. I do know Buckeye fans are glad to be in the big dance. By the way Doug, had Siena not thrashed Vandy last year in the first round, they would be one of my upset specials, but Thad Matta is too good a coach to overlook them.


Does Pitt have anything to worry about in a potential sweet 16 matchup with FSU. The first time they played FSU hung tough, and FSU is a considerably better team now than they were in that game.

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:25 PM)

They obviously had something to worry about. As you know, it was really a three-possession game. I think the Seminoles will get Pittsburgh's attention and think the Panthers will get by.


How far do you see Duke adavancing?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:26 PM)

Duke is very capable of getting to the Elite Eight, where Pittsburgh will be a contrast of styles--bruising Big East play vs. Duke's spread offense and versatility. While I like Pitt's chances to get to the Final Four, this may be a situation where DeJuan Blair's foul trouble early in the game could be a difference. This could be Duke's best opportunity in a number of years to get back to the Final Four, although if you asked me to decide, I would take the Panthers.


Does Gonzaga have what it takes to upset the Tar Heels?

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:28 PM)

If Ty Lawson is healthy, this is a tough matchup for the 'Zags. They have struggled with athletic teams in the past. It's hard to believe that it's been since 1999 that the 'Zags made that miraculous run to that elite Eight nailbiter with the eventual champion Huskies. There is some history that does play itn the 'Zags favor--Josh Heytveldt outplayed Tyler Hansbrough in MSG a few years ago and enabled the 'Zags to beat Roy Williams' club. As usual, a successful 'Zags run through the NCAA tournament must begin through the defensive end.

Fran Fraschilla
  (8:30 PM)

Make sure you study your brackets hard! If you know the tendencies of certain teams, like Arizona and Syracuse utilizing zone defense, take a look at three-point teams. Look at great coaches who have made deep runs, and factor everything in before you fill out that bracket. But also remember, there will be some luck involved.

  (8:30 PM)

Thanks a lot, Fran! You guys will have me for the next half-hour or so. I know significantly less than Fran, unfortunately, so just roll with me.

Bob Jones

What do you guys think of the Kansas vs North Dakota St game? I feel a major upset maybe Bisons in the final four?

Dan (WV)

Let's Go Mountaineers...


Can it be said that a DUKE vs UNC final four matchup could take place despite getting there would be very hard for duke

Doug (North Carolina)

If it UNC oklahoma go up against each other i gotta give the edge to the sooners


One could only hope for Duke vs. UNC in the final four. It could be a classic.

Brian (Springfield, MO)

I don't know about final four for the Bison's, but I wouldn't doubt maybe an upset in their first round game over Kansas?

Dave (Detroit)

Is this the same Buzzmaster as the Morning Buzz guy? Are they paying you extra tonight!? Regardless of that, what region do you think is toughest?

  (8:34 PM)

I am all things to all people. I think the South is pretty tough.

Matt (DC)

Big East will either prove it's legi (besides ND and Georgetown HAHA!) or prove to be the Big Least.

Kevin (Michigan State)

Please, no Duke / Carolina


i think michigan states chance of beating kansas is bigger than it says


Wisconsin and Michigan, but no Penn State? That is just not fair!!!!


G.Henderson has played good but does anybody else notice he doesnt pass to Singler?


How did Arizona get in??

Mike (PA)

I want to 'Nova go far, but it will definetely be a challenge in the East with Duke and Pitt stealing the spotlight.


I'm a buckeye, but how can Penn State be left out of the tourney? They had the same record in the big ten (10-8) as Ohio State and an easy non-conference schedule (that must have hurt a lot?). They beat top quality teams in the big ten all year long, so they proved they are good enough. They had at least 22 wins. I feel bad for them. They can beat at least half of the teams in the tourney.

David (Dayton)

I think the score of the Dayton-West Virginia game could go into the high 40's low 50's range with the two defenses.


Arizonas going to surprise some people

Pat Gund Philadelphia

The Big East has a pretty legitimate shot at 4 teams in the Elite 8 with Louisville, Pitt, UConn, and Nova. I think that they will proove their worth.


My sleeper team is west virginia

Miner (San Francisco)

So...after upsetting Kansas, do you think Baylor will end up in the Tourney or the NIT?

  (8:37 PM)

You're a bit late on this.


Big East Legit? Their champion lost to the 5th place team in the MWC!

david(New York)

i think uconn could beat louisville in the final 4

Kyle (Lansing, MI)

Penn State shoulda played somebody in the nonconference so they shouldn't cry about it now.

Derick (KC)

I'm having a hard time picking the Purdue/Northern Iowa matchup.. i'm thinking Purdue, but not by much

Ray (WA)

Alabama St. or Morehead St., I have no clue, don't know anything about these teams and nobody talks about them

Dave (Cleveland)

Penn State, are you serious? Play someone out of conference, the fact that 7 big ten schools made it is offensive in itself, they sure didn't deserve 8.


Henderson is possibly the most selfish player in the Nation.

ryan ( maryland)

All 4 final 4 teams will be from the big east

Blake (Blountstown, FL)

I think Purdue's got a legitimate shot to get to the elite eight.

Jack (WA)

So how is it looking for Mississippi State? What would it take for them to win against Washington State, or what would it take for Washington State to completely devastate them?


Who are the hottest sleepers of the bracket. Lower seeds that will shock all of our friends if we pick them. Seeds 10-12.

henry (syracuse, ny)

In regards to the Duke/Binghamton game, I think binghamton can give the blue devils a run for their money. Binghamton can spread the floor and drive to the basket. If Bing can get to the rim and put the dukies into foul trouble there might be a lot of surprised people..


Clev. State over Wake?


Can all the 1 seeds make the final four again?


Utah a 5 seed 3 words for you South West Baptist. Az is a lock in this one.

Mike (PA)

Even though Purdue hasn't made a lot of noise, they have been very dangerous as of late, winning and raising the bar for the Big Ten.

Bryce (Duke)

Who is the first number one seed who is gonna fall???

Ben (wisconsin)

Watch out for Missouri against Memphis!!

kellen shepard (wv)

Unc all the way




OU is a will get bounced early

DW (Bos)

B.C. will give M.S. a run for their money.


what about missouri coming out of the west


Nah Louisville will choke


NDSU playing in Minneapolis is a lock for the sweet 16

Eric (Washington)

Look for California to take out Memphis in round 2

Dave (Cleveland)

I hope Mark in Georgia is wrong, but he could be right.


We need more mid-majors!


Poor Kentucky!!


louisville has a nice chance, however i think carolina has to be the overall favorite


i think nc state will win it all


Cal won't even get by maryland


watch out for marquett to go somewhere but not all the way

Coach Tatro

I think Missouri can hang with Memphis to advance

Chris (TN)

Louisville will lose to Wake :)


Louisville aint gonna choke


what about ILL @ 5 in South


BC is definatlygonna show up big time

  (9:04 PM)

That's a wrap everyone! Make sure to tune in tomorrow for our full range of tourney chats!