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April 17, 6:58 AM ET
Chat with Inside Lacrosse

Jon Brand
  (1:30 PM)

Welcome to the chat this week - we've got Max Seibald and John Glynn from Cornell here, who look to take down the No. 1 Princeton Tigers tomorrow in Ithaca. Let's get chatting...

Jerrry Bridges, (Bridgeport, CT)

There should be a good crowd up in Ithaca this weekend, do you guys think that the home field advantage will play a big role? Go Red

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:33 PM)

It always nice to compete in our own backyard especially with a crowd filled with our great alums, family and friends, and of course the big red band. Hopefully it will play a role in getting our team fired up and ready to play hard.

Scotie McScotie, Chicago, Illinois

As two seniors on a team with some younger players do you guys feel an even greater responsibility to provide leadership and help instill confidence in the younger players?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:36 PM)

We believe that as seniors, and having been a part of this program the longest, it is our responsibility to go out everyday and be leaders on and off the field and constructively and consistently instill confidence in the younger players, especially the ones who are playing a lot for us on gameday.

Mike (Ithaca)

Can you guys talk about the impact of having such a great and dedicated band has on the team?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:38 PM)

Our band is the best! They get us going and really get the crowd into our games as well. We really appreciate their dedication to our team, especially when they travel on the road and we see and hear them in the stands doing their thing.

Joshua- Long Island

Max, being that you're the Marty Glickman Jewish Athlete of the Year and my hero, how do you compete at such a high level during passover? Isn't it hard without eating certain food?

Max Seibald
  (1:41 PM)

You do what you have to do. Managing my diet is something I have learned to do in order to be in the best shape I can be, and a little alteration to my diet for the past few days shouldn't have an effect on my play.

Kevin Quinn

Johnny boy, can you go through your mindset prior to each face off?

John Glynn
  (1:43 PM)

Each draw is a little like playing chess. You have to be able to adjust on the fly and learn from the prior face offs of what has been working and what has not. Most of the time i get myself to jacked up before the face off and must slow myself down so I don't jump the whistle. It's a long and sad sprint back to the sideline when that happens.

Doug Shackles, Mt. Sinai, NY

The rivalry between Big Red and Princeton get's more fierce as the years go by. With the IVY league AQ on the line, what does Cornell have to do to ensure a Cornell win against Coach Tierney's infamous defense.

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:47 PM)

Focusing on our game plan and playing within our team system will get us where we need to be, and we believe if we do what we are coached to do and if we take better care of the ball, we will be successful. We understand the importance of this game, and it doesn't take much for us to get fired up for such an important rivalry.

Jordan (Wisconsin)

Hey guys, just wanted to give you guys huge ups. Both get it done wherever Big Red needs you with a workmanlike ability and tenacity. It's clear you both come into every game ready to get the job done, do either of you have a pregame ritual you can't do without?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:49 PM)

A solid pregame breakfast, a quick pitstop to get a little lighter on the feet, some music to get us going, and some shots out on the field to make sure the sticks are working the way we want.


I hear you're a big Resident Evil fan Johnny. Does playing video games have a positive impact on your lax game?

John Glynn
  (1:53 PM)

Thanks Johnny. I think taking out some anger on some unsuspected foes in Resident Evil or any game I am whoopin' Rocco Romero or Matt Moyer in not only boosts my confidence, but improves my hand eye coordination and feeds my blood lust.

Tommy Woopingcrane (Weston, Mass.)

Max and John, Rob Pannell has played a crucial role this season on offense even as a freshman, how do you think he will handle the big game pressure?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:55 PM)

He has done a great job all season for us especially in big games. The coaches and scout team put a lot of pressure on him day in and day out and we have come to expect him to be able to play at the high level consistently.

Adam (Ithaca, NY)

You were both honored by WVBR-FM 93.5, the student run radio statio at Cornell, in the 2009 Ithaca All Stars Tournament at Although you have recieved national attention, how does recieving accolades by your peers rate?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (1:57 PM)

For both of us it is equally exciting to be recognized by our peers here at Cornell. We have great fans supporting us throughout the year, and really appreciate all they do for us and the rest of the team.

Rich (New York, NY)

Max, would you say ripping the net at brown in 07 was the highlight of your career?

Max Seibald
  (1:59 PM)

It was pretty cool when I did that. I would not say it is a defining moment or one of my favorite highlights throughout my career. I have had it happen while practicing shooting, but it was pretty neat to have it happen in a game.

Andrew- Rockville Centre, NY

For Max Seibald. With the NCAA Northern Quarterfinals being at Hofstra, down the road from where you grew up in Hewlett, what would it mean to get to play in front of your home fans with a chance to reach the Final Four.

Max Seibald
  (2:04 PM)

Our focus as a team right now is on Saturday's matchup against Princeton, and we are going week by week at this point in the season. However, for both Johnny and I, and the rest of the LI guys on the team, it would be a great atmosphere to compete in back infront of our hometown fans. Growing up we all went to Hofstra to watch the college teams play, and for us it would be a great experience and opportunity to hopefully advance in the playoffs, if we are fortunate enough to do so.

Joe Boulokos (New York, NY)

Guys its great to be back on Campus again and Im super amped for the game tommorrow. Having played with both of you and shared a lot of time together...DP Dough or Wings Over Ithaca?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (2:08 PM)

It depends on the time of day or night. Dp Dough is one of those late night calls while wings is more of the dinner/lunch go-to. We can tell you were a fan of both and even though you have been off campus for a while we can tell that you have found your new go-tos. My pick(Johnny's) is going to have to be Wings, Maxys going with the Roni-Zone from DP Dough.

Greg; Salisbury, MD

I'm a captain for my high school team and today we have a big game... What do you guys and Coach Tambroni tell the team before a big game?

Max Seibald/John Glynn
  (2:10 PM)

To enjoy the opportunity to be able to play with your friends, stick to your gameplan and be able to make the most of each possesion.

Jon Brand
  (2:12 PM)

Ok, the guys have to run off to practice, so we'll end it there. Remember, you can follow the Cornell-Princeton game tomorrow, along with the rest of the lacrosse action, at