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April 16, 2:23 PM ET
Chat with Skip Bayless

Ian (Daniel Island, SC)

Do you hate puppies?

Skip Bayless
  (4:03 PM)

Hi, everybody. I see it's going to be this kind of day here in chat. I only hate certain kinds of puppies.

derek spriggs,charleston,s.c

you were talking about madden earlier retiring,don't it seem like as much as he loved bret farve that he wanted to retire so he could always be linked to him?And be able to say I retired the same year as farve.

Skip Bayless
  (4:06 PM)

No doubt John loved Favre, but I must admit, I loved John and I do not think he lost much if anything off his broadcasting fastball last year. This is just a guess, but I wonder if this was all his choice to "retire." I know him enough to know that I can't imagine what he'll do with himself if he isn't involved in the NFL. I look to see him back in the broadcast booth at another network.

LeBron James (Cleveland)

Bringing a championship to Cleveland is going to be great. I love that you hate me. I remember everything. Like when you said that my friend Carmelo is better than me. How I am unclutch? I have better clutch stats than Kobe. You are hilarious. What else can I do to prove you absolutely wrong?

Skip Bayless
  (4:09 PM)

Dear LeBron ... never have I seen a player with zero rings heap more pressure on himself by acting more brazenly cocky about how he's going to go win this championship. You dance during blowouts, you flex, you snap pictures before games ... it's as if you're going to have the ring ceremony before Sunday's Game 1 vs. Pistons. You have now hit one walkoff jumper in six NBA seasons -- Jordan did that every other week. So now it's time to start showing us what you've got. No more excuses. Back it up, and you will be King.

DRose (Chicago

Chances for us at least making a series out of it against a banged up Boston?

Skip Bayless
  (4:11 PM)

Dear Mr. Rose ... obviously better now, without KG. But even with your new buddies Salmons and B. Miller, Celtics still too deep and experienced for you. Rondo will eat your young lunch.

Hunter (Dallas, Tx)

I'm not sure I believe it, but ESPN is pushing the idea that Anquan could end up in Dallas. Would a trade that sent Marion Barber, Greg Ellis, the Cowboys' 2nd and 4th round picks to Arizona be enough? Would it be worthwhile to pair Anquan (A true #1) and Roy Williams (Potential #1 type player, more likely a good #2)?

Skip Bayless
  (4:13 PM)

I would not include Barber in that trade. He's too much of a force. But Anquan would be a good fit because unlike the last receiver they had, Team Obliterator, he's a very good teammate. But I still think Dallas will be just fine with R. Williams as the new No. 1. I love this team without Owens.

T.O. (Dallas....I mean, Buffalo)

Skip, will you teach me how to not drop balls in the cold? Better any temperature? Thanks!

Skip Bayless
  (4:14 PM)

Dear T.O. in NFL Siberia ... I cannot teach old dogs new tricks.

Larry (NY)

Skip, what is your daily workout? I'm trying to cut some fat. Thanks.

Skip Bayless
  (4:17 PM)

I wouldn't recommend what I do because I'm psycho. I run or indoor bike for an hour 7 days -- haven't missed a day since '98 (Bulls-Hornets G1, United Center). Lift M-W-Fri. But in the end, Larry, you are what you eat. Cut the fried, sugar, dairy and red meat, and you'll lose like crazy.

dave (Pittsburgh)

With KG out, I think Orlando are the favorites in the East. Cleveland can not match up with Orlando for whatever reason

Skip Bayless
  (4:21 PM)

I agree with this. Rashard and Pietrus both LeBron, with Howard patrolling the rim behind them. But I'm still not sure Orlando can get past Boston (or even Philly). Weird team. Lost its leader when it lost that tough little pt guard. I'm no Rafer fan. But if Orlando gets to Cleveland -- book it! -- LeBron goes down.

James (Avalon NJ.)

Good afternoon Skip! Wouldn't you say a trade involving Boldin would probably require a team to have a first round draft pick? Wishful thinking Dallas fans!

Skip Bayless
  (4:23 PM)

Usually, yes. But Barber is a beast, and Dallas does have two other very good young running backs. I just think Barber is a little more valuable than Boldin, even though Barber has no breakaway speed. He can still make a defense say NO MAS.

Coop (Orlando)

Skip, who gives you the best debate on 1st and 10? For my money, I like to see you and Jemele Hill debate the most!

Skip Bayless
  (4:26 PM)

She's knowledgable and a worthy adversary. Rob Parker is a lot of fun. But I have yet to meet my match.

Nate (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

HEY SKIP, I notice how you never agree with anyone but, with Andrew Bynum back for the Lakers and the bench playing like starters, the Lake show is looking like dominate force to be reckoned with and are I think big favorites to win the NBA finals. What do ya say?

Skip Bayless
  (4:28 PM)

I AGREE WITH YOU, NATE! But only because Manu's out and Tyson Chandler just limped back last night. If those two were completely healthy, the Lakers would not win the West.

chad [pittsburgh] [via mobile]

do u say the most ridiculas things ever on purpose?

Skip Bayless
  (4:32 PM)

This questions always infuriates. I dare you to show me one thing I've ever said on TV that I didn't back up and that was ridiculous. I don't say what you want to hear. I don't always echo what everyone else is saying. I watch closely and I try to speak the fearless truth, as I see it. And I always do my homework.

Jesse (Cleveland Ohio)

Skip how do you like the Yankees getting stomped in their new stadium?

Skip Bayless
  (4:33 PM)

I got a kick out of Cliff Lee over Can't Count on Sabathia. Any big game, can't count on the ARod of pitchers.

Coop (Orlando)

Skip, I think you are great for ESPN. You stay true to your words and thoughts despite going against popular convention. That being said, I can take you on 1st and 10 anytime!!

Skip Bayless
  (4:36 PM)

Bring it on, Coop. You would not believe how many people want to debate me on 1st and 10 -- fans, athletes, singers. I am a Rapper's Delight -- Lil Wayne, Nelly, LL, Bow Wow have all been on because they love the energy of 1st and 10. It's like a great barbershop debate where passions run high but everybody likes each other and everyone goes home happy because there's nothing more fun than debating sports.

Chad (Las Vegas)

Skip, maybe that is why you're such a big personality at ESPN. It might be because you do come off as from left field on some subjects compared to others. I believe you believe what you say but I think the majority of America thinks you're a bit crazy sometimes. I guess it comes with going to Vandy.

Skip Bayless
  (4:38 PM)

Believe me, I believe what I say with all my heart and soul. I cannot stand it in our preshow meeting when the guest debater says, well, he or she could go the other way on topic just to take the other side from me. Baloney! Speak your heart or let's go to the next topic. But maybe you're right. Maybe it's just a Vandy thing.

jason (los angeles)

hi skip, no offense but i think you're an idiot and often don't know what you're talking about. what do you say to that?

Skip Bayless
  (4:40 PM)

I say you must not think I'm that big an idiot or you wouldn't watch me as much as you do.

Mike (Akron)

Skip, first I like you. I think for someone who is always taking the other side of the argument that you defend it as best as you can. I think with you and LBJ its a little ridiculous but I am a Cavs fan. I have to ask why you don't like the Cavs pre-game pictures/events? I mean, team continuity is so big and you never had a problem with KG last year banging his chest. Seems a little hypocritical. I love seeing a leader of a team that isn't hated by the team. Kobe, Jordan....not since Magic has a leader been so beloved by his teammates. You have to love the "team effort" that the Casv have. Which is one of the huge strengths they have over the Lakers.

Skip Bayless
  (4:45 PM)

Again, Mike, the side I take is MY SIDE, what I believe in. I grade LeBron on the MJ scale because he chose to wear 23 and he adopted the pregame powder throwing ritual from Jordan. But Michael would have never stooped to such silliness as those little pregame skits. When it was time to play, he just played. No flexing after dunks. No dancing on the bench during 4th-quarter blowouts. No showboating. And he won six rings. LeBron has won zero. And he has the audacity to call himself King James. If he can back all this up, he will be. Now he's still Prince to me.

Otto (CA)

Grass is green. Right?

Skip Bayless
  (4:45 PM)

Unless it's in Kentucky.

Mike (Albany, GA)

Is it true that you think you know more about sports than anybody else because you were alive when all the sports were created?

Skip Bayless
  (4:46 PM)

That's funny.

Alex Lackey (Eugene, OR)

So when are you guys gonna start mentioning the Blazers? Most 30 point wins, in the middle of a surge... Screw KG, their bench scored 70 points last night!

Skip Bayless
  (4:49 PM)

We have on 1st and 10. I've said they have all the right pieces to beat LA. Size, budding superstar, terrific bench, Own the Lakers in Portland. Want revenge over the Ariza incident. But I just don't think that team is ready to win a playoff series with Kobe's. I think we'll get to see it, though, in Round 2.

Adam (Charleston, SC)

I can die now I actually agree with your LeBron rant above.

Skip Bayless
  (4:50 PM)

Makes my month, or maybe year.

Jay (Michigan)

Could you please tell everyone D-Wade earned mvp this year, compared to Lebron he had a more terrible team to work with and got them a 5th spot in the playoffs, come on Skip you wit me on this one right

Skip Bayless
  (4:52 PM)

I drove this bandwagon all season because DWade deserved it. But the last couple of weeks, he missed some late shots and they lost a couple they should have won and I finally gave up and said, OK, give it to LeBron, because he dramatically improved his ft shooting, his 3-point shooting and his commitment to playing defense. But now let's see if the MVP can back it up when it counts.

Mike (STL)

Jordan never showboated? What about his shot over Craig Elho? And if were going by your logic, Darius Miles wore 23 also, so why not grade LeBron on the Miles scale?

Skip Bayless
  (4:55 PM)

What!? Jordan had just hit a playoff walkoff! He was just celebrating. LeBrick is welcome to do that, if he hits a playoff walkoff. Does anyone but me remember the end of the first overtime in LeBron's 48-point Greatest Playoff Game Ever Played vs. Piston? LeBrick shot an airball on the potential game winner. Ever see MJ shoot an airball on a potential playoff game-winner?

senor pablo (san diego)

who do you think wins the nba championship this year?

Skip Bayless
  (4:57 PM)

Unless Tyson Chandler is 100 percent and in shape, which I seriously doubt, the Lakers should win the championship fairly easily.

Chris (Sacramento)

Skip, who was your favorite team to cover?

Skip Bayless
  (4:58 PM)

1995 Dallas Cowboys barely over the 1998 Bulls.

John (Atl, GA)

Did you have fun with JA Adande this morning? It seems like you are really excited for the NFL Draft over the NBA Playoffs..? Is it because you know your Spurs have no chance? =)

Skip Bayless
  (4:59 PM)

No, the point was that J.A. has no use for the draft, and I live for it ... while watching the NBA on my other TV. I'll take the NBA playoffs over March Madness any day or night, even without Manu.

Mike (STL)

Skip your one crazy old man.

Skip Bayless
  (5:00 PM)

Yeah, but I can still outrun and outlift you.

Tom (River North)

Skip, what was it like having Melrose and Barnaby on the show? Do you watch hockey? If not, you should. Playoff hockey is 10 times better than the NBA playoffs.

Skip Bayless
  (5:04 PM)

I told Barry that I used to watch it a lot more than I do now. But this year, maybe Ovechkin will bring me back, if he gets out of the first round. And now that I've answered a hockey question, that means we've run completely out of gas. Until next time, boys and girls ...